Promotion Board Tips MAJP

Promotion Board Tips MAJP


1. Have someone look your appearance over. Check yourself in the mirror when you arrive...(the gig line).

2. Proper uniform and fit a must! Uniform pressed, shirt tucked, shirt stays, edge dressing on shoes recommended.

3. Do not look like you need a hair cut, have a fresh one.

4. Heavy beard growth? Shave before the board.

5. When told to report...

a. Knock (3X) on the door, (say nothing), and wait for the order "Report!"

b. Enter and close the door.

c. Take the most direct route and stand in front of your chair. The chair will be centered on the President.

d. Salute and say..."Sir! Cadet (Rank, Last name) reports to the President of the Board, Sir!" (See note)

e. Drop your salute after the President returns your salute.

f. Stand at attention until directed otherwise.

g. Do not report with your headgear, it's less to worry about

Note: Look the officer in the eyes when reporting. It's a sign of confidence.

6. When the interview is completed and the President dismisses you...

a. Stand up at the position of attention. Salute! (See note)

b. Say, "Thank you, good day, Sir/Ma’am!", or words similar.

c. When the President returns your salute, drop your salute, execute an appropriate facing movement, and depart sharply.

Note: No need to ask permission to carry on, the President already directed you to do so. If the door is to your rear,

execute an about face. If the door is to your left or right, execute a left/right face as appropriate.

7. Smile! Be relaxed, but not too relaxed. Keep hands on lap.

8. Know your strengths and weaknesses. What are your best leadership traits? What weaknesses do you have?

9. Know something about the position you are seeking. Be familiar with NUCC Rules and Regulations and Honor Code.

10. Why should YOU be the one selected over others for the position?

11. Articulate in a firm, clear voice.

12. Take a "few" seconds to think before you answer a tough question.

13. Answer the question in a concise manner. Don't ramble on-and-on. Watch the "you knows", "umms" and "ahs."

14. If stating a problem, be prepared with a recommended solution.

15. Be confident, not cocky.

16. What have you learned from your (or others) mistakes? What advice do you pass on to your successor?

17. Use "Sir", "Ma'am" or other titles profusely.

18. If asked, "Do you have any questions for the Board"?, it's o.k. to ask a smart question related to the Corps of Cadets.

19. Be your best! Remember, you are good enough to have earned a board!

20. Good luck! It's a great learning experience and part of what Norwich is all about.