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Morris County Senior Soccer Association, Inc

March 15, 2013Morris County Senior Soccer Association, Inc. (MCSSA)Page 1 of 4

2013 Summer Program Announcement & Team Application Information

For its 2013 Summer program for Morris County area adult soccer teams, the MCSSA will offer Six divisions of play: Open 18+ Women, Masters 28+ Women, Seniors 38+ Women, Open 18+ Men, Masters 28+ Men, Seniors 38+ Men, and 48 Masters+ Men based on age is that attained anytime in 2013. Players age 17 at the time of new player registration must also have a parent or guardian’s signature on their registration form. Teams in all divisions may carry up to 30 players, 24 of whom may play in any game at any time. Players may play on only one team in a division, but may play in two divisions with separate registrations for each (strongly discouraged).

Game Scheduling and Home Field Requirements{Play days are Below}

Games including makeups and playoffs will be played during an eleven-week period from May 28ththrough July 27th. To facilitate rational scheduling, field sharing, and referee assignments, the MCSSA will schedule games according to the following fixed-days schedule; evening games will normally be 6:30PM (unless you have access to a lighted field), and Sundays at 9 or 10AM.

18+ Women: Tuesday & Thursdays; 28+ Women: Sundays & Wednesdays

18+ Men: Mondays & Wednesday; 28+ Men: Monday & Thursday; 38+Men: Tuesdays & Fridays

If needed;38+ Women: Friday & Sunday;48+Men Tuesday & Friday

Every team must have a home field suitable for adult games available at least one of its designated Division days above each week. The MCSSA will not accept teams without a bona fide home field to host each team's fair share of games.

Depending on number of teams, the MCSSA will attempt to schedule teams twice per week. As much as possible we will endeavor to fairly distribute home and away games for each team, and may organize a division into East & West or North & South flights to create proper number of games and/or to reduce travel hassles. Teams can reschedule a game to any date and time acceptable to both teams - but only through the applicable Division Commissioner and at least one week in advance.

Playoffs, Championships & ‘Awards’

Where possible, weeks one through nine will be devoted to regular season games; week ten for makeups, and week eleven for playoffs in each Division; 8-team quarter finals and 4-team semi-finals. Semi-final winners in each Division will play for their Division championship on Friday July 26th or Saturday, July 27th; site to be determined (see 2013League Calendar for times). **New for 2013 – we will be looking to have the finals on regular play days and at higher seed home field. Division winners will receive traveling Division Cup and MCSSA check for $250.00; runner-up will receive MCSSA check for $150.00.

Team Application & Fees - Deadline for summer season application is April 22, 2013

Basic League fee can be found under Fee: on page 2. Required 2013 MCSSA $2M general liability & $25K excess medical Insurance is $496.00. Referees are paid 50/50 by each team at each game: $35/team for one official and $55/team for two officials. MCSSA pays officials for Semi-Final and Championship games

For the Summer season, a single "Team Application, Home Field Specs & Insurance Info" form (page 3 following) with deposit checkof ($496.00, which is for insurance) must be provided to the MCSSA Registrar by April 22, 2013. Balance of fees due by May13, 2013. Teams not submitting all fees by May 13, 2013 may be subject to fine or rejection. Rejectedteams or teams that withdraw before schedules are prepared will receive full refunds.Teams with outstanding balances from 2012will face rejection of their application unless paid in full.

The MCSSA’s 2013 Events Calendar and League Contacts Directory are on the web as WORD documents at . Team Roster and Player Registration forms required for all games, with instructions, are also on the web - click on ROSTERS & PLAYER REGISTRATION. Returning teams may reuse/update their 2012rosters. New players AND returning players who have not previously completed the league's new full-size Player Registration & Hold Harmless Form must do so for 2013 before their names can be approved on their team roster.

If you have any questions about the MCSSA or its programs, please call us. And thank you in advance to all field-owner Recreation Departments, Boards of Education, and Soccer Clubs for your support of adult soccer - the fastest growing age division in soccer.

Stacey Tashjian – RegistrarPete Lubrecht, Jr. - MCSSA President

3 Pocahontas Way6 Ramsey Ct,

Hackettstown, NJ 07840Newton, NJ 07860

Phone: 973-801-4502Phone: 973-713-0293

Fax: 908-441-2752 Fax: 908-813-9555


Instructions for completing:

MCSSA 2013 Summer Season: Team Application, Home Field Specs & Insurance Info Form

Important! Team leader/manager needs only to prepare the single form provided on the next page.

All the information is critical for communicating with teams, setting up directories, scheduling games, ordering insurance and additional-named-insured certificates for teams that need them - and for recording and tracking team financial payments.

So, even if all your info is same as last year, please DO carefully complete and promptly mail with your check by April 22, 2013.

The form is not designed for on-line data entry (unless you're real handy with WORD); please print it out and complete by hand since detailed preparation instructions can't be squeezed on the form, they are provided below.

DIVISION {circle one}: All teams may carry and play up to 30 players. Age is that attained anytime in 2013.

  • 18W = 18+ open women. Standard play days are Tuesday and Thursdays.
  • 28W = 30+ masters women. Standard play days are Sundays and Wednesday.
  • 18M = 18+ open men. Standard play days are Mondays and Wednesday.
  • 28M = 28+ masters men. Standard play days are Monday and Thursday.
  • 38M = 38+ seniors men. Standard play days are Tues, and Friday if needed.
  • 38W = 38+ seniors women - play day TBD.
  • 48M = 48+ senior men - play day TBD.

TEAM NAME: Keep it simple - including your home field town name is strongly suggested for many good reasons.

CONTACTS: Please provide ALL information, including a backup contact. Both contacts MUST have email! Contact mailing addresses are no longer required but may be helpful, but DO include on your envelopes if you expect any snail mail correspondence with the league.

HOME FIELD: Provide Field Name, Town and Street/Ave where located. If directions are not in league's master directory (see and click on FIELDS and then open Directions file in which fields are sorted by Town Name), please enclose simple text directions to the field naming all streets/roads called out.

Days and Dates Available (e.g.Monday & Thursday from May 31stthrough Aug 1st for 6:30PM games) or specific dates or restrictions with respect to standard play days (days/dates/times not available; other teams that will share, etc.)

ADDITIONAL-NAMED-INSURED CERTIFICATE (Insurance will be automatically ordered for teams that need it):

Request a certificate ONLY if your field provider/town or sponsor require one. One such certificate covers/applies for ALL teams hosted/sponsored by the named organization; teams are NOT named on the certificates. For a list of previously provided 2012 certificate holders, see http;// and click on INSURANCE. A separate list for 2013holders will be provided after insurance is ordered. Also at the location is a jpg image of the league's 2013 general certificate, which is identical to Additional-Named-Insured Certificates except for their name at bottom, left on the Certificate. The league's 2013 general certificate image will be provided when it is received with our initial insurance order. Upon receipt from insurance agent, Bollinger Insurance Solutions, the MCSSA will post certificates on the web.

FEES: Check one box in each of the A, B & C rows and enter total in D row at bottom. Typical totals will be:

  • for a returning team without insurance: $285 League + $496 Insurance = $781.00
  • for a new team: $285 League+ $50 Application Fee + $496 Insurance = $831.00
  • Include any unpaid fees and fines, if any. League will try to notify affected teams in plenty of time
  • Minimum deposit is $496; all others are asked to send their entire amount. Make check payable to "MCSSA" or Stacey Tashjian.

Make a copy of the completed form for your records, then mail with check payable to
“MCSSA” by April 22, 2013 to:

Stacey Tashjian, MCSSA Registrar

3 Pocahantas Way

Hackettstown, NJ 07840

MCSSA 2013 Summer Season: Team Application, Home Field Specs & Insurance Info Form

DIVISION {circle}: 18W 28W 38W 18M 28M 38M 48M Date Prepared:

TEAM NAME: Shirt Color:

CONTACTS: Main ContactBackup Contact


Home Phone:

Bus Phone:

Cell Phone:


Home town newspaper contact info______


(Field Name - Town, Street/Ave Name)

Days & Dates Available:



Attention Name: Title:


Full Address:

FEES Do NOT include referee fees of $55/game/team for two-official games - $35/game/team for one-official games) Below, check ONE box at right for EACH of A, B, C :
A. Basic League Fee (for awards, referee assignor, semi-final & championship playoff officials, & general league administration costs) / For Returning Team
For New Teams ($285.00 league + $50.00 App) / $285
B. MCSSA 2013 Insurance ($2M Liability & $25K
Excess Medical - coverage is through 12/31/13)
C. Unpaid 2012 Team Fees & Fines -if any
{League will try to notify teams for which this applies and the amounts; if unsure call contact below.} / Unpaid 2012 Team Fees: $______
Unpaid 2012 Fines: $______/ $0
D. TOTAL DUE FOR SUMMER SEASON / Add amounts checked above and enter at right / $______
$ ENCLOSED {Payable to "MCSSA"}:
Total Due:$ OR Deposit Only : $
Balance due: $

Make a copy for your records, then Mail by April 22, 2013 to:

Stacey Tashjian, MCSSA Registrar

3 Pocahontas WayHackettstown, NJ 07840