Pre-Employment Checks

Pre-employment Checks


This guide is intended to show you how NHS Jobs can help you with recording and tracking pre-employment checks.


The features on NHS Jobs can be used to record the outcome and details of pre-employment checks performed with successful applicants. The information entered about pre-employment checks can be used to track progress through this phase of the recruitment activity.

The status of pre-employment checks is available for reporting on in the pre-defined ‘standard’ reports and within the flexible reports tool.

The information about pre-employment checks entered on NHS Jobs is currently not being transferred to ESR. However, the ability to transfer information to ESR is a desired goal and work is continuing with both parties to define and develop the necessary improvements to the interface to support that.

Viewing pre-employment checks status summary

Where to start

To view a summary of the pre-employment checks status for an application:

•  Go to the vacancies list, select the ‘Applications:’ link beside the relevant vacancy, scroll to or find the relevant application.


•  Go to the My Tasks list, select the ‘Pending pre-employment checks’ link to the right beside the relevant vacancy.


A pre-employment checks status summary is displayed when an application is at ‘Offer (Conditional)’, ‘Offer Accepted’ or ‘Recruited’. The summary provides you with an indication of where you are with each of the checks, namely References, Identity, Right to Work, Disclosure & Barring Service, Declarations, Professional Registration, Occupational Health, Qualifications & Final Preparations.

Beside the code for each of these checks an icon is displayed, providing an indication of whether the check is not required, or is completed with a satisfactory or unsatisfactory outcome, or is still to be completed with an indication of how the time relates to your organisation’s KPIs (due in future, due now or overdue).

In the example above, no checks have been completed yet, the DBS check is not applicable for the job and the other checks are within the KPI targets.

In the example below, the Identity check, Right to work check and Occupational Health check have been completed satisfactorily. The DBS check and Declarations check have been identified as not applicable and the other checks are still to be completed but are within the KPI targets.

Viewing and recording pre-employment checks details

Where to start

To view and record the pre-employment checks information for an application:

•  Go to the list of applications for a vacancy, select the application reference number link for the relevant application.


The pre-employment checks information is displayed and recorded in a new section at the bottom of the application form, when an application is at ‘Offer (Conditional)’, ‘Offer Accepted’ or ‘Recruited’ and provides a quick indication of where each of the checks is. The quick links to the right of the application form include a link which enables you to jump to the Pre-employment Checks section.

The new section includes sub-sections for each of the checks, ie. References, Identity, Right to Work, Disclosure & Barring Service, Declarations, Professional Registration, Occupational Health, Qualifications & Final Preparations.

To the right of each of these sub-section titles an indication is provided of how the time elapsed relates to the KPIs (due in future, due now or overdue).

Information relevant to each of the pre-employment checks can be recorded on the form, or just the outcome. Each sub-section includes the ability to upload a document, should you wish to retain information or evidence relating to that check. Additionally, internal notes can be added for each pre-employment check, viewable by others in the recruitment team only.

How to record pre-employment checks information

In the relevant application form, select the ‘Pre-Employment Section’ link to the right of the form. Each of the pre-employment sub-sections can be ‘expanded’ or ‘collapsed’ to suit. Simply click on the sub-section title for the pre-employment check to ‘expand’.

If a check is not required, by simply ticking the relevant box and selecting ‘Save’ ensures that the check is stopped from being flagged as due or overdue as time passes. Such checks are displayed with an ‘N/A’ icon beside them.

Enter or select information relevant to the check – in the example above the type of ID documents checked can be selected.

Select whether the check has been completed satisfactorily or not (“ID checked OK” in the example above). Enter or select the date that the check was completed and select ‘Save’.

How to request or record references

NHS Jobs can be used to request and collect references online. Recording the outcome of references collected separately from NHS Jobs is also supported.

To request references online using NHS Jobs, select the ‘Request references’ green button.

The ‘Request References’ form will present key information about the application and vacancy, the standard message to go to the referee and provides you with the opportunity to include any additional instructions or information.

The form also lists the referees identified by the applicant, indicating if they can be approached prior to interview or not and provides a history of reference requests made.

Tick the ‘Request reference’ boxes beside each referee a reference is to be requested from and select the ‘Send Reference Request’ green button. Reference request emails will be produced and sent to the selected referees and the following confirmation will be displayed.

The date the reference was requested and the date the reference was completed by the referee are automatically updated on the form, if the reference is requested and collected online using NHS Jobs. If not, these dates can be entered manually.

Information on the history of reference requests can be found under each referee listed. Click on the ‘Reference Request History’ title to ‘expand’ the history information.

Once a reference has been requested online, the referees will be sent an email providing them with the reference request and the information supplied. The email will include a link to their own area of NHS Jobs where they can view the job advert, job description and person specification and provide a reference by completing the reference form containing the questions pre-defined by your organisation.

Reminder emails will be automatically sent to the referees after 5 days and again after 10 days if the requested reference has not been completed and submitted.

Once a reference is submitted by a referee it becomes available for review by the recruiting manager where they can record that the reference is satisfactory or not.

Editing or Adding Referee Details

The details for the referee can be viewed by clicking on the ‘View/edit referee details’ link without scrolling back to the application form.

Selecting the grey ‘Edit referee’ button displays the same details but in an editable form. Any of the referee’s details can be edited. Once completed select ‘Save’ to return to the References check sub-section.

A new referee can be added to an application, should it become necessary following a discussion with the applicant. Select the ‘Add referee’ grey button at the top of the References check sub-section and the referee details form is presented enabling all details to be entered.

Other checks sub-sections:

The Professional Registration sub-section automatically includes a link to the relevant website for checking the registration information, based on the Professional Registration Body identified by the applicant in the application form.

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