NRTC Qualified Projects Pool (Fall 2015)

NRTC Qualified Projects Pool (Fall 2015)

NRTC Qualified Projects Pool, December 2017

The Qualified Projects Pool is a listing of NRTC project applications that have been reviewed and determined to be qualified for NRTC funding. Information is provided about each qualified project, along with contact information for its sponsoring non-profit organization. This information can be accessed by clicking on the following link below:“Project Descriptions” (Word document with information about each qualified project and its proposed activities).

Companies that wish to participate must make and submit their project choices using the “Business Entity Application” form (link below; also available at the NRTC webpage). Choices must be ranked in order of preference. Listing a minimum of three (3) project choices is required (and it is acceptable for the total amount for the project choices to exceed the amount to be contributed). The Department will process the submitted “Business Entity Application” forms in the order they are received, and will allocate funding to qualified projects based on the ranked choices.

For additional information, please refer to the “Guide Document for Tax Credits for Business Entities” (link below).

NOTE: Business Entity Applications must be submitted by (or before) 4 PM on December 19, 2017.

DOCUMENT LINKS:Project Descriptions

Business Entity Application

Guide Document for Tax Credits for Business Entities

Organization / Requested Amount / Project Name / Neighborhood / City
New Jersey Community Development Corporation / $985,000 / Great Falls Education & Training Center II / Greater Spruce Street / Paterson
Saint Joseph's Carpenter Society / $985,000 / My East Camden, Wave 5 / East Camden / Camden
Urban League of Essex County / $985,000 / ULEC Fairmount Neighborhood Advancement - Phase III / Fairmount / Newark
HANDS, Inc. / $985,000 / Creativity Lives Here / The Valley / Orange
Interfaith Neighbors Inc / $985,000 / West Side Asbury Park NRTC Project VII / West Side / Asbury Park
The Cooper Health System / $985,000 / Cooper Plaza Housing and Economic Development Phase VI / Cooper Plaza / Camden
Garden State Episcopal Community Development Corp. / $843,740 / I Love Greenville Community Plan 2017 / Greenville / Jersey City
Holly City Development Corporation / $985,000 / Redevelopment and Reinvention / Center City / Millville
Camden Lutheran Housing, Inc. / $985,000 / North Camden 2018 / North Camden / Camden
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Metuchen / $700,000 / Unity Square 2018 / Unity Square / New Brunswick
Cooper's Ferry Partnership / $985,000 / Cramer Hill NOW! Revitalization 2018 / Cramer Hill / Camden
Parkside Business & Community In Partnership, Inc. / $985,000 / Implementation Strategies for Parkside Perfection / Parkside / Camden