My Dream Job

My Dream Job

Hairdresser- Adrianna Muszyńska
Dancer- Aleksandra Łuczak
3. Lawyer- Aleksandra Tomiczak
4. Banker- Bartosz Andrzejewski
5. Horse rider- Ida Ilmer
6. Doctor- Jan Jeske
7. Top Gear Presenter- Jonasz Paszkowiak
8. Banker- Kamil Kaczmarek
9. Photographer- Maria Zakrzewska
10. Plastic surgeon- Marta Sobasik
12. Worker in a chocolate factory- Nicole Kucner
Technical Director in family business- Nikola Żerkowska
14. Interior designer - Paulina Matyla
11. Dressmaker- Martyna Ratajczak
15. Traveller- Weronika Rubiszewska
16. Actress- Zofia Adamek
1. Psychologist- Anet Kivirand
2. Banker- Ceilis Keermann
3. Travel Agent- Diana Tiitsmaa
4. Member of security forces- Johhanna-Magdaleena Partsioja
5. My Dream Job- Keity Kleitz
6. Stock trader- Kert Vahisalu
7. My Dream Job- Kerttu Leimann
8. My dream job- Ketter Kõre
9. Logistic Officer- Kristina Pešehodko
10. SEN Teacher- Liis Vettik
11. Tour Guide- Maiken Kõiv
12. Environmental inspector- Mari-Ann Virunurm
14. Financial Analyst- Oliver-Arthur Kikkas
16. Music label and Recording company Owner- Taavi Luik
13. Accountant- Marjana Amur
15. Diplomat- Rauno Matvejev
1. Marketing Manager- Marin Yordanov
2. Lawyer- Ivona Stoyanova
3. Lawyer- Boyan Kozhuharov
4. Journalist- Velislava Velinova
5. Vet- Darina Ivanova
6. Teacher- Delyana Genova
English teacher- Buse Çağ
Lawyer- Büşra Kaya
3. Interpreter- Ebru Yılmaz
Doctor- İrem Asiltürk
5. Actress- Elif Yaren Yapıcı
1. Dentist- Boldorea Ana Denisa
2. Doctor- Chiru Paula Stefania Carla
3. Surgeon- Crisan Emanuela Irina
4. Doctor- Sipos Bogdan
5. Soldier- Sipos Alexandru
6. Professıonal photographer- Stefan Ioana
7. Lawyer- Fâca Florin Ovidiu
8. Vet- Gundelfingen Noemy
9. Psychotherapist- Iftodiu Rebeka-Cristina
11. Pilot- Onete Darius Valentin
12. Kindergarten teacher- Pap Edith
10. Vet- Nicula Diana
13. Doctor- Pintican Andra
14. Lawyer- Popovici Daniel
15. Lawyer- Todorutiu Bogdana
16. Firefighter- Toma Bogdan
17. Medical assistant- Urucatu Andrada-Maria
18. Police officer- Vlaic Cristian
Video games designer- Henrijs Grīnblats
Police officer- Sintija Salmiņa
Carpenter- Mārcis Kazakovs


Hairdresser, now more often called hair stylist is a person who is professionally engaged in laying hairstyles, according to a customer. They first advise clients to choose the right hairstyle for their face shape, match colours or propose appropriate modifications.
In many modern, upscale hair salons, hair washing is combined with a number of additional services such as a massage of the head, the use of appropriate cleaning agents, etc.
Hairdressers must be careful and focused on the work when some clients come and want to have their hair cut, as they wish to. One wrong move of scissors can make a change and a customer will not be pleased. There is a lot of responsibility in such situations, e.g. a customer may not come to the salon anymore.
From a good hairdresser it is required first and foremost hairdressing skills, also imagination, aesthetic sense as well as good manners and cleanliness during work. It is important to respect clients’ decisions and listen to their instructions and wishes. Sometimes hairdressers have to deal with capricious customers.
The advantages of this profession is that you meet a lot of people, you can satisfy your professional passions, and it is a well-paid job. If you have a fixed client, it brings great satisfaction that for many years one person regularly visits the salon and is always satisfied with the service. If clients feel that someone devotes their time and maximum interest – they return. Also, a lot depends on hairdressers, on their attitude, the way of talking etc. Women pay attention to the decor, the music, they feel good in bright rooms where they can relax and forget about everyday life.
Adrianna Muszyńska

Dance isn’t just a job. This is something more, like a passion, sport, theater, feelings. In this work you can express yourself and throw away all bad feelings. I can say more - you make money with pleasure.
Now I am going to introduce some good and bad sides of this profession.
Firstly - those “good ones”. New relationships. In this business you can meet a lot of new people and make friends due to progressive work in different places.
Secondly - travels.As a dancer you have to know that workshops won’t come to you.
You have to love travelling. During trips you can get to know some new countries, cultures and much more.
No boredom. Every day is different. Nobody knows what can happen. Life on the stage is wild and unpredictable.
Fun. Instead of sitting all day in the office you can: dance, jump, run or conduct lessons.
No complexes.I think all dancers feel good in their bodies because of continuous trainings. Want or not, they look incredible with their perfect silhouettes.
Bad sides - danger. Dance is a really dangerous sport. All exercises are both easy and difficult at the same time. One bad step and your leg or arm can be broken. In an ordinary work, the risk isn’t so high because of its sedentary character and lack of physical activity.
Thus the risk of injury is very low. However, while dancing, having an injury is like losing your job for half of a year.
Limited free time.Most of the dancers haven’t got much time for friends, family and relaxation because of everyday trainings. Places of work are usually far away from hometown, so dancers rarely come back home.
I am not going to stop thinking about this job, regardless of dangers. More: I would like to recommend this job because of arguments which were introduced above. I see more advantages than disadvantages and all I want to do, is just try to make my dream real.
Aleksandra Łuczak

Among many different professions I was always excited about being a lawyer. I can't explain why it intrigued me. I like watching films about mysterious things which have to be solved. For me the prosecutor's job is the best.
Prosecutors collect evidence against perpetrators. In their work, they have got a lot of duties such us:
- They arrive at the place of crime
- They analyze evidence and they find out details of crime
- They examine earwitnesses, eyewitnesses and suspect people
- They cooperate with the police in the case of crime and they take investigation to prepare a bill of indictment
- Finally they must prove fault of offenders
It seems to be hard work, don't you think so? Although there are lots of difficult duties, it's very interesting. You never know what the next day may bring in this job. Maybe it is the reason why I'm interested in it. There's no monotony and boredom but there is a very big responsibility for human's fates. What if a prosecutor indicts an innocent person?
To avoid such situations, prosecutors must be very committed to their work. All time they have to know more and more about the case, because like Francis Bacon said:
"Knowledge is nothing else thana picture of true". According to this sentence, prosecutors must solve all mysteries and intellectualize every possibility which can influence the final effect of the case. I hope that I will find enough determination in myself and I won't give up although this occupation includes plenty of duties and responsibilities.
Aleksandra Tomiczak

My dream job is a banker. Banker is a person who manages and runs a bank.
He is usually an owner of the bank which he runs. Not everyone can become a banker. Such a person must fulfil a few requirements. Bankers must be kind and honest for clients. They must be helpful and be able to do negotiations for credit terms, profitable for both clients and a bank. They also must be smart to predict exchange rates. This job has a lot of advantages and disadvantages.
- Elastic time of work. It is your bank, you work when you want and when you have to. You are the boss and nobody can tell you what you should do.
- High salary. You earn the money which you choose. You are the boss, it is your bank.
- Banker is a profession which is not exhausting. It is typical white collar work.
Bankers only fill the documents and meet important people who can increase their profits or influences.
-You start from the post of the client service assistant and this is a long way to become a banker
- In the beginning your salary is not high
-You must invest your own funds to found your own bank or to develop a bank of your boss.
I would like to be a banker. I find this work profitable, easy and quite safe. For the salary I could keep my family. I hope that after graduating from a good university and years of practice I will be able to become a real banker.
Bartosz Andrzejewski
The topic which I am going to raise, relates to my dream job. The occupation which I have been involved in and I would like to do in the future is a professional horseback riding.
First of all, I have been interested in horses for three years. Someone told me that I have got a talent and a magic touch to horses. I spent all last summer in a stable. I got up early and took care of horses. Actually, I did not need any help – I could do everything by myself. I have never been scared. Also, I have never thought about quitting my passion.
Another reason is the fact that although it is sometimes a very difficult and exhausting job, I never give up. I learn really fast and I am usually complacent.
On the other hand, my future is not sure. For every rider it is important to have a good horse. Nowadays, mine is injured, but I hope everything will be OK and in the close future I will take part in jumping competitions. These are first steps to be a professional horseback rider.
What is more, I model myself on famous riders like Jarosław Skrzyczyński or Janne-
Friederike Meyer. They take part in most important worldwide jumping competitions. I want to be like them.
In fact, riders’ life is very dangerous – they mount young horses and teach them how to jump. Horses are big and unpredictable animals, so little misunderstanding can end up with an accident.
However, I am interested in horses psychology, too. It is amazing what people can do with a powerful animal if they know its language. I have basic knowledge about this workmanship, but I am still learning and I am going to go on.
To sum up, I am sure what I want to do in the future. Adventures which I will experience with horses will be amazing, dangerous and successful – exactly what I want.
Ida Ilmer
I have recently thought what job I would like to have in the future. It was a tough question but I came to an answer. I want to become a doctor. It has got a lot of advantages over other jobs.
First of all, doctor is a profession which will always be needed. Even if everything gets computerized, doctors will not be replaced by anything. It is due to all different kinds of diseases and illnesses. Moreover, people will always get sick or ill. We can't change it but a doctor can help it.
Secondly, a feeling that you can help others in need is wonderful. There can't be nothing better than that. You can give them a prescription for a drug that will kill their pain or stop their problem.
On the other hand, becoming a doctor requires long studies and a lot of hard work.
Some surgeons, for instance, have to stand long hours by the operation table doing an operation. But at the end of the day they can say to themselves "well, I've done a great job today. If I hadn’t helped the patient, he or she would die". It also makes you very responsible for all you do. But I think that I can manage it.
All in all, being a doctor would, without a doubt, be my dream job.
Jan Jeske
The job of a Top Gear Presenter has been my dream job since childhood. I have always wanted to do something different and be original. Also, Top Gear is my favourite TV program.
If I become a Top Gear presenter I will earn a lot of money. Thanks to it, I can afford many things: I can go on holidays where I want, I can live in a big house and my family will be rich.
Secondly, I have always been interested in fast cars. In this job I can test modern luxury cars and thanks to it I can have more knowledge in this subject.
Another good thing about this job is that I can develop my knowledge of English because I will have to talk in English with many people and do interviews.
Disadvantage of this job is that it is time–consuming. I will not have a lot of time for my all family and my friends because I will be busy in my dream job.
The thing is that I would have to move to Great Britain. I would have to leave my whole family in Poland and I would miss them a lot.
When I think of good and bad things about this job I still think
I would like to do it because I can’t imagine myself doing something different and it is my dream job.
Jonasz Paszkowiak
In this essay I am going to write about my dream, future job. I want to be a banker. Why would I like to be a banker? Is it a good job for me? I’m thinking about it all the time. Can it be interesting enough?
The job of a banker requires patience and stress-resistance. Bankers must have the ability to count very well. In this job people often work under pressure. They cannot make any mistakes; if they make one, it might bring serious consequences for both customers and bankers. It is all about money, like in the James Bond films. People who work in a bank must know law very well but they do not have to be lawyers.
I have chosen that job not only because of money. I am sure that when working in a bank I would not get bored. I would have my own office with a leather seat and a wooden desk. However, it can be also challenging for me, when I make a mistake something bad may happen.
I prefer exciting jobs which are quite unexpected to ordinary jobs. I cannot get bored.
Kamil Kaczmarek
My dream job is to be a photographer. Why? Well, there are many advantages connected which this occupation.
First of all, I love taking photos of landscapes, people, animals, nature and cities.
Next, photographers meet amazing people and celebrities, he or she cooperates with famous actors, models, musicians etc. I like travelling and the photographers often visit beautiful places. They stay in five-star hotels with wonderful views. What’s more, in this job you have a well-equipped studio where you take clear photos.
Finally the photographer earns a lot of money and has a good contact with famous people.
Each job has also disadvantages. Photographer haven’t got much free time. I would be very busy all the time working long hours and sometimes at night. Photographers must often leave home for a long time and they miss their family for sure.
Although there are some disadvantages, I would like to be a photographer. Taking photos is my hobby, I do it all the time.
Maria Zakrzewska
In my essay I would like to describe my dream job. After graduation I would like to become a plastic surgeon.
To become a plastic surgeon I should graduate from a medical university. In my opinion, the best medical school is the Oxford
University in Great Britain. Doctors have a very serious and responsible job. They must study and practise a lot. After many years they can operate on a human body.
I'm interested in helping people especially when they don't feel well in their bodies. I dream about my own beauty clinique like this of doctor Ambroziak. He has got his own TV programme where he shows how to help people.
Like every job, plastic surgery has advantages and disadvantages.
The good thing is that a doctor can make a person happy and better looking. If I become a surgeon my dreams will come true. I could help someone to start a „second life“ with a more beautiful face and a slimmer figure.
The bad thing is that a doctor can make a mistake. The result of an operation can ruin sombody‘s life. You can look worse than before an operation.
I would also like to become a professional dancer. I have practised dancing since I was a child. This is my hobby. I would like to win an S class in both styles. I would like to train in Krzyszfof Flinick and Marta Potocka-Flinick Dance School in London.
I hope that my dreams will come true. I know that there is a lot of learning and practising in front of me but I'm sure it is worth doing it.
Marta Sobasik
For a few years I have been thinking about a job, which I would like to have in the future. One of the proposals is a job of a dressmaker. In this dissertation
I am going to enunciate pluses and minuses of this profession.
First of all, in order to become a dressmaker it is necessary to graduate from high school in this profile and pass a professional exam. Then it is possible to get the rank of the journeyman or the champion. Afterwords, it is worth attending courses and institutes so as to develop tailor’s abilities. Trainees get to know new methods of the sewing and modern stitches.
How to become a good dressmaker? Women who want to do this job should be very accurate and creative. They must be open to offers of customers. Women ought to know a lot about fashion and offer good advice. Every dressmaker should be also patient.
What are advantages and disadvantages of this profession? This job is creative and helps to develop imagination. On the other hand, it is monotonous. Although this work isn’t time-consuming and is not a rat race, it may contribute to some health complaints. Through the long-standing work it is possible to damage the spine or the eyesight. However, a sewer can get hurt every day. This job develops interests and passions. But the disadvantage is that it requires constant, supplementary courses.
The decent dressmaker should use sewing machines of the best quality, different lengths of needles, as well as colour threads. Also, other important tools include: a measure, a chalk or soap and a pillow for needles.
How much does a dressmaker earn? In a private institution the payment amounts from 1200 to 1500 PLN. However, in a bigger enterprise, possibilities are greater and they earn there about 2000PLN.
When I was a small girl I created a lot of cloths for my dolls. My mother often helped me with them. She taught me to stitch which was a useful lesson of technology. My mother is an authority for me. She regularly sews a lot of cloths for me. A few months ago we created together a black, knee-length skirt. Last week we went to the shop of fabrics because we are going to sew a new skirt from netting.
In my opinion the job of a dressmaker has some pluses and minuses. At the moment I cannot decide what I will choose.
But I think it is a good profession.