Reasons for the Fall of the Roman Empire

Reasons for the Fall of the Roman Empire

Muslim Culture Mini-Lesson Name ______Overall Focus Questions: 1) What were some significant cultural developments made in the Muslim World? 2)How did Islam play a role in the cultural life of the Muslim Empire?

My group:

My topic:

Assignment: With your group, you will teach a mini-lesson (approx. 10 minutes) about your selected topic to the rest of the class. Your lesson should ask and answer your focus questions, include assigned content, be engaging to your audience, and use a combination of audio and visual presentation.

You may use any format for your lesson (PowerPoint, skit, activity…)

Along with your lesson, you will provide me with three quiz questions, which will appear on the Muslim Culture Quiz at the end of the lessons. The class should take notes on the information presented in each lesson.


Monday - Assign groups and content – brainstorm in class.

Tuesday - NO SCHOOL

Wednesday and Thursday - Library work: Visuals, PowerPoint slides, handouts, etc.

Friday - Lessons begin.


1. Read the supplemental information regarding your topic for homework; take right-side notes and use your left side to brainstorm ideas.

2. Develop two or three focus questions for your lesson (think higher level).

3. Work in class as a group to incorporate your content and answer your focus questions.

4. Assemble quiz questions for the class.

5. How will you present this information to the class in an engaging way?

6. Is there any independent research or preparation to be done?


Cities, Commerce and Industry

Astronomy and Math

Science, Medicine and Philosophy

Art and Architecture

Languageand Literature

Women and Islam


Group presents focus questions to begin the lesson and leads class to answers: 10

Group presents accurate, relevant and thorough information to the class: 20

Group presents material in an interesting way (Linguistic and visual): 10

Group presentation is structured and rehearsed: 10

TOTAL: ______/50

TOPIC: Cities, Commerce and Industry

Focus Questions:

Required Content:

Baghdad (and its design)





House of Wisdom

Trade links

Banking and sakks

TOPIC: Astronomy and Math

Focus Questions:

Required Content:

Astronomy and the Five Pillars

Lunar calendar

Planetary motion/earth’s circumference



Al Khwarizmi and al-jabr

Ibn-al-Haytham (Alhazen) and Optics

TOPIC: Science, Medicine and Philosophy

Focus Questions:

Required Content:

Al- Razi

Ibn Rushd (Averroës)

Moses Ben Maimon (Maimonides)


The “Ideal Man”

TOPIC: Art and Architecture

Focus Questions:

Required Content:

Geometric design



Mosque architecture: cultural blending

TOPIC: Language and Literature

Focus Questions:

Required Content:


Samples of Muslim proverbs

Arabian Nights (The Thousand and One Nights)

TOPIC: Women and Islam

Focus Questions:

Required Content:

Home life



Rights of Arab women under Islamic law


Working women (today)