Providence Elementary School 3616 Jermantown Rd. Fairfax, VA 22030

Providence Elementary School 3616 Jermantown Rd. Fairfax, VA 22030

PES PTA Meeting Friday, November 13, 2015 9:00 AM

In Attendance:

MariAnn Seybold, PTA President

Janice Suitte, Assitant Principal

Matt Pagac, Treasurer

Laura Pagac, Vice President of Fundraising

Meghan Graham

Christy Balisle, Family Night Out Chair

Amy Spokas

President’s Announcements:

·  Thank you to all who volunteered for Movie Night, free popcorn was great.

·  Celebrate Calm, Innisbrook, Red Ribbon Week, Teacher Appreciation are already stocked for future events.

·  5 families came out for PTA Night with FCPS PRC. PRC has reasources for lots of a variety of student needs. New liaison with the PRC is Piedad Dwyer.

·  The Book Fair is going well.

·  Thanksgiving Luncheon – thanks to all the volunteers who helped direct parents and student helpers. We had record crowds.

·  Schoola – will take donated clothes – pay for us to ship to warehouse, sell donated clothes, and we will get 40% of the funds. Currently, lost and found is donated twice a year. This allows us to make money off of the cloths that are otherwise donated. MariAnn is still researching this process. We would like to coordinate with Bingo Night and the week after. Another option would be to go online to order a bag to ship home. Money raised would go to the general fund.

Approval of Minutes:

Each individual in attendance received a hardcopy of the minutes from the October 2015 PTA Meeting and the minutes were approved by quorum vote.

Principal’s Report:

·  Current Enrollment: 964

·  Family Heritage night is Thursday. Last year we had a great turn out so we’re encouraging parents to come and see how diverse the community is. Talent Share Night is part of Family Heritage Night.

·  Welcome Peidad Dwyer, our new PRC liaison

·  Thank you to all our parent volunteers who helped with Thanksgiving Dinner and Book Fair

·  Grades 3-6 took the Horizon Test. This test helps to prepare for SOLs which they will take in Jan/Feb.

·  The budget is posted on the FCPS website. We encourage parents to pay attention.

·  PES received an award for being an Energy Star School.

·  Principal Kraft is receiving a 2015 Northern Virigina Leadership Award in December from Leadership Fairfax (not an FCPS organization).

Treasurer’s Report:

·  We are doing better than expected.

·  Resturant Nights – Goal is $2,000 and we are at $750 to date

·  Spirit Wear has almost hit it’s goal this year

·  Membership is right at our goal

Staff Representative:

·  The staff would like to thank the PTA for all of the treats, support, and book fair.

·  Thank you to Cmd. Dick-Petty for meeting with students on Veteran’s Day.

·  The Staff loves the spiritwear.

·  We would like to implement art in the café to help keep noise down with the hope that students will focus on the artwork and less talking.

·  One possible idea is to have another mural added to a wall in the Cafeteria.

New Business: 1. Kirk

·  Set or confirm dates for future PTA meetings and other events:

o  Next PTA meeting Fri, Dec 11

o  Bingo: Friday, January 22nd (Back up January 29th )

o  Panther Dance: Friday, Febuary 26th

o  Fun Fair: Friday, March 11th (not yet confirmed)

o  Schoola Fundraiser: January 20th -29th

·  FCPS budget deficit – Rachel McQuillen

·  How to make a flyer…flyer! We will send out to Committee Chairs.

·  Thank you to Diana Stewart who volunteered to run the Panther Dance!


o  Art in the Café

o  Committee Coordinators for the Fun Fair and Fun Fair Sub-Committess (Auction and Volunteer Coordinator)

Committee Reports:

·  Directory, Amy Spokas (selling ads)

o  Need to sell ads

o  Mariann will go to Fairfax Circle and shopping strip in front of Mosby Woods

o  Post on PTA website and send out in E-newsletter

·  Fundraising, Laura Pagac (Innisbrook)

o  Limo and Pizza on Monday, Nov 16th

·  Family Night Out, Christy Balisle (Restaurant Nights)

o  Chipotle Night: December 5th

o  Terriaky Madness:January 14th , they give 15% but it’s all day

o  Zoe’s for February

o  Possibly Glory Day’s for March

o  Discussed the idea of using Chick-Fil-A for Fun Fair food

·  Box Tops, Nicki Grimes

o  5757 box tops was submitted for Winter deadline

o  $700 check will come directly to the school

o  Amazon money goes to PTA

o  Box Tops and Store Redemption goes directly to the school

·  Special Education Awareness, Sherry Steele

o  Inclusive School Weeks – first week of December

·  Teacher Appreciation, Diana Stewart

o  October 30th – treats in teacher lounge

o  November – Ferror Reoce Chocolate

o  December – cookies and hot chocolate

o  January – Chick-Fil-A Breakfast

·  Webpage/Communication, Meghan Graham

·  Cultural Arts, Catherine Marschner

o  Nutcracker : Free event provided by the PTA – December

Meeting Adjourned – 10:35 AM

Minutes prepared by Meghan Graham, Substitute Secretary