Objective : to Help the Students To

Objective : to Help the Students To

lesson plan on Profit and loss

For class V

Objective : To help the students to

  • define cost price , selling price ,comparing the cost price and selling price
  • introducing the terms Profit and Loss
  • Relation between C.P., S.P. , Profit And loss

(i)To teach the students about the use of money in daily life and also its importance .

(ii) Conversion of rupees into paise and vice-versa.

(iii) To make a bill according to the format and find the total amount .

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Period 1-

Story time -

Teacher will tellthe students the story of Mr. Vermawho is a wholesale dealer of pencils. He buys pencils from the factory and sells them in his shop . He bought them for Rs 110 per box and sold the same for rs. 125 per box . He has earned some money in the whole transaction which is called profit .

The question will be put to the students that if Mr. Verma has to sell pencils at Rs. 105 , than what would it called ?

Then the term Loss will be introduced .

Period 2 -

Problem Solving

  • The students will be given Cost Price and selling of some items and ask to find out if there will be profit or loss .
  • C.P. ------S.P.

Rs. 109------Rs.115

Rs. 205------Rs. 190

Rs. 400------Rs. 385

  • Students will actively compare the prices and are able to tell if there is profit or loss ? Students will also be involved in discussion.
  • The students will tell that they have subtracted S.P. from C.P. for finding out the profit i.e.
  • Profit = SP -- CP
  • Loss = CP --SPThen ask the students how much profit is there and also how they have calculated it .Then teacher will tell them to write down all these formulae in their notebook .

Period 3- FUN TIME-

  • Teacher will ask one of the students to act like a shopkeeper and another as a customer and place some items like a pencil , sharpner, an eraser in front of them . Then the shopkeeper will be asked to sell those items to the customer .later on the shopkeeper will tell the whole class that on which items he has earned profit and on which there was loss .
  • Students observed the scene carefully and understand more about profit /loss etc.
  • Students enjoyed the live market scene very much .

Period-4- Practice time

  • Questions from thet textbook are to be done in the notebook

Students will solve the exercise in their notebook.


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