OM Protocol English on 1St November 2017

OM Protocol English on 1St November 2017

OM Protocol English on 1st November 2017

YOU Tube – Divine Presence

WELCOME, welcome dear friends to our OM today on 01.11.2017. My name is Petra Ruether and I greet you with the love of the Lord from Germany.

As you have seen in the video let us share this time together to become radiant beacons of Light, to be also great receivers of the Light and Power of God, shining through us and through our dear and beloved friend Bruno Grönings, who is always present when we are calling him and ask him for guidance and protection.

Please open up for love, my dears, and don’t cross your arms and legs, let the Divine energy flow through your body in a most effective way. Let go every negativity and detach from sickness and sorrows spiritually.

Today I have prepared a big program. We want to talk about our conference in Haiger-Dillenburg, which was almost 2 weeks ago, and that was a big mile stone of further improvement for many of us on the Divine path. I believe, everybody was filled up with the love and the energy of peace, joy and friendship and we are still are being nourished and feeling great in that divine energy.

It is autumn, my dear ones, and time is running out until winter will come. We have been at Bruno Groening's grave stone with the big ball “TRUST AND BELIEVE – IT HELPS, IT HEALS THE DIVINE ENERGY and the weather had given us two beautiful sunny days of a golden October. Autumn showed itself from its golden side.

Let us start this session with words, as Bruno Groening said,

"Give me your sickness, your sorrows, and all pain. I take everything. I was also a lump collector! I know how to make something out of this bad (...) I can create new things, make new things out of old, overhowl, repair everything. "(04.09.1950) or

"I believe I can say with certainty that you should release all your sorrow, all your suffering to me. Yes, worry too! How I get done with it is my deal! I've already taken up so much and I can take more. This is just the beginning: there are just few people who really do, they not even count among the countless who are here on this small, divine earth. "(04.09.1950)

"The bad thing I want you to give free, I know it is a burden for you. That's all. And many thousands are already grateful to me. It did not made me weak, on the contrary, I'm getting stronger and stronger! "(29.09.1950)

"Well, now open your heart, and really pour it all out! Away with all the worries and sorrows! "(05.10.1950)

Now enjoy this video with tunin in and to absorbe the healing energy….

Youtube: Secret Garden – Silent speaks

(Slide) Well, my dear friends, now we will start with our meeting, our conference in Haiger/Dillenburg: We had very dear guests from abroad, from Russia and Croatia and from the Netherlands and a special highlight was a time witness who visited our conference: Walter Häusler, but already 84 years old still very vigorous and above all else - he remembers at so much that he experienced with Bruno Groening himself.

(Slide back) on our initial picture, we see Bruno Groening with the Häusler couple in 1958. What a remarkable time that was, we will still learn in the course of the OM and we can only reproduce here what we have in mind , We recorded the report on tape, but the recording is too bad to play here for you. Therefore, we will discuss the following:

PPP ab ....

(Slide) The meeting began as usual with the visit at the grave. On 14 October, from 11:00 am onwards, the friends from near and far found themselves at Bruno Groöning's grave in Dillenburg ....

(Folie) We welcomed our Russian friends from Tiraspol, Moldavien and St. Petersurg

(Slide) Also our Croatian friends, Jasna and Ana from Zagreb ....

(Foil) The red-white-blue candle in the middle of the tomb was set up by Jasna and Ana from Croatia.

(more slides) Then our meeting began with this conference picture and the luminous lightball as a symbol of God.

(Slide) and our choir started with the old song “Ich weiß einen Strom, dessen herrliche Flut fließt wunderbar stille durchs Land…” translated it means:

"1 O have you not heard of that beautiful stream

That flows through our Father’s land?

Its waters gleam bright in the heavenly light,

And ripple o’er golden sand.


O seek that beautiful stream,

O seek that beautiful stream;

Its waters, so free are flowing for thee,

O seek that beautiful stream.

2 Its fountains are deep and its waters are pure;

And sweet to the weary soul;

It flows from the throne of Jehovah alone!

O come where its bright waves roll. [Refrain]

3 This beautiful stream is the river of life!

It flows for all nations free!

A balm for each wound in its waters is found;

O sinner, it flows for thee! [Refrain]

3 O will you not drink of this beautiful stream,

And dwell on its peaceful shore?

The Spirit says, Come, all ye weary ones, home,

And wander in sin no more. [Refrain]

Youtube: Let us listen to this song with the first rhyme in English and in German 

Next slides: Welcome of our friends, Petra, Gerlind, Margot

Petra: I started to talk about my dream, when Bruno appeared to me and put out of his pocket postcards with many different people of different nations in their traditional clothes, that all human beings have the same from outside: organs, eyes and ears, legs and arms and we all have a soul, the spark of God’s fire. We are just different by our cultures, languages, outfits, manners, behaviours and religions. Bruno showed me all those different postcards from the people in strange outfits and firstly I didn’t understand…but now after starting the Online Meetings in 2014, when I saw all the different flags and banners, I began to comprehend his statement in my dream.

So, being human to humans, love each other and support each other in this struggle of life is the most important – at first point between Bruno Gröning friends, and through this love getting closer to GOD, closer to Jesus, who always spoke about this love – love for your neighbour, your next one, and love to GOD, who is the creator, who is the only ONE .

These online meetings are the wonderful chance and challenge to come closer to each other, and I am so happy that here are people from so many different countries, from the big Circle of Friends, from the old Associations and the Independent groups.

This path, which we are all allowed to go together, is just wonderful. I'm allowed to go this way for more than 30 years, with all the ups and downs. I was able to experience great healings and just much help and guidance in my life. Take in every word, dear friends, and let us be glad that we can walk this path together.

He said:

"In this way, you can become free from evil when you break away from evil, when you no longer deal with the evil. Here you get the connection to God. Trust and believe!” Bruno Gröning

In my conviction, these are the five most important pillars of this doctrine by Bruno Groening:

1. True Faith in God,

2. Put this belief into practice and ALWAYS believe at the goodness.

3. Pay attention to your body, do good to yourself as well as to your neighbour.

4. Acknowledge Jesus Christ as our best role model and

5. Taking up the Divine Power daily, that God gives us regularly.



Walter Häusler’s Healing – and Experience Report

Conference in Haiger 14./15. October 2017

- Walter Häusler was very much burdened. Even at a young age, (21 years old) he suffered from total exhaustion, insomnia and severe afflictions in his heart and kidneys. His state of health was so poor from the years 1952-54, that his healing practitioner advised him to cancel his chemistry studies. He even suffered a heart attack once in the night, but neither physician nor healing practitioner was able to help him.

- Through his mother, who was in the Bruno Groning community in Carinthia, St. Veit /Glan, Austria, he got in touch with Bruno Groning but initially he refused help from him. The pictures and negative news in the newspapers about him and the many mass gathering of help seekers had somehow influenced his opinion of Bruno Groning. He was, as he himself wrote in his Success Report, an extremely independent and unorthodox person who had his own personal views and went his own ways. Unconsciously, however, he had probably recognised that the teachings of Bruno Groning would prompt him to a fundamental reversal in his views and perceptions, which he initially shied from.

Walter's mother was also very stressed by the war and the expulsion from the Sudetenland and came to Carinthia only in 1946. She was not able to perspire in a normal manner and always cried a lot, she also suffered from heart disease, which disappeared after her contact with Bruno Groning. She had become free from three burdens by participating in community hours and her faith in God.

On May 24th, 1952, she attended a “Faith Lecture“ at a guest house in Löschnig in St. Veit and asked Bruno Groning to help her son, without letting him know anything about it. She had full trust that her son's body would regain the divine order.

Bruno Groning gave her a tinfoil ball with the words that this object was worth more than gold. This was the turning point for Walter H. The following night, straight after coming out of the cinema, Walter H. suddenly felt a sharp pain in his kidneys. After that, the strain disappeared forever.

The mother told her son about her experience with Bruno Groning and Walter H. then ceased his rejection of Bruno Groning and dropped his mistrust by accepting the “Regelungen-“pain.

But this was only the beginning. He was still very weakened and very depressed, and did not wish to go to the community hour, whose leader at that time was Grete Holzbauer.

He was very grateful though for the love and insistence of his mother, because she did not let go, and finally he agreed to go with her to the community hour.

There he heard of many healing reports, but did not feel any sensations in his body. All this was a new world for him. In the evening, in bed a sudden pain shot from the sole of his left foot to his heart, and passed through his whole body. He understood however, that there were regulations triggered by the curative current and was not afraid. However, the regulations lasted for almost a whole year and he experienced hours of total exhaustion, insomnia and despair. Inwardly he knew that only Bruno Groning could help him, and he retained his faith in God. Due to these many regulations, he could not enrol in the Vienna University and visited often the small house of Grete Holzbauer, the community leader. Miss Holzbauer and her mother lived in a quiet street and there, he was helped. He was allowed to sleep in their living room and was often lent a large picture of Bruno Gröning. He was able to relax and the quiet and care free atmosphere there did him much good.

In November 1953 he visited the community meeting again and was so strengthened by it, that he was able to enrol in the university for the winter semester. All his studies as a resident trainee as well as further semesters, he accomplished calmly and with ease - even a trainee holiday in Sweden he was able to finish bravely. The divine order in his entire body was re-established, starting with his sleep, which became normal again. He was able to withstand the pressure of the last seven months, and this led him back to faith and the reception of the curative curriculum, as Bruno Groning had taught. An invisible force turned everything to good.

In December 1954 he met Bruno Groning personally for the first time. He spoke in a small circle to a few friends in Stephanskirchen near Rosenheim (at Erich Bavay's home). In the late afternoon the Christmas celebration ceremony took place in Western village, St. Peter, with several hundred people in attendance. After delivering a powerful speech, Bruno Groning approached every person in attendance, making his way through all the table rows. When he stood before Walter H. He pressed his hand tightly and said only one word: "Healthy".

On 1 March 1956, he had a check-up from Dr. Leitgaeb in Vienna. As stated in the doctor's certificate all his organs were found to be healthy after clinical examination. He could finish his studies and graduate in his profession. In Dec. 55 he passed the Second State Examination, and in August 1956 he married the Carinthian community leader, Grete Holzbauer. They had 5 children in their marriage. He did a doctorate in 1957 and entered his first position at “Ruhrchemie” (a factory of chemical industry) in Oberhausen. During the following 32 years he was signed off from work by a doctor only for 10 days.

In 1989, when he retired from work, a setback in his health had not occurred until today. Since February 1955 he regularly visits the community hours in the area where he resides.

He thanked God with all his heart for HIS help, for he was given his life back through his healing. He was and still is deeply grateful to Bruno Groning, a helper who has passed away, for his help in showing him the way through his teachings. Words cannot express his gratitude to him who despite all opposition and persecution, did not abandon the truth and told everyone about it. To all his helpful friends in the communities of Bruno Groning, he expressed his thanks and gratitude, especially his mother and the community leader at St. Veit, Glan in Carinthia, Miss. Grete Holzbauer, later Grete Häusler,. (12/01/99)

Yes, dear friends, now we come to the further statements of friend Walter Häusler:

Bruno Groening liked to drink apple juice, once after drinking only half of the contents in his glass he gave the other half to Walter to drink... He cannot find any words to describe how he felt after drinking the juice.

- At any rate, there was always a special atmosphere when Bruno was there, one came into the room where he was, and everything felt different. That was not the case when Bruno was not present, then one did not feel that way.

- At one time, a waitress brought Bruno Groning a glass of wine instead of apple juice, Bruno said that he would have lost almost everything if he had drunk the wine.

- Bruno always said that one should convince oneself. Once Walter was with his little daughter Gretl who was 4 or 5 years old, in the community and asked the child what it meant "to convince oneself.” Gretl answered, "Go and find out.”

- Bruno drove an Opel Captain, which he cherished and cared for very well. Once he wanted to wash the car, the Hausler couple said: "we'll do it for you, Bruno.” He let it happen. Unfortunately it was raining at the time, so that the water droplets mixed with the car polish and the whole car afterwards looked stained and greasy, appearing worse than before. Bruno spent almost a whole day fixing what the Häusler's “damage had done". This was also to be seen symbolically ....

Walter Häusler wrote a letter to me, stating that Bruno had said in a meaningful way: "You have got an earthly life so that you can prove from your own experiences how the spiritual world operates. Then you will understand the spiritual! "

- no matter what Bruno said or did, everything had a meaning always, which often became manifest much later ...

- he sometimes raised his hands in blessing ...

- in southern France, in Mimizan, during a holiday Bruno and his friends often swam in the ocean and he was with Bruno in the sea, that feeling could never be described in words just inexpressible, no words ... pure grace.

- Bruno wanted to eat potato soup in Mimizan. They put up a tent there on the camping site, Walter's wife Grete wanted to cook it in the Austrian style: (thickened with flour). But Bruno wanted to have it pure, only the potatoes and the love for them within ... there is also a recipe of "Bruno's potato soup".

- once he also gave red wine diluted with water to drink to the friends.

- they visited Lourdes as well while being in France and Bruno always spoke very highly of Bernadette. He said the water in Lourdes is the "water of life".

- Once Mrs. Häusler was looking for a gift for her husband. Bruno said to her: "Buy him a steering wheel"

- Bruno was very accurate in all things and sometimes very strict. He did not tolerate evil in any way.