MTCA Rental Info & Rates

MTCA Rental Info & Rates

MTCA Rental Info & Rates

Your rental includes

The theater stage and audience seating area

The theater seats 470: 280 downstairs & 190 in the balcony.

One green room

Four dressing rooms

Two that can comfortably accommodate 5 performers

Two that can comfortably accommodate 10 performers

Each dressing room has its own bathroom

The lower lobby (the upper lobby contains an art gallery and cannot be used for events)


ETC ION Control Board

15 ETC LED Pars

2 MAC-Aura

70 ETC Source Four ellipsoidals

30 ETC Pars

Lighting that requires the moving or refocusing of lights must be arranged in advance

If you need Lighting equipment other than what we have available, you are responsible for providing it and ensuring it is compatible with our existing system

Available sound equipment (subject to change)*

9 Hand-held wireless microphones

9 wireless belt packs

Microphones available for use with belt packs are 4 lavalier and 4 behind-the-head microphones

2 Direct input (DI) boxes

6 Hand-held wired microphones

Onstage audio monitor system with two channels

One one-disc CD Player

One DVD/Blu Ray Player

Clearcom communication system, belt-packs and headsets, with connection on either side of the stage at the proscenium, and in the control booth.

If you need sound equipment other than what we have available, you are responsible for providing it and ensuring it is compatible with our existing system

*As with all electronics, occasionally equipment does not work, this list is correct as of the writing of this document and is subject to change due to equipment failure.

Large format projector

Projection screen that lowers at the front of the stage.

Please note that neither the projector nor screen can be moved

40 Wenger musician chairs in black

25 music stands

Set of Wenger choral risers

Your rental does not include

Use of the scene shop

Any other spaces in Templin Hall or on campus

Use of the orchestra pit must be arranged in advance (it is usually covered)

The theater does own pianos; use to be negotiated separately. You are responsible for any tuning that may be required.Our pianos are tuned by Roscoe Redcross.

Rental Rates

$600 per day base rental

A reduced rate is available for non-profit organizations for days that are rehearsal only.

$20 per technician per hour

Simple events, such as a lecture or an acoustic concert, will only need one technician. More complicated events, such as a theatrical play or an event that needs sound reinforcement and/or specialized lighting, will need more technicians. There must be at least one technician on staff the entire time you are in the building. The MTCA Theater Manager has the final say on number of technicians needed for a given event.

$75 fee if there is food served

$75 fee if the theater areas are not left in same condition that it was in was in when you entered the building.

If you are serving food to the audience, you must have a permit from the City of Hampton.

Alcoholic beverages may not be served on the Thomas Nelson campus.

All MTCA staff must be afforded a 30-minute break after 6 hours of work, please schedule your event accordingly.

You are responsible for providing a house manager and ushers for your event.

You are required to have at least one MTCA Technician in the building at all times while you are here.

You are responsible for your own event insurance.

Your lease has specific requirements for insuring your event. Event insurance can be obtained as a rider on your current business insurance by calling your agent. Should this not be a possibility, most insurance agents can provide the proper short-term insurance. It may help to go through an agency that is experienced in event insurance.

Please pay close attention to the limits of coverage required ($1,000,000 liability for any one occurrence/$300,000 property damage).

The following parties must be listed as “additionally insured”: Thomas Nelson Community College and its respective officers, employees, agents and representatives”.

Further dos and don’ts

  • The building floors and walls cannot be painted, screwed into or altered in any way.
  • All equipment, set pieces, costumes or other items must be removed from the theater by the end of the rental period.
  • If you would like to use an item that belongs to the MTCA in your production, please ask first. If we aren’t currently using it for one of our events, the answer will probably be yes.
  • If you would like to bring in any kind of fog or hazer effects, please contact the Theater Manager ahead of time as the fire alarm system can be sensitive.
  • The following items/actions are expressly prohibited
  • Any pyrotechnics, fireworks, flame, matches, lit cigarettes or anything highly flammable.
  • Live weapons of any kind (projectile or edged), if you would like to use replica weapons it must be worked out in advance with the Theater Manager and the TNCC Police Chief.
  • Any substance that is difficult or impossible to remove effectively such as large quantities of loose glitter, pine needles, cut feather pieces, fake snow.
  • This list is not all-inclusive, if you are planning on something out of the ordinary, talk to us! We want your event to be a success!

All events in the auditorium are discussed with the TNCC Police Chief in advance; if he deems it necessary, there will be a $25 per hour, per officer, charge for event security.

**The City of Hampton charges a 10% admissions tax on all events please call the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue at (757) 727-6700 for more information