President Greg Gardner

President Greg Gardner



President ~ Greg Gardner


ello, San Diego Bassmasters! Hope all is going well for each of you. So far it’s been a very good year for us, I believe. We have had good tournaments and some good family functions. I hope you all are enjoying it as much as the Gardners are. And it ain’t over yet. October looks to be a busy month for us. The San Diego Council of Bass Club’s “Top Six” tournament happens on the 6th. This is a true “club championship” tournament and I know our club will show up and do well. It happens at Otay and the lake is “OFF LIMITS” to all club members from October 1st through October 6th. The final weigh-in will be at 2:00 p.m. and then there will be the ceremony where the winning club will be called Champions for 2012. There will also be food and you all are invited to come out and support your team. Also in October is our Havasu tournament on the 19th and 20th. And not to make things confusing, but we need to move our November club meeting to October 30th. The reason for that is in November we go to the River on the 9th and 10th and some people leave early in the week. We will remind you of this change many times before that happens.

Also, two exciting things happening at our October 2nd meeting. One: Debi Crippen is bringing dinner for everyone in attendance. So don’t eat before you come to the meeting. This will be a special treat you don’t want to miss. And two: Adam East has a guest speaker lined up. I know the young man, and you will enjoy it very much. So be sure to make the next club meeting – it will be a good one!

We held our September Board meeting on Monday the 17th at the Byrd’s home. It was very nice, thank you Ed and Cheryl. The big topic was the budget and the banquet. We are on track and looking good, all things coming together nicely. We also talked about some year-end things coming up, like our elections that start at the November meeting. And the Scholarship Award. And the “Bassmaster of the Year” award. Start thinking about it if you have someone to nominate. All these things we need to start thinking about. We will have more information for you as we go along. I’m proud of your Board; they are doing a good job for you.

See you at the meeting!

Membership Chairman ~ Ryan Test


ongratulations to Ed Marr on his win at El Cap. We are still holding strong at 48 members. Prospective member Nick Meyer was tournament pre fished by Jason Combs. Both Jason and Nick had respectable finishes. We will be voting on Nick at our October general meeting. Another friendly reminder to those who are inactive, make sure you send your reinstatement letters prior to your one year inactive date. I look forward to seeing you all at Havasu!

Vice President ~ Adam East


ello all. Another great tournament down and two to go. Great job to the winners. It was a nice day to be on the water, Brent and I had a good day.

As I stated in prior newsletters I would keep everyone updated with progress as we move along to plan a great banquet this year. I am assembling an all-star cast to assist in the formalities. This is who I have as of now. I am excited to announce heading up the center pieces for the tables is the wonderful Debe Crippen. Her artistic resume is nothing less than great! I am excited to see what her creative genius will come up with. I have the beautiful and always delightful Regina Seaberg taking pictures of Bassmasters and guests by the Christmas tree, so be sure to be in your best attire to create the pictorial master pieces. Heading up the making of the programs is the wonderful and all ways there when you need them, Ed and Cheryl Byrd. Now for the master of ceremonies, I have our own, the man, the myth, the legend, the man that cannot be duplicated, accept no imitations, the one, the only, Ronnie Overman! Oh yea! I know, your excited, me too! So far it’s an all-star lineup, and it is growing every day as people sign up to help, and I truly do appreciate it.

I wanted to put this on a different paragraph because I NEED YOUR HELP. The awesome Ryan Test is putting together a slide show for the banquet for us to watch, so if you want to see yourself and your friends on the slide show please email Ryan at with pictures. You can also bring pictures on memory sticks to the next October club meeting.

Now speaking of the next club meeting…a reminder. We are going to have the locally grown Trevor Lincoln of Trip Jigs giving a seminar on how, when and where to throw the Trip Jig. He will also be open for questions. I encourage you to ask because we are the first to ever get to pick his brain and let me tell you, he is a very versatile angler and he excels with reaction baits and swimbaits. So if you’re thinking you would like to get some quality tips, I strongly suggest you attend and be proactive. He will also have a number of baits for the raffle. Also the master chef Debe Crippen will also be providing dinner to all in attendance, so bring your questions for Trevor and your appetites so some good home cooking. This is going to be one great meeting. OK Bassmasters, this is your Vice President signing off.

Tournament Chairman ~ Josh Rhodes


nother tournament down and only two left! It’s getting close and it’s going to be great to see who comes out champion! Since the City of San Diego had decided to turn Lake Hodges into a pond, we moved our tournament to El Cap. I must say for only having a week to pre-fish, you guys did an amazing job out there. Congrats go out to our top three. Third was the one and only Brent "big bass" Benish with a limit weighing in at 14.40 lbs., second place honors went to Bud "not so light" Brant with a nice 14.52 lb. limit. First place went to Ed Marr with a whopping 16.01 lb. limit. Don’t worry guys hunting season is here and we won’t have to worry about him taking our money next month!!!!!!! Big fish of tournament went to myself with a 5.20 pounder. I threw swimbaits all day trying to pull in a 7+ pounder for the progressive pot. Hooked the right one but couldn’t land her! That’s fishing!!!!!

Our next tournament is my favorite! LAKE HAVASU!!!!!!!!!! October 19/20th. I will go over all the details at the meeting, but we will be launching out of Windsor. It will be 5 fish (Not 6 Ronnie!) 13" mouth closed swing tail. We will do a 3 pm weigh in (California Time) both days at the gazebo as usual! We will draw start positions at the meeting and determine where we all want to have our pre-tournament dinner/meeting at our club meeting. Please call me and let me know if you are attending the tournament if you will not be at the meeting. If you are looking for a partner please call me asap so i can help you hunt down a teammate!

Lastly I am VERY pumped up to be fishing the top 6 tournament October 6th at Otay. The weights should be impressive so come on down and show us your love at weigh in!!!!

Thank you a million Juan Collins for stepping up and doing a fantastic job running my portion of the meeting last month while i was slacking off out at Lake Mead!!!!!!!! I have the best weigh in team any guy could ask for! See y’all on the water!


Treasurer ~ Joe DeSalvo



he fishing at the El Capitan Night Tournament was fantastic and we had a great SDBM turn-out for the event. We have El Capitan on September 22nd and then Lake Havasu and the River happening before you know it. That’s 3 Tournaments, TOP SIX and TOC in next 8 weeks.

Congratulations to our top 3 at El Capitan Night Tournament: Inder Lopez, Jason Wilson and Matt Barksdale. Inder fished out of my boat and put on a clinic all night. I never had seen so many 3.5 to 4 lb. plus fish thrown back into the water.

Thanks again to all the SDBM who paid all their permit fees and managed fish well to weigh-in with many fish in a separate bags, including me this time. Also thanks to Josh Rhodes, Juan Collins and Jason Wilson for a great job of running tournament. Juan Collins did a great job filling in for Josh at last meeting and remembers elections are coming up.

Friendly reminder to look at the chairs you took home from Bunco as there are some chairs missing from a neighbor of Kenny Lewis. Please call Kenny if you have any information or questions.

Treasury Report as of September 17, 2012
Big Fish Fund / Fund Raising / Expense’s
$910 / $950 / 1382.11
Progressive Big Fish Fund / September Raffle $58.00
Drink Fund $9.00 / 1000 Weigh-In Slips ($76.13)
EL Capitan Night Tournament Trophies ($113.98) & Lake Rental Fee ($750)
TOC Entry Fee ($400)
September Raffle ($42)
2012 Balance based on Income and Expenses to date is $10,406.86
(Excludes Big Fish Fund of $910 and Balance of $338.58 paid forward by 2011 Board)

Many members have paid to the end of year which is much appreciated; if you are interested just ask what your pay-off would be. Please be sure to pay your dues at next meeting and if you are not able to make it to the meeting you can always send your check payable to SDBM to me at 1958 Alderbrook Pl., Chula Vista CA 91913.


Fish Tales ~ Doris Cook


Congratulations to our three members who braved the elements to fish the 30th anniversary U.S. Open at Lake Mead on September 9th, 10th and 11th. Josh Rhodes, fishing as a pro, finished 35th with a total weight of 25.33 pounds for the three days. Ryan Test and Brent Benish, fished in the AAA division, placing 13th and 14th with weights of 28.10 and 27.95. Sean Stafford of Fairfield, CA won the Pro Division with 34.40 pounds. There were thunderstorms and high winds on the second day making for a very rough day of fishing. Thankfully everyone survived with no serious mishaps. We’ll be anxious to hear from our participants at the meeting.


The San Diego Council of Bass Clubs annual Top Six Tournament will be held on October 6th at Lake Otay. Our Top Six team consists of Josh Rhodes/Jason Wilson; Ed Byrd/Larry Ward and Greg Gardner/Jeff Manning. The San Diego Bassmasters have won the event twice in 35 years and will be fishing hard to win this one. Southland Bass Club is the host club and will be providing food and an outstanding raffle. Weigh-ins will be at 1:30; 1:45 and 2:00 P.M. with lunch, beginning after the first flight weighs in at 1:30 P.M. and followed by the awards ceremony and raffle. Come on out, support our team, and enjoy the lunch. Ron Overman is requesting everyone bring non-perishable food, preferable the pop top cans, clothing, toys, any useable items or cash to donate to the Crisis House.


Speaking of the Crisis House, Jim Putney, Ed Marr, Ed and Cheryl Byrd, Cesar Diosdado, Greg Gardner and Don Webber joined Ron Overman last Tuesday to help unload the food delivery from the San Diego Food Bank. They all went to breakfast when the work was finished.


Debe Crippen has volunteered to bring pulled pork sandwiches, chips and cookies for everyone to our next meeting, so come prepared to eat. This is quite an undertaking, but Debe wanted to do this to show her appreciation for what the club did during Darryl’s illness. Thanks, Debe, we will certainly enjoy it.


Greg Gardner is flying to Minnesota on October 8th to celebrate his daughter, Laura’s 40th birthday with her on October 9th. He will be returning on October 11th and preparing to leave for the Lake Havasu tournament the following week. Have a great trip, Greg and give our best to Laura.


Did you notice at the El Capitan tournament, Jim Putney’s boat trailer isn’t held together with baling wire anymore? After three mishaps, on the same side of the trailer, he took in into F.E. Trailers and after a couple weeks got it back looking like new. I hope he remembers the fire hydrant at the end of our street is still there. Looks good, Putt, Putt!


Doris will be accompanying her twin daughters, Donna Hoffman and Diana Cross to Flagstaff, Az. to celebrate their Halloween birthdays and visit Brandon Hoffman. There will probably be side trips to Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, Jerome and other points of interest. That is beautiful country!


Members with birthdays this month are: l0/6 – Skip Wentworth; l0/14 – Larry Ward; l0/20 – Doris Cook; 10-26 Ron Overman; l0/27 – Cesar Diosdado and 10/28 – Inder Lopez.

Happy Anniversary to Ken and Jennifer Louis for 15 years on Oct. 4th and Stu and Shirley Kenson 28 years on Oct. 20th. Enjoy your special days everyone!

Should you have Fish Tales you would like to share, please contact Doris Cook at (619) 462-4708 or e-mail to .


San Diego Bassmasters General Membership Meeting

September 4, 2012

The meeting was called to order by Greg Gardner at 7:07 PM. Sign-up sheet was passed for the Hodges Tournament. Juan Collins is standing in for Josh Rhodes, who can’t be here tonight. After a Bassmaster greeting, Doris moved and Marshall Martin seconded that the minutes be approved from August.

Ryan Test introduced guests, Harold and Cathy Stephens, Regina Seaburg, and prospective member, Nick Meyer. Marshall pre-fished with Nick so he can go into the draw for Hodges. We have 47 active members as of today.

Greg Gardner - Bass Council report: Greg asked again at the meeting about the 15” limit, but it is still in process and Russell Black is supposed to come to the next meeting and talk about the progress.

Marshall Martin went to the Wounded Warriors Tournament at Diamond Valley. It was well attended, and several Bassmasters attended. Next year it will be May 18th, at Diamond Valley again, so we could hold that date open when we make plans at the tournament committee meeting so members can attend if they want to. Marshall talked about the tournament. The raffle supported the cause of the Wounded Warrior program. There was no charge, and they are in need of more boats for next year. Brian Schuler says that there were over 100 boats there, it was well run, and many military personnel got to fish.

Kenny Louis is asking that we look at our chairs at home and find the two that belong to his neighbor from the bunco night (Neighbor’s name on the bottom of the seat). Otherwise we will have to replace them.

Treasurer - Joe Desalvo: Current balance is $10,027.97, with $750.00 in expenses for the night tournament.

Tournament Director – Juan Collins for Josh Rhodes: At El Capitan night tournament – 3rd, Matt Barksdale; 2nd, Jason Wilson; 1st and Big Fish (7.78 lbs.), Inder Lopez.

Saturday, September 22nd at Hodges: Launch and go, weigh-in at 3PM, 5 fish limit and 13” minimum. Any fish near 5 lbs needs to be in its own bag, and weigh slips with variance #, written up ahead of time with first and last names, lake, and date, before coming to the scales.

Break at 7:30. Non-boaters drew for Hodges. Raffle was held at 7:53.

Meeting resumed at 8:00. Ron Overman mentioned that Top 6 fishermen and attendees should be thinking ahead about bringing canned goods for the Crisis House.

Greg mentioned that he and several others went to help Ron at the Crisis House to unload a truck for them. They will be doing it every fourth Tuesday of the month and could use our help.

Greg announced that tomorrow is Jim Putney’s birthday.

Juan read the pairings for Hodges, September 22nd.

Vice President, Adam East: Trevor Lincoln will give a seminar at the October meeting on jig fishing, both how to fish it and how to locate fish. There will be some of his baits in the raffle. Bunco was a huge success, and Adam thanked the Brants. We raised $500.00.

Thanks to Frank for bringing snacks tonight. Doris has been speaking to Debbie Crippen, and she wants to bring dinner to the next meeting for the Bassmasters. We should arrive by 6:30 that night.

With no new business, meeting was adjourned at 8:12PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Janice Eisner