Midwest Outdoors Unlimited / MN DAV Outdoors Program

Midwest Outdoors Unlimited / MN DAV Outdoors Program

Midwest Outdoors Unlimited / MN DAV Outdoors Program

Disabled Veterans Pheasant Hunt

October 4th and 11th -2014

News Release

The MN Disabled American Veterans Organization (DAV) in partnership with Midwest Outdoors

Unlimited (MOU) is announcing their disabled veterans pheasant hunts planned for 10/4/2014 and

10/11/2014 at Sandpines Pheasant Preserve in Avon, MN (just a few miles N of St. Cloud).

The 1st hunt on Oct. 4th is planned for October 13th and will be sponsored by MOU. The event is being set up for disabled veteran hunters who have participated in these hunts in the past (Alumni). Participants will be expected to partially or fully fund the cost of the hunt ( $250.00 each ) with a minimum of $100 ( sent in along w/their application ) and more would certainly be appreciated either from the hunters or sponsors they personally seek out ( Elks, VFW, DAV, American Legion , MOPH or other local civic organizations.

Alumni hunters certainly understand the impact of this hunting experience on quality of life for participants… and we certainly want to provide more experiences for the alumni hunters, however, if they can assist in the cost, we can provide more of these opportunities for them.

The Second hunt on Oct 11th is being sponsored by the MN Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Foundation and coordinated by Midwest Outdoors Unlimited (MOU). This hunt will be for disabled veterans who have not participated in this hunt before. We want to focus this day on a new experience for the hunters.


1.For previous hunters (Alumni) in this program, a minimum of 100.00 dollars is required with the application (for Oct 14). The first 20 to send in will be selected for this hunt and 1st priority candidates for the 2nd planned hunt in spring of 2014 if your application comes in after the 1st 20. We suggest alumni candidates seek sponsorships for this $100 or pay on your own. The total cost of the hunt for a hunter is $225 and so if possible, the total cost of the hunt would be very welcome..

2.Our goal is to get candidates and select a total of 20 disabled veteran hunters for this hunt.

3.The hunt for new hunters on Oct 11th will be funded by the DAV of MN Foundation; however, again, donations toward the cost of $250 in any amount would be appreciated.

4.Each hunter will have an experienced hunting assistant with him/her in the field. We can provide you with a volunteer assistant if needed.

5.The dates for the 1st time hunters, again, will be October 4th and for the alumni on Oct 11th-

2014. More details will be mailed later to applicants after hunters are selected.

6.Attending pre-hunt orientation (one hour prior) is mandatory.

7.Both the hunter and the volunteer must wear blaze orange in the field.

8.Please make a copy of the application for yourself before mailing back.

9.Bring your own shotgun and shells (must be 4-6 shot-can be lead) if you have some -2 boxes or so. We will have more available to the hunters if needed.

Please check if you are a new hunter or previous hunter. New Prev.

Name: (last)______(first)______


City: ______State: ______Zip Code: ______

Phone Number: ______Age: ______Weight: ______

In case of an emergency, please contact: ______Phone:______

Type of disability/diagnosis: ______

Briefly describe physical disabilities:


Difficulties with outdoor temperatures: Yes ______No ______

Describe any special needs, assistance, and/or equipment you will need:



Do you require the use of a wheelchair for independence: Yes _____ No ______

Please circle items used: walker cane crutches other: ______

List any current medications taken:______

Date of last medical appointment: ______

Name of physician seen: ______

Allergies (be specific): ______

Please list any other medical information concerning your current health status: ______

Last year you fish/hunted: ______Last year you fired a weapon independently: ______

Do you have a weapon/fishing pole available to use:


If yes, please indicate: Shotgun______Handgun ______Archery______(Rifles not permitted)

(You must have your own transportation to and from the EVENT. )

Branch of Service: ______


WWII: ______Korea: ______Vietnam: ______Desert Storm: _____Afghanistan_____ Iraq_____

Years served: ______

  1. Our screening committee will review all applications.
  2. All applicants will be notified by mail after 2 weeks prior to event as to their selection.
  3. All attendees will be assigned an experienced volunteer to assist during the event.
  4. Questions concerning these hunts should be directed to DAV MN Dept Headquarters (651) 291-1212.


Applicant’s Signature

Return applications to:

Previous Hunters Send to:

Ron Welle

28791 325th Ave

Melrose, MN 56352

First Time Hunters Send to:

John Carson

DAV 3rd Floor

20 12th st west

St. Paul, MN 55155