Maths Subject Knowledge Audit for Physics with Maths


Maths Subject Knowledge Audit for Physics with Maths

Maths Subject Knowledge Audit for Physics with Maths.

The purpose of this document is to allow you to evidence that you have the sufficient breath of subject knowledge to satisfy the Teaching Standards. It is a working document designed to be used throughout the course and updated at each PRP point.

You use it to firstly self-assess in order to direct your private study time to filling in your gaps in subject knowledge and to enable the Tutors to ensure we

are delivering the most appropriate areas of subject knowledge in our time together.

At Interview & at each PRP point you need to level your understanding in the appropriate box using the following scale:

1. I have taught this during my PGCE year and feel confident in my knowledge of it.

2. I have strong knowledge of this and feel ready to teach it.

3. I feel I need to refresh or improve my subject knowledge in this area.

4. I have no subject knowledge in this area and need to urgently address it.

You will be asked to alert the appropriate tutor to areas graded 4 – initially and later areas graded 3. You cannot be Grade 1 at interview or at PRP1.

By the end of the course you will have evidence in all the boxes showing that you have either taught that area or have pursued some study of that area to give you confidence for when you do teach it as an NQT or beyond – by the end of the course all areas will be grade 1 or 2.

What counts as evidence?

When you have taught an area – whether alone or as a team write in details of where and when:

e.g Class 8B on 23/11/13 during Training Phase 2.

Where you have self-studied, give detail on the audit and build up a separate file of evidence.

This might include: Lecture notes, notes from further reading, attempts at and marking of appropriate level questions.

What does this Audit cover?

This audit has been put together using the National Curriculum for Mathematics , (KS3 from 2007 – no 2014 draft available) and KS4 for 2014. At time of writing the Curriculum for 2014 is a draft publication, please read this to add detail as you fill it in.

This audit does not include A-level Knowledge but Individual subject tutors will carry out an audit of this with you.

Key Stage 3 – this has been based on the 2007 National Curriculum as at time of writing a Draft 2014 Programme of study for Key stage 3 maths had not been published. Please use the 2007 National Curriculum Document for the detail of each section.

Key Stage 3 Maths
Topic / Interview / PRP1 / PRP2 / PRP3 / PRP4 / PRP5 / Evidence
1.1 Competence
1.2 Creativity
1.3 Applications and
implications of
1.4 Critical
2.1 Representing
2.2 Analysing
2.3 Interpreting and
2.4 Communicating and
Use appropriate
Mathematical procedures
Key Stage 3 Maths
Topic / Interview / PRP1 / PRP2 / PRP3 / PRP4 / PRP5 / Evidence
3.1 Number and
3.2 Geometry and
3.3 Statistics
4. Curriculum
Handling Data.

Key Stage 4 Mathematics – Topics taken from the 2014 Draft Programme of Study, Please refer to this document for detail of each section when filling in the audit.

Key Stage 4 Maths
Topic / Interview / PRP1 / PRP2 / PRP3 / PRP4 / PRP5 / Evidence
Number: Calculation &
Number: Number
Algebra: Expressing
Algebra: using
equations and functions
(includes pre-calculus)
Key Stage 4 Maths
Topic / Interview / PRP1 / PRP2 / PRP3 / PRP4 / PRP5 / Evidence
Geometry and
measures (includes pre-