Perham Senior High School Course Syllabus

Perham Senior High School Course Syllabus


Perham Senior High School -- Course Syllabus

Instructor: C. AakreOffice Hours: 8:00 am 4:00 pm

Office Phone: 346 1526E Mail:

Address: 200 5th St. S.E., Perham, MNCourse # 1425: Trimester 2, ½ Credit

Grades: 10th, 11th, and 12th Classroom: Room 124 and Ag Shop

Course Length: 60 Periods of 75 Minutes

OE code: 019901number 05

Textbook: Biotechnology for Animals, Plants and the Environment; Recombinant DNA and Biotechnology

Agricultural Education Expectations:Required Material:

  • 1. Arrive on time with required materials*1. Notebook
  • 2. Be courteous to everyone in the classroom*2. Pen or pencil
  • 3. Respect everyone’s property*3. 3 Ring Binder
  • 4. No disruptive behavior, speech, or clothing
  • 5. Discipline procedures will be followed in accordance with the PHS faculty handbook

Content Description:

Students will work on hands on laboratories including electrophoresis, DNA fingerprinting, tissue culture, bioremediation, genetic engineering, cloning, gene sequencing, and other topics in the growing biotechnology field. The entire genetic engineering process will be covered through labs and lecture. Students will also discuss the ethics and issues of biotechnology and develop their own personal opinion of this new technology. This course can be used to meet science entrance requirements at State Universities and the University of Minnesota.


Unit 1: Introduction to Biotechnology
History of Biotechnology
Definition of Biotechnology

Careers in Biotechnology

Applications of Biotechnology




Biological and Chemical Terms

Unit 2: Cell Functions and Structures

Cell Structure and function

Comparison of Plant, Animal and Prokaryotic Cells


Functions of Enzymes

Cell Reproduction

Unit 3: Molecular Biology

Structure and Function of DNA

Protein Synthesis

Synthesis of mRNA

Regulation of Gene Expression

Genomic Organization

Protein Structure and Function

Enzyme Structure and Function

Unit 4: Molecular Biology Applications

Bacterial Transformation

Restriction Enzymes

Natural Vectors

Tools of DNA Transfer

Gel Electrophoresis

Gene Mapping

DNA Sequencing

Hybridization and Southern Blots

Amplification of DNA

Cloning of DNA

DNA Libraries

Finding Genes

Genetic and Protein Engineering

Unit 5: Genetics

History of Genetics

Inheritance of Traits

Dominant and Recessive


Punnett Square

Mendalian Theory and Laws

Chromosomes Makeup and Trait Location

Chromosomal Nature of Inheritance

Chemical Nature of Genes and DNA

Understanding Genes

Understanding Evolution

Unit 7: Agricultural Applications of Biotechnology

(This Unit will be inserted through out the course for Lab Activities)

Plant Tissue Testing

Tissue Cultures


Plant Herbicide Responses

Food Preservation and Processing

Animal Growth and Digestion

Growth Promoters and Regulators

Unit 8: Societal Issues

(This Unit will be inserted through out the course for Lab Activities)

Science, Technology and Society

Risks and Benefits

Debating the Risks

Decision Making through Debate

Article Assignment

Every Friday, you will be asked to hand in an article about biotechnology. This article may come from a newspaper, magazine or web site. You will be asked to discuss your article in class that day.

  1. Grades

Grades are based on the following criteria.

Activity / % of grade / % / Grades
Participation / 10 / 94-100 / A
Projects and Labs / 40 / 90-93 / A-
Daily assignments / 10 / 88-89 / B+
Quizes / 25 / 83-87 / B
Final Project / 15 / 80-82 / B-
78-79 / C+
73-77 / C
70-72 / C-
68-69 / D+
63-67 / D
60-62 / D-
Below 60 / F
  1. FFA Membership:

All agricultural education students are provided the opportunity to be a FFA member. The National FFA Organization provides students with trips, contests, scholarships and rewards to recognize them for their accomplishments. Because the FFA is a co-curricular activity, it will be a part of this class.

  1. Homework

This course will be hands on course with discussions and practicum’s surrounding the issues of biotechnology. Homework will be assigned with the expectation that all students complete a biotechnology project of their choosing with the advice from the instructor.

  1. Safety and Lab Requirements

All students must have safety glasses on at all times when working in the laboratory.

  1. Availability

Mr. Aakre will be available before and after school between the hours of 7:30 and 3:30 and during his prep period. If you have any questions you can contact him then. Additional times can be made for lab makeup and FFA work by making an appointment.

  1. Seating Chart:

A seating chart will be made the second day of class. This is to get to know each of you.

  1. Gum/Candy/Beverages

They are not allowed during class. Water is allowed.

  1. Phone - No Cell phones are allowed in class – if you absolutely need to use the classroom phone, you must ask and receive permission. If they are seen you will be asked to give it to the instructor.

1st – pick up after class

2nd – pick up after school

3rd – Parents will need to come in

  1. Participation Points – All students receive 50 participation points at the beginning of the quarter. Points will be deducted for tardiness, disruptive behavior, and any other violation of classroom or district rule and policy.
  1. Passes – Passes will be at the teachers discretion, excessive use of passes or tardiness will determine if one will be issued.
  1. Turning in Work- All work should be turned into the proper in box in the classroom labeled with correct period and course. If work is not handed in to the inbox, it is not the instructors responsibility if it is lost.
  1. Late Work

Late work will be accepted at 50% off.

Make-up Work

If you have an unexcused absence you will receive a zero for the day you miss.

If have an excused absence and you miss an assignment or lab you have one day to make it up for every day you miss.

If you are gone a day an assignment turned in, it is due at the beginning of the hour you return to class.

13. All school district rules apply during class time no matter where you are!!!