Part 1 Position Details

Part 1 Position Details


Position TitleLibrary Branch Leader

Position NumberGeneric

DivisionCommunity Division


TeamBranch Libraries

GradeProfessional Band Level 3

Reports toGroup Manager Library Services

Hours70 hours per fortnight


Date of last review and updateNovember 2013


The Division

The Community Division encompasses a range of service delivery functions, including management of the associated community assets. The Division is also responsible for a range of functions which support the whole of Council to deliver high quality services to our Northern Beaches bush land, rural and coastal community.

The Warringah Aquatic Centre, Glen Street Theatre, Community Services, Customer Support, Libraries, and the Buildings, Property and Spatial Information Groups all provide various services to the community including aged services, disability services, community centres, beach services, libraries and geographical/spatial information.

The Information and Technology, Procurement, Marketing and Communications, Business Excellence and Business and Enterprise Risk Groups provide services and support to the whole of Council.

The Group

The purpose of the Warringah Council Library Service is to Bring People, Information and Ideas Together. It:

  • Provides efficient customer focused library services that deliver value to our community.
  • Provides library facilitiesand opportunities for literacy, lifelong learning,creativity, work, relaxationand play.
  • Develops staff capabilities and undertakes business initiatives to make ongoing improvements.

Our library branches implement and managelibrary loans, programs,localhistory, genealogy, information and digital resources. Remote access is also availableto our online catalogue ande-Resources.

The Role

Working within a team environment and reporting to the Group Manager Library Services, the role of our Library Branch Leader is to be both a member of thestrategic team and to take responsibility for the daily operational management of their Library branch. Each Branch Leaderis responsible for the leadership and development of their people, for the management and condition of resources and the facilities andfor the implementation of continuous business development ethos to build a culture of strong customer service and on-goingimprovement. They are also expected to be the senior technical professional and mentor their fellow professionalsto run a facility that easily meets any audit standards or minimum requirements of the NSW State Library.


Business Excellence

  • Work with the Group Manager, Libraries to ensure the service delivers optimal public value to the community
  • Ensure the service design is customer centric
  • Take personal responsibility for behaving in accordance with the organisations’ values and directions
  • Actively participate in continuous improvement of systems, procedures, organisational culture and cross organisational communication and activities. This will be done through the Business Excellence Framework as the basis for continual improvement and change
  • Remain aware of relevant innovation and industry trends and issues and implement relevant changes to the workplace to ensure Council achieves best practice and strategic objectives.
  • Integrate Business Excellence principles into the Division/ Group by understanding the Business Excellence Framework and applying the principles consistently in the Division/ Group to:
  • Achieve service delivery/ process improvement activities, including improved results;
  • Provide key performance indicators to measure achievement of service improvement ;
  • Demonstrate on-going review of service/ process and further refinement of the service/ process if appropriate

Business and Financial Planning (under supervision of a Group Manager)

  • Work with the Group Manager Library Servicesto develop the Library Service Business Plan and work through its implementation
  • Provide regular reports to the Group Manager Library Services on areas such as finance and expenditure, staff and equipment; and other statistics as required
  • Manage the finances and costs of operating the Branch effectively and against budget

Strategic Planning

  • Understand the business and strategic planning principles (to Warringah's guidelines and standards) and actively participate in the planning processes
  • Inform and support staff and stakeholders during any required change and associated implementation process
  • Monitor and enact performance against agreed benchmarks and track performance indicators for relevant service delivery and other agreed measures. These may bein line with the corporate support areas, and
  • Review or refine daily activities and processes in light of changing conditions to ensure attainment of goals in the strategic plans.

Financial Management

  • Work with the Group Manager Library Services to establish the budget as well as co-ordination and facilitation of budget management across the Team to ensure:
  • Cost effectiveness;
  • Achievement of budget targets;
  • Delivery of savings and innovations
  • Accurate and timely reporting of budget performance
  • Proactively assist the Group Manager Library Services to monitor the branches financial performance and make necessary adjustments to ensure compliance with the Group’s financial targets.


  • Discuss and agree upon goals and strategies for the Group in accordance with the Library service goals, plans and objectives and relevant legislation
  • Effectively monitor performance and delivery of work assigned to the Branch
  • Allocate duties, rosters and/or responsibilities in accordance with organisational requirements
  • Monitor work outputs against agreed work requirements and performance expectations
  • Provide team members with feedback, coaching, mentoring, positive support and advice
  • Develop staff capability to deliver on service commitments and plans
  • Effectively communicate organisational change policies to team members, and
  • Manage performance problems.

Policies and Procedures

  • Develop and implement procedures and operational management standards to enhance the effective and efficient management of the Library Branch (if appropriate to standardise across all Branches) and provide support, research and advice on related central projects, and
  • Interface regularly with other Library Branch Managersand the Business Improvement Officer to ensure coordination of the development of policies, processes and the successful implementation of new initiatives.

Network and Personal Development

  • Work closely with the Group Manager Libraries, Library Support Leader and other Library Branch Leaders to ensure consistency across the branches and build a culture based on service and improvement
  • Build networks, and establish strategic links with internal divisions, other Council or State libraries, external agencies and/or interest groups relevant to the Library Group and its service commitments
  • Identify and utilise opportunities to share resources and expertise with stakeholders
  • Maintain a current working knowledge of relevant industry developments, legislation and practice
  • Cultivate and maintain industry links by means of journals, workshops, seminars and conferences as agreed with Group Manager Libraries
  • Participate in training and other professional development

Technical Expertise and Advice

  • Provide clear, concise and appropriate advice and recommendations
  • Provide guidance to less experienced staff within the team
  • Conduct adequate and timely research in order to provide quality and accurate responses, and
  • Assess and evaluate the implications of trends and developments and advise appropriately on these in a timely manner.

WHS and Legislation

  • Maintain a clean and safe work environment while complying with safety policies and procedures
  • Ensure the provision of all relevant information to staff in relation to Workplace Health and Safety including rights an obligations and other considerations
  • Ensure that all Library business is adequately documented in all relevant systems in accordance with appropriate determinations, standards and procedures
  • Maintain compliance with Council’s Code of Ethics and values, with particular emphasis on transparency, impartiality, accountability and record keeping
  • Ensure compliance with relevant federal, state, local and statutory regulations including the requirements of the Code of Conduct, EEO principles, the Workplace Health and Safety Act, the Local Government Act and the requirements of ICAC on a daily basis
  • Exercise Workplace, Health, Safety and Rehabilitation responsibility, accountability and authority as outlined in WH&S procedures 201:


Educational Requirements and Level of Experience

  • Relevant tertiary qualificationsin Library Services or a related discipline and significant experience in the delivery of Library services.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Demonstrated experience in the development and leadership of people to build a culture of service and improvement
  • Experience in driving operational improvements and in leading or managing the consequential change
  • High level service management skills including policy development and implementation
  • Demonstrated ability to manage concurrent projects with competing deadlines
  • High level written and verbal communication skills including advocacy and service promotion skills, with a demonstrated ability to communicate and negotiate with a diverse range of people within and outside the organisation
  • Behaviour that positively demonstrates Council’s values of: respect, integrity, teamwork, excellence and responsibility, and
  • Understanding of continuous learning principles, equal employment opportunities, occupational health and safety and ethical practice principles.
  • Demonstrated commitment to customer service, continuous learning, EEO, Workplace Health and Safety and ethical principles


  • Local government experience or experience in another library environment
  • Current Drivers Licence