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National Council of Science Museums (NCSM)

Ministry of Culture, Government of India

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Invitation for Expression of Interest

To Operate &run the Innovation Hubs through outsourcing


Innovation is the buzzword of the 21st century. It is all about converting ideas into new or improved products, processes and services. It is about taking inventions to marketplace. It is a process that translates knowledge into products & services for economic growth and social well being. National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) is implementing the project of setting up Innovation hubs in the country under the scheme of SPICES (Scheme for Promoting Innovation, Creativity and Engagement in Science) approved by Planning Commission and Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. The objective of the Innovation Hub is to promote innovation, creativity and engagement in science.

Objectives of the Innovation Hub

·  To promote innovation, creativity and engagement in science.

·  To foster problem solving ability and project based learning

·  To provide hands on / practical learning and engagement in the process of science, technology and innovation.

·  To help the society and economy to face future challenges in science & technology.

Components of the Innovation Hubs:

The Innovation Hubs have the following facilities:

1.  Discovery Hall: This area has 10 to 15 interactive science exhibits/experiments to create excitement about science through exploration and discovery of underlying principles.

2.  Innovation Resource Centre and Hall of Fame: This space is used to showcase innovative ideas/products/implements that have transformed our world or have made significant impact on the way we conduct our lives along with respective inventors & innovators. Besides these, implements/ samples of appropriate technology and traditional knowledge systems, art and craft and other areas of importance in public life in the respective regions are exhibited.

3.  Idea Lab: This lab will have necessary basic facilities to pursue creative and innovative hobbies/activities that involve model making, basic science experimentation, design & fabrication of useful gadgets of practical use, teaching/learning kits or aids for better classroom transactions, testing of samples like soil, water, food items etc.

a)  Thod Phod Jod (Break & Remake) Corner: Students learn to do things with their own hands, dismantle, reassemble and remake devices/gadgets.

b)  Kabad Se Jugad (Build from scraps): Students learn more by doing things practically using day to day scrap.

c)  Idea Box: Students generate their own innovative ideas and create an idea bank. The best ideas are chosen for experimentation/model making/project work.

4.  Design Studio: This area will offer creative environment to design of various objects products etc.

Suggested Activities

Normally the Innovation hub will target school/college going students in following manner:

1.  Group exposure/sessions of 2-3 hours for school/college students. This way about 8000 students would be targeted per year.

2.  Enrolment of students as ‘Innovative Club Members’ and allow them to work on innovative projects or participate in activities after school, weekends or on holidays.

3.  Participation in Innovation fairs with their projects as well as periodic makers fairs to collectively work on innovative ideas.

4.  Innovation Hubs would provide technical support to schools and colleges interested in setting up “Innovation Clubs” on their premises and through them promote a culture of innovation in the schools and colleges

5.  The ‘Innovation Hubs’ would have a Design Studio that may be conceptualized and implemented in partnership with the National Institute of Design. In such design studio, young people could be encouraged to conceive new designs and fabricate new items, products, craft and so forth

6.  The Hub would encourage discussion and interaction among students from different schools and geographic regions. This would ensure formal and informal knowledge exchange among communities of students, with Hubs acting as nerve centres

7.  Periodic regional and eventually national level activities/fairs and competitions would be held so as to keep the spark of creativity, innovation and design alive and thriving in students

Success Indicators

The success of the Innovation Hubs could be adjudged by following factors:

1.  The number of participants attending the Innovation Hub activities and demand thereof

2.  Development of copyrighted and patented items or innovative designs /products as an outcome of such investigatory projects undertaken

3.  Increase in the number of enrolment of gifted students for taking natural science as a career

4.  Increase in the number of unique innovative projects undertaken by students

5.  Participation of Corporate sector institutes in such endeavour as CSR activity

6.  More participation, appreciation and recognition in International/National Science Fair/Innovation Fair

7.  Monitoring the engagement of participants in scientific activities both on-site and off-site.

Who can submit Expression of Interest (EOI)

Reputed and interested organization/ institution/ agencies/NGOs, who are a legal entity eligible to enter into an agreement/ contract with NCSM to undertake work contract in India. They should have at least 5 years of experience in conducting activities in the field of science popularization/formal and non-formal education/ promoting innovation etc.

How to Apply

Interested organization/ institution/ agencies who satisfy the conditions mentioned in above para may submit the expression of interest with relevant details in the ‘REGISTRATION FORM’ attached. The EOI application along with the registration form shall be received by The Director (Hqrs), National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, 33, Block-GN, Sector-V, Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata-700 091.

Selection of Agency

The Council through a Committee would evaluate the credentials submitted by the applicants and issue the Request for Proposal (RFP) to only shortlisted organization/ institution/ agencies that are found highly competent. The shortlisted agencies would be required to give a presentation on their proposal before a committee, when called for. The RFP would be issued only when sufficient numbers of applicants are shortlisted.

Submission of Registration Form

The filled up registration form with the necessary documents should be sent in a sealed cover superscripted with “Registration form for Functioning &maintenance of Innovation Hubs through outsourcing” to the following address:

Director (Hqrs.)

National Council of Science Museums (NCSM)

Ministry of Culture, Government of India

33, Block-GN, Sector-V, Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata-700091

Phone: (91) (33) 2357-4200, Fax: (91) (33) 2357-6008

E-mail: ;

The filled up Registration form with all the documents must be submitted within 30 days from the date of publication of the advertisement in newspaper to the above mentioned office. Registration forms received after 30 days shall be rejected. The decision of the Council in this respect shall be final and binding on the interested Organizations/Institutions/Agencies/NGOs.

National Council of Science Museums

Ministry of Culture, Government of India

33, Block-GN, Sector-V, Bidhan Nagar


Registration Form

Operation &maintenance of Innovation Hubs through outsourcing

1. Name of the Organization/ Institution/Agency:

2. Full postal address :

3. Telephone/Fax number (s)/ E-mail ID :

4. Brief profile of the Organization/ Institution/ :

Agency (Attach separate sheet)

5. Whether private/NGO/Registered body:

If registered, give the registration no.

6. Details of manpower of the Organization/


i.  Number :

ii.  Qualifications :

(Attached separate sheets)

7. Whether the Organisation/ Institution/ :

Agency has office(s) at more than one location?

Yes/ No. (If yes, give details)

8. Details of large scale activities in the field of science popularization/formal and non-formal education/ promoting innovation in last five years:

Sl. No. / Name of the Activity / Details of the activity / Outcome of the activity / Remarks
(if any)

9. Audited Accounts of the last 3 years :

10. Whether Income Tax is paid by the :

Agency (if so, copy of the last 3 yrs.

IT Clearance Certificate may be enclosed)

11. PAN No. :

12. Whether the firm has got valid Service :

Tax Registration No. and, if so, copy of the

same may be enclosed


It is certified that:

1.  The information given above is TRUE to the best of my knowledge. The organization shall stand liable for any information given above which is later found to be FALSE.

2.  Our agency/organization/institution is interested to undertake the proposed Impact study.

3.  I am competent to sign this Certificate.

Date: Authorized Signatory:

Place: Name:

Seal of the Organization: Designation:

N.B: Attach separate sheets if required