Part One: Mythology Binder

Part One: Mythology Binder

Mythology Project

Honors English I

Part One: Mythology Binder

Binder should be no more than 1 inch thick, and must be clean and organized, with a title page and a table of contents. All work should be double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman. The Binder should include the following:

A. Study Guide

A typed, full-page, bullet-pointed description of each Olympic god and goddess, as well as the two gods of the earth: Demeter and Dionysus. (For a total of 14 pages.) Include:

  • Their Greek and Roman names
  • The area of life or region each controlled
  • Any symbols, animals, or plants associated with them
  • Their spouse(s) and children
  • Their positive characteristics
  • Their negative characteristics
  • Any references to the god or goddess in the modern world

B. Odyssey Analysis Paper

A one-page, three chunk analysis on The Odyssey. Begin with your thesis and directional statement. Use whom one, and underline it.

C. Reference List

For each of the following terms or characters from Homer’s Odyssey, include their definitions and descriptions (1-3 sentences each).

  1. Achaeans
  2. Calypso
  3. Circe
  4. Cronus
  5. Cyclopes
  6. Epic
  7. Epic hero
  8. Epithet
  9. Erebus
  10. Furies
  11. Helios
  12. Lotus Eaters
  13. Muse
  14. Sirens
  15. Scylla and Charybdis

D. Your Own Mythology

Write a 3-4 page short story in which you show your own mythical god or goddess in action.

  • Clearly designate your god’s/goddess’s relationship with one of the twelve Olympians
  • Convey the information about your god or goddess from Part A through your narrative
  • Include a conflict and resolution (think plot pyramid)
  • Explain a natural phenomenon
  • Include two of the following: Hercules, the Furies, the Muses, the Sirens (in a way consistent with Hamilton’s description)
  • Include a creative title

E. Speech of the Olympian

Write a one-page speech for the Olympian god or goddess who appears in your short story, in which the deity explains his or her objective. Demonstrate your understanding of the character as described by Hamilton. Include a title.


E. God and Goddess Cards

3x5 index cards (make in Pokemon/Magic the Gathering style) for a Greek gods and goddesses game. Include a card for each Olympic god and goddess, your original god/goddess (see below), and the two gods of the earth: Demeter and Dionysus, for a total of 15 cards. (See example shared on drive.) All written information on cards must be typed and include the following:

● Their Greek and Roman names

● A picture of the character

● Title: God/Goddess of ____

● 1-2 Sentence description of character in action

● A special power

○ (ie: “When Artemis is in play, gains a defense point,” for Apollo or “All male opponents lose two defense points” for Aphrodite)

● Attack/Defense score

○ (A character with a score of 4/1 is strong when attacking others, but easily defeated.)

● Include a “cover card” with your name and period

● Organize in some way (rubberband)

F. PowerPoint Slides

Include copies of the slides from your PowerPoint presentation (described below).

Part Two: PowerPoint Presentation

Present your own mythic god or goddess to the class in a five-minute PowerPoint presentation. Create and present five slides based on these specifications:

  • A title slide with heading information
  • An introduction of your god or goddess (all information in Part One, Section A). Use Latin for the Roman name.
  • A picture of your god or goddess in action
  • A picture of your favorite Greek god or goddess with a brief explanation of why you like him/her
  • A picture of your least favorite Greek god or goddess with a brief explanation of why you dislike him/her

Mythology Project Rubric

Honors English I

Requirement / Comments / Points
Binder Formatting/Neatness / /10
Title Page / /10
Table of Contents / /10
Study Guide / /50
Odyssey Paper / /25
Odyssey Reference List / /15
Original Mythology / /25
Speech of Olympian/ God or Goddess Card / /10
PowerPoint Slides Included / /5
Rubric Included at end / /5
Slide 1 / /10
Slide 2 / /10
Slide 3 / /10
Slide 4 / /10
Slide 5 / /10
Quality of Verbal Presentation / /10

Total /225