MSU Meeting Agenda: February 6Th, 2017

MSU Meeting Agenda: February 6Th, 2017

MSU Meeting Agenda: February 6th, 2017

  1. Presentation of minutes from January 11th, 2017
  2. Corrections? None
  1. Report from the MSU Officers
  2. President—Nadeem El-Kouri

Currently used nationwide and at Loyola undergrad – only as successful if everyone uses it. It also has push capability through mobile devices etc,

Feel free to suggest other solutions!

  1. Funding for service organizations

Service groups don’t receive MSU funding because MSU funds are strictly allocated for student events – considering the idea of allowing service groups to receive $100 for any intro meetings/food etc costs they need covered (continue to maintain policy of service groups not allocating any MSU funds towards a donation/service)

Concern and decision will be addressed at next meeting

  1. Student group hand off should happen by April 1st

Highly suggest each organization to create a gmail account and use that as the main hub for all organization documents, list serv, google drive etc to make hand off easier

  1. All student groups must register (See Student Leadership Handbook)

We would like ALL groups to register – even ones not technically receiving MSU funding so that the MSU webpage can reflect most up to date

  1. Fundraising notification for all groups

We would like all groups to submit all fundraising ideas through MSU first to make sure there is no overlap between any groups

  1. Vice-President—Christina Small
  2. Spring Formal Update

Bulls game 2/14 – sold out of tickets! Please pick up tickets from Tomas! Come with a friend so that you can pick up tickets with seats next to eachother

Formal – sit down dinner, formal attire and cocktail hour, please check Christina’s email for all the info! Your “ticket” will be just your payment confirmation email from Tomas

  1. Treasurer—Tara Funk
  2. Presentation of the Budget
  3. Groups expected to fundraise
  4. Reminder to turn in all outstanding budget requests, within two weeks please
  5. Tax Exemption

a)Will not reimburse you for spending money on taxes

b)Hand a tax free form to the institution that you are buying from

  1. Don’t buy a gift card through a store. If you want to make a gift card purchase, it must go through Tomas and Lakeshore will purchase it and get it to you.
  2. Must submit ITEMIZED receipts!! If you leave a tip, then I need both the charge receipt and the itemized receipt.

  1. Secretary—Priya Patel
  2. Upcoming elections – I will be emailing M1’s next Monday regarding MSU elections, feel free to email any of us current board members if you have any questions about our roles.
  1. Report from Class Presidents
  2. M1 –Alyssa Varsanik

Fundraiser – selling valentines ($2) that are all different little gifts, look out for an email from Alyssa regarding this and payment info via Venmo.

Want to do a little thank you to the maintenance – make a “poster” with a little bio about each of the staff and hopefully have it up in the SAC or atrium

  1. M2 – MitraMossaddad

Next Friday 2/17 – M1/M2 basketball game, start in cafeteria with sign making and pizza, proceed to the game and then go out after!

2/24 TGIF event (M2/M3) – food and drinks at a bar

  1. M3 – Patrick Kramer

- M4 track selections came out, be sure to contact Student Affairs with any concerns
- We will be asking for course review volunteers in the upcoming days
- The M2 neuro exam review is tomorrow at 6pm, hope to see you all there!
- Stay tuned for the M2/M3 TGIF. We have a tentative date planned for the end of February

  1. M4 – Lizzy Carroll

- Don’t forget to sign up for Match t-shirts if you haven’t already! Thanks for everyone’s input.

- If you’re interested in helping with Match Day decorations and aren’t on the committee email thread, please email me asap- we have a bunch to work on already

- Look out for an email regarding social plans after Match Day- we’ll be having an event directly afterwards in OP/FP for everyone to attend with their families, and one later that evening downtown

- Get your rank lists in!! Email Mendez or Sonntag with any questions. Remember you have to certify each time you log back in

- We need people to help with the Sub-I and EM clerkship reviews- email me asap if interested

  1. Reports from OSR Rep – Michelle Peterson and Saad Siddiqui

Email was sent out for Humanism in Medicine award nominations – please send out nominations in the next couple weeks. They will be sending out prior nominations for last year to avoid repeats!

  1. Reports from Stritch or University Committees
  2. Medical School Dean

Decision will be made by end of March – with worst case start date by July

  1. Student Affairs Director

Decision has been made – primary role to advise M1/M2, starting 2/26

Cant release name yet so be on the lookout!

  1. Food Services

Decision has been made but also cant release any info yet!

  1. Reports from Student Organizations

Talent show is now 2/23 – food and drinks will be served!

Please sign up at the link if interested – any questions ask Sourabh Sharma.

Psych conference 2/18 – please sign up if interested! Contact Ingrid Kiehl with any questions!

Sports Med – 2/20 (3-5pm), good practice for musculoskeletal skills with case event by Dr. Jones

Med Polish 2/15 (6-7pm) – panel of 4 physicians to discuss Polish healthcare barriers, there will be delicious food and pierogis (Contact Amanda Goslawski for questions)

BIM – ethics case panel in near future (Contact Nadeem El Kouri with any questions)

  1. Student Wellness Advisory Group


  1. New or Unfinished Business


  1. Funding Requests: NONE!


  1. Room for Improvement:
  2. Input? Questions? Comments? Feel free to talk to us or submit your ideas anonymously through the following link:

The next meeting will be held on
Tuesday, March, th 2017

Thank you for taking the time to be here tonight!