Police Support Volunteer Description

Police Support Volunteer Description

09/10/14 V2

Police Support Volunteer (PSV)–Task Profile

Role Title: ………(Enter name)……………………

Area/Department: ………(Enter name)……………………

Role Supervisor: ………(Enter name)……………………


Hours:Note: Volunteer opportunities involve a regular and reliable

commitment of between two and four hours per week, averaged out

over a 12-month period. The hours actually worked will be negotiated

between volunteers and Line Managers based on local requirement

with due regard for personal circumstances).

Main Purpose of role:

To provide support to the SNT policing teams by completing a range of administration functions which may include analytical work, the use of media solutions and community engagement methods that contribute to our vision of ‘Protecting Communities from Harm’ increasing public confidence.[B1]

Please note the tasks that are listed below (Main Responsibilities section) are not exhaustive and will change dependant on the needs … department name……

The list is intended to highlight and identify tasks where a Police Support Volunteer is able to provide assistance.

Each task will have to be dynamically risk assessed by the supervisor to ensure compliance with the policy.

Additional responsibilities may be added as a result of tailoring services to maximise the effectiveness of the… department name… These will only be agreed after consultation with the volunteers and agreement from the Volunteer Programme Manager that these responsibilities do not require a new Task Profile to be produced.

Note: The respective …department name….. Team Supervisor (Line Manager) remains responsible for liaising with the PSV.

Main responsibilities:

(This is not an exhaustive list – as many or as few of these tasks can be undertaken by a

Volunteer to support the area/department).

  • Access ESIBS (Emergency Services Internet Booking System) and ensure own working hours and contact details are kept up to date.
  • Monitor own Email in accordance with force policy and respond appropriately
  • Required Task
  • Required Task
  • Required Task
  • Required Task
  • Required Task
  • Required Task
  • Required Task

Skills and Knowledge: - (Please amend accordingly)

  • Experience in administrative/organisational procedures.
  • Reasonable IT skills (Word and Outlook).
  • A basic level of written skills
  • Good clear communicator
  • Positive and welcoming interpersonal skills.
  • An understanding of Data Protection and the need for confidentiality

Attitude and Personal Qualities: - (Please amend accordingly)

  • A willingness to be flexible and perform varied tasks.
  • The ability to deal with sensitive and confidential information in an appropriate manner.
  • A good team player that enjoys the support of others.
  • Ability to work on own with minimum of supervision when necessary.
  • Having a professional yet friendly nature and being able to respect diversity.
  • Willingness to learn about police and wider partnership services.
  • Ensure integrity, fairness and consideration of the needs of others is incorporated into daily duties and relationship with colleagues.

All volunteers will have been subject to the following:-

1) Full Vetting

2) One Day Induction Course to include the following:-

Lawful Handling of Information relating to GPMS and Assessment

MoPI Module 1

Protecting Information

ESIBS - (Emergency Services Internet Booking System)

IT Induction

Professional Standards - PowerPoint presentation

Official Secrets Act to be signed

Photograph taken for ID Badge

3) Any further bespoke training in relation to the post – to be approved by Community

Volunteer Coordinator

4) Five yearly review of NPPV Level 3 vetting

5) Yearly - A change of circumstances vetting form to be completed

*Line Manager

“I confirm that using a volunteer in the outlined task profile, will complement and support staff roles, and will not replace officers or staff or prevent the employment of a new staff member. I confirm the Police Support Volunteer is not employed within West Mercia Police or Warwickshire Police and this profile does not constitute a contract of employment, a contract of services and/or evidence of any such contract.” I can confirm that the work carried out by the volunteer will not form part of any evidence chain. I will also ensure that the volunteer records their hours on ESIBS.

*PSV (Police Support Volunteer)

“I confirm that as a volunteer I am happy to perform (all or some) of the outlined task profile (to the needs of the area/ department) to complement and support staff and officers”

“I also confirm that I will ensure that all hours volunteered are recorded on ESIBS”

For further information on volunteering in general, conduct and regulations can be found in the Police Support Volunteer Policy, which is available from the Community Volunteer Coordinator.

Risk Assessment:

Declaration: I confirm that a satisfactory Risk Assessment has been completed in relation to this Volunteer Task profile.

Community Volunteer Coordinator:

Signature: Date:


[B1]Amend to relevant task profile and department