Organization Type : Non-Profit Faith Based

Organization Type : Non-Profit Faith Based

Job Description


Organization Type: Non-profit Faith Based

Reports to: Executive Director

Status: Full Time

Schedule: Varying.

Education: At minimum Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in behavioral or social sciences, social work, psychology, counseling, marriage and family therapy or a related field.

Function: The Director has overall responsibility of ensuring the home objectives are clearly stated, provides leadership in clinical programming, and program activities are focused on achievement of stated goals. The Director assumes the overall leadership role in operations, financial, administrative and residential services including trauma informed training, supervision of clinical systems and documentation necessary for general programming. The Director networks with other clinical-oriented agencies in the community to provide holistic and comprehensive treatment and care.


  • Leadership experience
  • Excellent work ethic, good people management skills and the ability to perform well in stressful situations
  • Excellent communication and multitasking skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong conflict resolution and decision-making skills
  • Must be an independent decision maker and be able to manage people in a motivational and constructive way
  • Ability to lead and manage diverse teams
  • At least 3 years of direct work that includes work with women, trauma, sexual abuse and addiction
  • Excellent understanding of sex trafficking in the area of survivors, awareness, prevention, action and education
  • Must be familiar with and understand addictions and trauma
  • Must have a theoretical orientation that is congruent with the Truth Home’s therapeutic philosophy or be willing to be trained and practice from a trauma-informed, strength-based perspective
  • Manifests evidence of personal faith in Jesus Christ and knowledge of scriptures

Responsibilities – Personnel & Scheduling

  • Recruitment, firing, staffing and supervision of department heads and other personnel not under the supervision of department heads.
  • Be available for supervision of staff
  • Assists with orientation and ongoing training of staff and counselors
  • On call for crisis situations
  • Weekly meetings with staff in order to monitor job performance, provide professional development and ensure quality of care for women in home
  • Ensure all performance evaluations of all staff are completed according to Policies and Procedures
  • Determine the need for training of all employees
  • Promotion, demotion, disciplinary action, and exit interviews

Responsibilities – Program Planning, Development and Evaluation

  • Working with women who have a history in prostitution, sex trafficking, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse. Will also likely deal with other issues including drug abuse, violence, criminal histories, homelessness and psychological illness.
  • Begin new programs or redesign current programs in response to effectiveness and changing needs of women served
  • Liaison to referring therapists, medical providers and all external program support
  • Draft yearly program evaluations; manage statistic reporting; work with Clinical Executive Director on metric systems and evaluating success of women
  • Screen and assess all potential participants before entering the home
  • Works with Executive Directive on all therapeutic aspects of the home
  • Provides oversight and support to all aspects of the weekly schedule

Responsibilities – Fiscal

  • Supports the Executive Director in developing an annual budget for review and approval by the Board; ensure that expenditures are within the budgeted amounts; and prepare budget revisions as needed throughout the year
  • Authorize purchase orders
  • Work with bookkeeper to review and prepare financial reports for Board meetings

Responsibilities – Environment

  • Establish an environment that enhances the strength-based approach of the program
  • Equip and maintain an environment that ensures health and safety of the women, staff and volunteers
  • Ensure documentation of planned programs are consistent at all times with the needs of the women for social, educational and recreational activities
  • Equip and maintain a safe vehicle for transportation of women

Responsibilities – Confidential Records and Files

All records, reports and other materials relating to women in the home shall be kept in a locked file under the discretion of the Director. The following will be kept in locked files:

  • Records of all women in the home (past and present); treatment components including individual treatment plans, goals and objectives; provisions for continued assessment
  • HR files including employee files, timesheets, performance evaluations, salary schedules, petty cash and records
  • Ensure appropriate documentation and excellent practice of residential care staff, case manager and therapists.

Responsibilities – Other Duties as Assigned

The Director shall perform other duties as prescribed by the Executive Director.

Other Qualifications:

  • Provide documentation of a least two professional or educational and personal references that attest to your past performing duties and your suitability of working with participants.
  • Provide documentation of PA professional license and malpractice insurance (if applicable)
  • Criminal history background check determination and fingerprint records determination
  • No history of abuse, neglect, sexual exploitation or cause of serious injury to someone
  • Clean driving record is essential to fulfilling the job responsibilities
  • Participate in all required trainings and show understanding of the training content