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Adventure Tours, Inc

Request for Proposal (RFP) – RFP No. ESS-300

Tectonic Tour Brochure

MYP Guiding Question: What shapes our world?

MYP Area of Interaction: Environments


The surface of the Earth is broken into pieces, called plates. The plates carry continents and ocean basins as the molten mantle below drags them in all directions. In some places plates collide, in others plates spread apart, and in others plates scrape past each other. Volcanoes and earthquakes occur along plate boundaries, evidence of the relentless motion and heat flow below.

Because the plates move slowly and because the plates are so large, the average person does not have the opportunity to observe and experience the dynamic geologic conditions at each type of boundary.


Adventure Tours, Inc plans to offer educational tours of locations in interesting tectonic environments. Imagine that you are the scientific consultant for Adventure Tours. Your mission is to select five (5) of the locations listed below and create a travel brochure that advertises and explains the tectonic features of the five locations.

Choose 5 from the following list:

·  Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador (Andes Mountains)

·  Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

·  Þingvellir National Park, Iceland

·  Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

·  Pinnacles National Monument, California (San Andreas Fault)

·  Mt St Helens National Volcanic Monument, Washington State

·  Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa (East African Rift Valley)

·  Dead Sea, Mideast

I. Design

a.  Bi-fold, Tri-fold brochure or interactive website

b.  Includes map showing locations, plus images and geologic information about each location

II. Rationale

a.  Explanation of why this location has active geologic processes and features

1.  description of plate boundaries and plate motion at each location

2.  description of geologic features at each location

III. Prototype

a.  Plan your brochure to fit on two sides of 8 1/2“x 11” paper OR

b.  Plan will be posted online using Glogster