Provision of Adult Family Home Management

Provision of Adult Family Home Management


Provision of Adult Family Home Management

for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

I. Introduction and Background

The purpose of this document is to provide interested parties with information to enable them to prepare and submit a proposal and to inform them of basic requirements that the County uses as part of its standard contract process. Your proposal should include the completed County Short Form Application and information requested in Section III below.

Standard contract requirements concerning Affirmative Action, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the County’s Living Wage ordinance, contract termination and modification, etc. are included in the County’s boilerplate contract. This contract is subject to change. For further information you can view a copy of the contract on our website at:

Contracts with the Department of Human Services limit administrative costs/expenses to a 15% ceiling.

II. Scope of the Project:

  1. Project Description:

The performance of management functions which are directed at the creation and operation of an effective, efficient, accountable, and accessible service delivery system for County certified Adult Family Homes (AFH) and upon county request, independently operated, licensed Adult Family Homes a serving individuals with developmental disabilities.

  1. Objectives:
  • To provide individualized support that will assist consumers in developing daily living skills.
  • To enhance consumers' participation in the community as valued members.
  • To enable consumers to live in the least restrictive, most integrated settings.
  • To develop and implement AFH supports and supervision to a smaller subset of higher needs individuals.
  1. Needs/Expectations:
  1. The PROPOSER, upon request of the COUNTY, will recruit, screen and refer for certifications new Adult Family Home (AFH) Sponsors and will establish a recommended reimbursement rate.
  1. The PROPOSER will expand the current AFH program to include services for higher need individuals. The individuals receiving these supports will be referred by Dane County. Responsibilities will include:
  • Ability to support up to 10 individuals requiring more intensive support and supervision.
  • Increased supervision of the AFH Sponsor.
  • Expanded role of PROPOSER staff in team meetings, decision-making and contact with Support Broker.
  • Active involvement in the individual’s plan development.
  • Assessment of provider expectations and abilities, recommending reimbursement rates.
  1. Upon request, the PROPOSER will assess existing AFH situations and recommended new reimbursement rates.
  2. Upon certification, the PROPOSER will orient the new Sponsor to policies, processes and procedures necessary for the provision of AFH.
  3. The PROPOSER will develop and conduct regular trainings on topics germane to the provision of AFH’s.
  4. PROPOSER will maintain a record of Sponsor attendance at trainings.
  5. The PROPOSER will publish a monthly newsletter germane to the provision of AFH’s.
  6. The PROPOSER shall develop and issue annual AFH agreements. Agreements shall be approved by the COUNTY before issuance.
  7. The PROPOSER will conduct regular AFH reviews, to include:
  • Review of consumer’s Personal Allowance expenditures;
  • Review of consumer’s medical and dental appointments;
  • Review the Sponsor’s adherence to the AFH Agreement.
  • PROPOSER will provide periodic reports (at least quarterly) results of reviews.
  1. The PROPOSER will serve as resource and guide to the AFH Sponsor regarding services available for consumers.
  2. The PROPOSER will actively participate in the AFH Coordinating Committee.
  3. The PROPOSER is identified as the Fact Finder (as detailed in the Abuse and Neglect guidelines) for the AFH program.
  4. The PROPOSER and the COUNTY's Community Program Specialist agree to meet quarterly to review program goals, and progress/barriers encountered in reaching those goals.
  5. The PROPOSER will comply with all standards required by the COUNTY and the various applicable COUNTY funding sources including the Medicaid Waiver Programs, the Community Options Program, Adult Family Home Certification/Licensing, Foster Care Licensing, and the Dane County Developmental Disabilities Supportive Home Care Guidelines.
  6. The PROPOSER shall develop and implement a comprehensive abuse and neglect policy for adults with developmental disabilities which will include training, prevention, investigation and reporting. This policy will comply with the DANE COUNTY POLICY ON ABUSE/NEGLECT FOR PERSONS WITH DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES, which is available from the Dane County Adult Community Services, Developmental Disabilities Section. (Non-compliance with this process may result in immediate termination).
  1. Any individual employed by PROPOSER having reasonable cause to suspect that an adult seen in the course of professional duties has been abused or neglected or having reason to believe that an adult seen in the course of professional duties has been threatened with abuse or neglect and that abuse or neglect of the adult will occur shall make a report in accordance with the DANE COUNTY POLICY ON ABUSE/NEGLECT FOR PERSONS WITH DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES. No person making a report under this schedule may be discharged from employment for so doing. For required reporting on children, see Wisconsin Statute 48.981.
  2. In order to assure that PROVIDERS have adequate access to information regarding potential employees, the COUNTY shall maintain an Employee Directory. All PROVIDERS, currently under contract to Dane County Adult Community Services shall have access to the Employee Directory. To that end, PROPOSER shall report to the COUNTY upon an employee termination, regardless of reason, the following information: 1) the employer, 2) the employee name, 3) employee date of birth, and 4) employee’s dates of employment.
    PROPOSER is required to respond within 48 hours to any other PROVIDER currently under contract to Dane County Adult Community Services and cooperate with the requesting PROVIDER as provided in the DANE COUNTY POLICY ON ABUSE/NEGLECT FOR PERSONS WITH DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES, Sample Form entitled “Re-employment Questionnaire”.
  3. The PROPOSER shall develop and implement a comprehensive Health Care policy for adults with developmental disabilities which will include: identification of the health care needs for each consumer supported; procedures to seek appropriate professional interventions and consultation; and, when appropriate, a program of health education for consumers and/or their support staff. The Developmental Disabilities Coalition and Dane County Developmental Disability Community Nurses Association have issued guidelines to assist PROVIDERS in developing Health Care policy(ies).
  1. Current Operations:

This program is currently provided by Create Ability, Inc. It currently employees 1.5 full-time staff, supporting 34 homes with 45 total residents.

  1. Maximum funding available for this project is $98,397, which includes a current annual allocation of $74,397 plus an estimated $24,000 to expand services for up to ten individuals. The expansion would require an additional 0.5 FTE and would bring program capacity to 55 consumers. Confirmation of the 0.5 FTE position will not occur until finalization of the 2011 budget. Proposals should be based on maximum funding of $98,397. The County reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to negotiate the terms of the contract, including the award amount, with the selected proposer prior to entering into a contract. If contract negotiations cannot be concluded successfully with the highest scoring proposer, the County may negotiate a contract with the next highest scoring proposer.
  1. Additional pages: The proposer may use up to 5 additional pages for project scope, program activities, etc.

III. Request for Information in addition to the Application form (required):

If you are a current provider of this program proceed to C.

  1. Submit 3 references. References should be specific to the service offered. References should be from agencies you have done business with or those with whom you have collaborated.
  1. Include your agency’s mission statement. Also provide resumes of key staff and copy(s) of licenses, if applicable.
  1. If this is an existing program for your agency, please provide information of the demographics of your participants. If this is a new program for your agency what are your expectations of the participants’ demographics when the program is up and fully operational.
  1. All applicants may submit Job Descriptions as an appendix to the written narrative and budgets.
  1. Quality Assurance and Improvement: What mechanisms or processes are you using to assure the achievement of the outcomes you have identified under ”Program Activities”?

IV. Evaluation Criteria. Scoring from the consolidated application is as follows:

Project Scope45%

(County Short Form Application, p. 2)

Organizational Profile25%

(County Short Form Application, p 3.)

Program Budget10%

(County Short Form Application, Appendix A.)

Quality Assurance and Improvement20%


V. Contact Information: Please check the website routinely to receive any updates or changes to this RFP. For clarifications or questions concerning this application your contact is listed below. Responses to questions submitted will be posted to the website.

Contact: Monica Bear, Community Services Manager

Phone: (608) 242-6438


VI. Timeline

Consolidated Application Workshop:April 22, 2010, 1:30 p.m.

Dane County Job Center

Ballroom Annex, 1203 N Sherman Ave

Application due from vendors:May 28, 2010, 12 noon

Notification of intent to award (est.):July 30, 2010

Your completed proposal should include the following:

1) A completed County Short Form application

2) Additional information requested in Section III above.

3) If submitting a hard copy proposal, please send your completed proposal to:

Dane County Human Services, Attn: RFP #A1007, 1202 Northport Drive, Madison, WI 53704
4) If submitting your proposal electronically, please email the completed
proposal documents to:
Note: The Department reserves the right to request a hard copy of the completed proposal from the applicant.

Proposals are due no later than May 28th, 12 noon.