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Mrs. Cassandra Donahue Email

Welcome to English 10 Academic

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This year our literary focus will be on British literature. Our approach will be a modified chronological approachas we study works in the textbook. We will study major periods, genres, themes and authors in British literature. We will also look at several contemporary works of literature that parallel ideas we will explore in the classics.

Some of these works include:

  • Beowulf (in textbook)
  • Macbeth by Shakespeare (in textbook)
  • The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – please purchase if possible
  • A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – we will place a class order, copies are $1)
  • TBD ~ either Animal Farm by George Orwell, Night by Elie Wiesel, or Lord of the Flies by William Golding

We will also use literature circles and independent reading assignments where you will have some freedom of book selection.


Writing will be an important part of this course. Assignments for this class will vary, but will include narratives, persuasive essays, character sketches, analyses, reports and creative writing. Grammar will be infused into our discussions on writing. We will work to eliminate common spelling and usage errors from our papers. We will do many papers in class, including timed writings, in order to work through the writing process together.


We will work on vocabulary that comes from the literature we read, from the English department vocabulary program and from SAT lists. We will have regular vocabulary quizzes approximately every two weeks.

Classroom Expectations

Here are the basics:

  • Come to class on time.
  • Bring your books!
  • Bring your Silent Sustained Reading materials
  • Bring pens, paper, notebook, and planner.
  • Have assignments printed and ready to turn in.
  • Treat all others with respect and courtesy.


You will need to keep an English notebook. I strongly suggest that you get a three-ring binder with at least three dividers. Keep one section labeled for literature, one for vocabulary, and one for writing/grammar. This way you can insert handouts, old tests and quizzes, and notes and remain organized. I strongly suggest that you keep all tests, quizzes, handouts and notes for the entire year in order to use them to study for your exams.


You will be graded on a point system. Your nine weeks’ grade will be determined by dividing the total number of points earned by the total number of points possible.

Some general point value ranges are:

Homework – 5-15Journals 5-10

Bell ringers – 5-10Free Responses - 10

Short written responses – 10 – 20Quizzes – 25 – 50

Seminars – 25-50Test 75-150

Formal papers – 50 – 100Projects 100-200

You will always be told of the weight of the assignment when it is given.

Late homework is not accepted.

Rewrite Policy

Any paper that receives a B or below may be rewritten. The new grade will stand. All rewrites are due one week after the paper has been returned to the student. Each revision MUST contain significant elements of STAR or it will not be accepted.

Other considerations, requests, and suggestions:

The school’s make-up policy applies in this classroom. If you were out when an announced quiz or test was given, you are to make it up on the day you return. You should e-mail to make arrangements to do so. You can email assignments that are due if you are out that day. You can also send it with a friend or have a parent drop it off. Please consult the class webpage to see what you missed. Please pick-up missed papers from me before or after school.

Our job is to help you; please come see us if you are having trouble.