Minutes of the Penn Lake Association General Meeting

Minutes of the Penn Lake Association General Meeting

Minutes of the PennLake Association General Meeting

Saturday, June 26, 2010 10:00 AM

* Board members Present :
Barb Fisher
Betty McGarrigan
Phil McGarrigan
Joe Schwab
Tom Carter
John Burden
Mike Naab

Jill Rosenstock
* June 26 . The residents / attendees were welcome by Betty McGarrigan , in the absence of Greg Robinson.
* Minutes from Penn Lake Association Meetings are available on line after they are approved .
Non Internet users can request a copy of the minutes from the Board .
The minutes from the Association Meeting of May 29, 2010 were approved .
* Attendance . Approximately 7 residents today .
* Treasurers Report read by Betty Mc Garrigan . The copy of the report was made available to all .
Ending balance is currently $13,753.47.
* Old Business .
Phil McGarrigan reviewed details from the ongoing review of our insurance policies , the consolidation of those policies etc.
It appears we may be paying an additional $400 additional over last year.
3 policies being combined intoone .
There was a motion to approve the purchasing of the new policies. There was a seconding ofthe motion .
* The Dot Barht Memorial bench was discussed. It was suggested that it be located by the flagpole.

We still need a plaque and we are currently entertaining anappropriate phrase for the plaque .
Bob Moser asked about sturdiness of the bench and it was believed it was of good quality .
To maintain the bench in good condition, it can be stored in the CommunityBuilding during the non summer months.
It was discussed that we do a dedication at the next meeting or when the plaque is completed and affixed to the bench.
We'll look into securing the bench
to the flagpole so as to prevent theft or vandalism.
* Audit Committee . No report.
* Chapel Committee. Starts Tomorrow, Sunday June 27.
* Covered dish tonight.
* Grounds.
-Downstairs drain reviewed ...sink from the kitchen drains into the downstairs . Can't reroute the pipes without compromising the building. So repairs will be made in it's current arrangement to improve the drainage.
- Basement has been reorganized and all bulk pick up items have been readied for the next bulk pick up. We should remove the old fixtures from the basement, as they have not been used in a long time.
- The corner sensor light on the CommunityBuilding should be reviewed. There has been one complaint from an adjacent homeowner.
* Historical Committee . No Report.
* LakeManagement .
Sprayed for the lily pads and bladderwort . Another spray has been scheduled for this Tuesday.
The bladderwort was quick to retreat.
- Spraying comment. 6 or 7 people were swimming the day of the spray . There were signs posted at the beach , but since you can enter the water from anywhere on the perimeter , signage is ineffective .
In actualitythere is no risk .
- Caddie observed that the people that were doing the spraying did not get to the lilipads. Phil believes that they did, based on conversations with other residents.
The Borough is on top of the process.
We'll know after the second spraying if the process was completely effective.
* Membership
- Currently at 131 on the day of this meeting..
- There should be continued discussion and marketing of membership at every opportunity.
* Nomination Committee.
We need to get a committee together. Someone is needed to head up the committee .John Burden accepted the responsibility.
Position of President is still open. It can be a 1 to 3 years term.
VP is Barb Fisher, who will remain in position.
Secretary is possible opening.
Directors need to rotate. Every year we rotate 2 positions.
Phil McGarrigan stated that the President's position has the full support of many officers. And others, which has made the job easier than it may have been in the past .
In July, John will prepare the list of names .
. Then he will prepare for the vote, which takes place at one of the meetings.
Terms begin in January.
Caddie had suggestions on how to raise interest and awareness of the process, the names etc .
The full process should be posted on line and posted on the boards.
* Rod and Gun Club. No report.
- July 17th . Fishing Derby.
Rules have been posted / This is an event for kids.
* Welcoming Committee and
Photo Contest.
- Joyce Gallow will be heading this up .
Thanks We'd like to Thank Joyce for this undertaking .
* Assessment for taxes.
Trying to get some relief here.
Paul Rogan has filed the forms and is awaiting notice of the hearing.
* Calendar review
-Next bingo Friday
-Breakfast Saturday
-Ball Game Outing in Scranton. (Scranton Yankees ) Tom Carter has been our coordinator.
More tix available thru Tommy.PennLake gets mentioned during the game.
Kids Camp. Is July 12 - 23rd.
More details to follow.
July 31st ...next meeting
* Miscellaneous.
Need Some more stones for the pagoda to fill in the path .
Golf Tournament. Aug 7th
$25 Sponsors needed for the tournament.
Hoping for 40-50 people this year.
The event is at Wilkes Barre Municipal Golf Course.
Betty McGarrigan closed the meeting .