Please Be Sure That These Dates Are in Your Planner!

Please Be Sure That These Dates Are in Your Planner!




Please be sure that these dates are in your planner!

All concerts will take place in the Seaford High School auditorium. You must be in your warm-up room (usually the high school chorus room), in place and ready to sing, by 6:30 p.m.

WINTER CONCERT – December 17, 2013

NYSSMA FESTIVAL - May 30-31, 2014, at Wantagh High School

SPRING CONCERT - June 9, 2014

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Rules and responsibilities for chorus class and group lessons

Classroom rules and responsibilities are designed to allow class to run smoothly and to maintain a positive environment in which students can maximize their potential as singers.

Your attention, participation, and cooperation is absolutely essential to the growth and success of our chorus, as well as YOUR OWN growth and success as a musician.

1.Be prepared for class; only chorus supplies (listed above) should be accessible. (Place

any other materials under your seat, or at the back of the classroom).

2.Be on time to class and in your assigned seat before the bell rings.

3.Contribute to the rehearsal by LISTENING and SINGING until Ms. Ferguson dismisses you. Follow directions the first time they are given. Maintain proper singing posture.

4.Use your mouth to make music! Refrain from talking, chewing gum, or eating (as per the code of conduct). Talking during class is distracting, rude, and counterproductive. If you have a question or comment, raise your hand and wait for Ms. Ferguson to acknowledge you.

5.Be respectful to Ms. Ferguson, Mr. Brand, and fellow singers.


You are responsible for bringing these supplies to each lesson and rehearsal:

1.Folder or binder in good condition with name and voice part clearly displayed.

2.Pencil with eraser




10%QUIZZES AND EVALUATIONS (including binder checks):

Written quizzes and evaluations may be given in either lessons or chorus rehearsals. Singing evaluations will take place in lessons. I will give “pop quizzes” in the form of binder checks to be sure that you are marking your music correctly. If you miss a rehearsal, you are responsible for getting that rehearsal’s notes from a friend.


Preparation, class participation, attentiveness, posture, individual contribution to the group’s rehearsal, etc.


Preparation and performance of warm-up, chorus repertoire, solo literature and sight-reading. Your grade will consist of an evaluation of the following areas: tone, intonation, breathing, posture, accuracy of notes and rhythms, diction, and expression. Preparation (bringing all your supplies to lessons) is also a part of this grade.

You will have a rotating lesson on the same day each week (during period 1, 2, 4, or 8). If you miss a rotating lesson, you MUST attend a make up lesson at my Self Help within 2 weeks. You will receive a lesson schedule and make up lesson schedule within the next two weeks.

In order to get full credit for a make up lesson, you should (1) fill out a Lesson Conflict form to let me know IN ADVANCE that you will be missing a lesson for a full-period test ONLY, (2) attend a make up lesson within 2 weeks, (3) be prepared for your make up lesson and arrive on time, and (4) work hard!

Weekly rotating lessons make up more than half of your grade!

*Generally, your lesson performance grade starts at a 90 if you are prepared, singing out, exhibiting good posture, and generally trying your best. You can lose points by slouching, not participating, singing inaudibly, etc. You can gain points by actively participating or standing out from the group with your excellent singing or answers to questions.

*Missed lessons have an EXTREMELY negative impact on both your grade and your growth as a musician. Come to, and fully participate in, your lessons!!!


What do I have to wear on concert nights?

The Music Department asks that you wear the green Seaford Music shirts; you will receive an order form soon. Everyone should wear black dress pants and black shoes (no sneakers).

What if I have to miss a concert?

If you have to miss a concert due to illness or family emergency, please submit a note from your

parent/guardian as soon as possible.

What if I have to miss a lesson?

There are only two reasons to miss a lesson: you are absent, or you have a full-period test (not a quiz) during your lesson. If you are absent for the entire day, you are excused from your lesson—you do not need to make it up. If you are in school, but you have a test during your lesson, you must fill out a lesson conflict form (available outside the chorus room) before the lesson and make up the lesson at Self Help. NOTE: YOU MUST MAKE UP ANY QUIZZES OR EVALUATIONS THAT YOU MISSED DURING YOUR LESSON, REGARDLESS OF THE REASON FOR YOUR ABSENCE.

What do I need to do in order to do well in chorus?

You will do well in chorus if you try your best in class, sing out in classes and performances, come (prepared) to all of your lessons, and make up any lessons that you miss. The biggest “stumbling block” for students is missing rotating weekly lessons. Please check your schedule (available in your binder, in your homeroom, or in the main office) and don’t forget to come!

What other singing opportunities are available at Seaford Middle School?

* The spring musical is always stellar, and it’s a wonderful experience! Ms. Steinberg will announce auditions, which usually take place in the late fall. Stay tuned to your morning announcements!

* The NYSSMA Solo Festival is an opportunity to perform a solo, chosen by Ms. Ferguson in order to best display your strengths, and to receive feedback from a professional vocal judge. Also, participation in NYSSMA makes you eligible to be recommended for next year’s All County Chorus. Ms. Ferguson is a certified NYSSMA adjudicator, and she will help you prepare your song (and, perhaps, provide a few “insider” tips on how to impress the judges!).

* The talent show is a great chance to strut your stuff in front of your peers, teachers, and the Seaford community. Stay tuned to morning announcements for try-outs (usually in the late winter or early spring)

* Make your own opportunity. See me if you have an idea. In the past, people have collaborated with me during extra help in order to write a song, prepared the National Anthem for the morning announcements, sung in a group or in a theater outside of school…. Who knows what great ideas you will come up with?!

Do you give extra credit?

I just might. What do you have in mind? Be prepared to “pitch” your idea to me!

Chorus Contract

I, ______, have read the Chorus Handbook. I understand, and agree to abide by the rules and responsibilities contained in both the Handbook and in the Code of Conduct. I understand that failing to do so will interfere with the learning and success of the chorus; I am aware of the consequences for breaking rules. I promise to full participate and contribute positively to the chorus, and I understand that doing so will help me growth as a singer and musician.

I agree to keep my schedule clear for concert dates (December 17, 2013 and June 9, 2014).


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Parent/Guardian’s signature

Ms. Ferguson – Chorus Director