Parma High School Courses Available

Parma High School Courses Available



*Athletic Training**

*Health (1 semester)

*English I

English II

College Amer. Lit./English III

English IV

College Prep English 101** (essay required)

*Careers & Speech (1 semester)


*Spanish I

Spanish II**

Spanish III**

*Music Appreciation

*World History

*Drama – Indicate Advanced or Beginning preferred if option is offered

Poly Sci 101/Government**

U.S. History I

U.S. History II

Economics (1 semester)

Sociology (1 semester)

*Integrated Math I/Algebra I

*Integrated Math II/Geometry

Integrated Math III/Algebra II

College Algebra/Trig**

College Calculus**

Business Math

Tech Math (taught with COSSA Block Classes)

*Physical Science

Biology I

Biology 101 & Lab** (permission of instructor)

Biotechnology 16-17(permission of instructor)

Chemistry 101 & Lab** 15-16 (permission of instructor)

Physics 101 & Lab** 16-17 (permission of instructor)

Integrated Science



Advanced Ceramics/Stained Glass (Jr/Sr)

*Drawing I/II

*Ceramics/Arts & Crafts

Watercolors/Acrylic Painting

Design Basics/Art 105**


*Jazz Band (permission of instructor)

*Drum Line

*Beginning Guitar (must provide your own guitar)


*Men's Choir

Singers (audition required)

*Business Comp Apps I**

Business Comp Apps II **


Business Mgmt**

*Personal Skills Devel/Intro to Animal Sci (Freshmen)

Ag Welding (1 semester)

Landscape Design/Floriculture (Sophs)

Ag Mgmt & Marketing/Food Science (Jrs/Srs)

Zoology** (Jrs/Srs)

Botany** (Jrs./Srs.)

Auto/Diesel I (1 hr Block Soph)

Auto II** (4 hr Block Jrs)

Auto III** (4 hr Block Srs)

Diesel Mechanics II** (4 hr Block Jrs)

Diesel Mechanics III** (4 hr Block Srs)

Building Trades I** (4 hr Block Jrs/Srs)

Building Trades II** (4 hr. Block Jrs/Srs.)

Welding I** (4 hr Block Jrs.)

Welding II** (4 hr Block Srs)

Engineering Design & Automation I** (4 hr Block Jrs)

Engineering Design & Automation II** (4 hr Block Srs.)

Intro to Health Professions (Fall Semester, 4 hr block Jrs/Senior)

Health Prof/CNA** (Spring Semester, 4 hr block Jrs/Senior)

EMT** (Prerequ. Health Professions, 4 hr block Srs.)

Culinary Arts** (4 hr pm Block Jrs/Srs)

Jrs. And Srs. Only (application required)

High School Aide

Middle School Aide

Elementary Aide

Office Aide

Peer Mentor

Library Aide

No Credit Classes – Specify Seminary or Launch Pad

*Release Time for Church Education

Areas of Concentration (Layout of requirements are listed on PHS counseling website under “pre-registration.”)

College Prep

Natural Resources

Fine Arts

Business Occupations


Mechanics (Auto or Diesel)

Culinary Arts

Health Occupations


Building Trades

*These are the only classes available to Freshmen.

**These classes are offered for college credit