Paragraph Frames for Napping Prompt Scaffolding Increasingly Withdrawn As You Move Through

Paragraph Frames for Napping Prompt Scaffolding Increasingly Withdrawn As You Move Through


INTRODUCTION: There has been much debate about the role of sleeping and the role of napping. ______deeply at nightisthe most important sleepfor our bodies. However, when nighttime sleep is not enough, napsarean effective ______for most people to fight the effects of sleep ______. ______provide many ______for tired teens and adults, especially for people with unusual ______.

BODY PARAGRAPH ONE: Sleep deprivationcan be a significant problem for many teens and adults. According to the article “How Much Sleep is Enough?,” lack of sleep causes “foggy brain, worsened vision______, and ______.”In fact, William Dement of the Stanford University Sleep Clinic argues that one can never fully make upfor lost sleep (Source 1). However,______provide many benefits that counter the effects of sleep deprivation. First, naps provide ______alertness and performance(Source 1 and 3). This is important because it can help people get through the day. According to Source 2,naps also make people “______.”This shows an additional benefit that can help people be more creative. Sleep deprived people need naps in order to function at their best.

BODY PARAGRAPH TWO: Napsare especially important for ______. For example, astronauts use naps to ______(“The Secret Truth About Napping”). When NASA researchers performed a study on astronauts, ______, they concluded that longer naps improved astronauts’ memory (“The Secret Truth About Napping”). This ______because of the demands astronauts face once they leave Earth. Although one Cambridge study asserts that ______can lead to ______(Source 4), NASA researchers recommend longer naps for these employees. ______and hospital residents also face long, irregular work hours. According to ______the University of Pennsylvania, “Sleep experts recommend that these health workers ______” (“The Secret Truth About Napping”). These medical professionals rely on short naps to help them stay ______in stressful situations. Clearly, ______improve ______for people whose schedules do not allow for a full night’s sleep.

CONCLUSION: When peopledo not ______, theyface an afternoon ______. Their memory may fail them, and they may not ______. However, an afternoon nap______fight these symptoms. Naps are proven to help teens and adults combat ______, and they work wonders for people with ______and demanding jobs. An afternoon nap might be the perfect prescription for people of all walks of life.