Objectives: During This Semester, Students Will Learn

Objectives: During This Semester, Students Will Learn

Advanced Art

Mrs. Macedo

299-7060 ext. 2113

Course Description: Advanced Art is a year-long class for 7th and 8th grade students who are introduced to various aspects of art through hands-on projects, art exploration, and problem solving. The advanced skills of drawing, color theory, painting, sculpture, and printmaking will be covered.

Objectives: During this semester, students will learn…

• Design Elements and Principles; Subjects and Styles of Art

• Material techniques

• Modeling, carving, and constructing

• Art movements

• Art criticism/critique

• Art terminology


• Materials- sketchbook (9 x 12 SPIRAL sketchbook), Two #2 pencils (NOT mechanical!), and a white eraser.

• Art portfolio- create, maintain and use your portfolio to store and protect your artwork. This is provided for you and is to be kept in the art room. You are responsible to keep your portfolio intact.

• Art folder- have an art tab in your 3-ring binder or separate folder in your binder to keep handouts and rubrics. Keep this with you at all times. This folder does NOT go inside your art portfolio.

• Participation- stay on task at all times, be present for class, and take part in discussions.

• Competence- demonstrated by completing all sketches, worksheets, written and physical work on time.

• Responsibility- be responsible for tools, supplies, and gallery area.

Grading: This class will be graded on a point system from various different areas:

Attendance & Participation: Grading artwork can be a subjective experience for a teacher, so I rely somewhat on attendance and participation to determine grading. Being on time and present for the entire class, working diligently and quietly, participating in class discussions, and making a real effort to excel will determine this part of the student’s grade.

• Art Projects: It is important to turn all work in on time. If you get behind on a project, I encourage you to come during the office hours listed below. Missing or late work WILL affect your final grade in the class. Each project is worth 100 points. 40% of your grade.

Grading Rubric

Creativity & Originality 25 points

Clarity & Understanding25 points

Neatness & Craftsmanship25 points

Work Habits & Effort25 points

• Accordion Research Book: Students will gather research on an artist they chose and out the information together in an accordion book. The book will be due at the end of Q2 and is worth 100 points. (40% of the grade)

• Digital Portfolio: Students will create a digital portfolio incorporating a 2D and 3D project. They will document the stages of the project and explain the elements and principles they used in the project. This portfolio will be due at the end of Q4 and is worth 100 points. (40% of the grade.)

• Quizzes/Tests: Covers lectures, handouts, and art terminology. Points will vary. This class will rely heavily on art terminology and your knowledge of material discussed in class. 30% of the grade.

Sketchbook Assignments: Daily quick draws/ quick writes are to be done as soon as you enter the room. They are 5 points each. If you are tardy, you may NOT make them up. The quick draws make up 30% of your grade. Homework is included in this 30%.

Homework: Students are expected to complete homework assignments outside of the class. Projects are to be done inside the class. Please check the parent portal regularly as I do post due dates for homework and projects.

Extra Credit: Towards the end of the semester, you will have a chance to earn up to 20 extra credit points by attending the Norton Simon museum. You will need to write a paper and create a drawing. This field trip is not mandatory. This is the only extra credit I offer.

Infractions Policy: Behavior issues (being disruptive to a classmate, aide, or myself), not turning in homework on time or forgetting materials (i.e. sketchbook, pencil, eraser) will result in an infraction. They are not written in stone, therefore, you can make them up by cleaning the art room (45 minutes of cleaning takes away one infraction), bringing in sponges (6 takes away one infraction), or tissue boxes (3 takes away one infraction). I am open every Monday and Thursday during lunch if you want to come in and make up an infraction.

Infractions go towards your citizenship grade in art.

1-3= A 4-7= B8-11= C 12-15=D 16 or more= F

Student Office Hours: Mondays and Thursdays from 12:15-1:00


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  • Under STUDENTS, select Classes/Homework.
  • To get homework or documents, click on homework next to Advanced Art. Sometimes you might have to click on ALL HOMEWORK to access older documents.

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