Marketing Research Study Questions for Exam #1

Marketing Research Study Questions for Exam #1



What is marketing research?

What types of activities are included in marketing research?

How many companies use marketing research?

What are some fallacies regarding marketing research?

What are some good reasons for doing marketing research? What are some wrong reasons?

How much risk is reduced by using marketing research in helping make marketing decisions?

Who should determine the objectives for doing a research study?

Who does marketing research? Who does the most?

What are the major positions offered in marketing research careers?

How is marketing research organized? What forms of organization are used most often?

What is the difference between a program strategy and a project strategy?

What is a Marketing Information System (MIS)? What is a Decision Support System (DSS)? What is the difference between them?

What are the stages in the marketing research process? What goes on at each stage? How are the stages related to each other?

Research Design

How are hypotheses generated?

What is the purpose of doing exploratory research? What are ways of doing exploratory research?

What is an experience survey? When is it most useful?

What is the purpose of doing descriptive research? What are ways of doing descriptive research?

What is a dummy table [used in doing descriptive research]?

What is turnover analysis? When can it be done? How is it done?

What are panels? Why might panels not be representative over time?

What is causal research? What is its purpose?

What is a test market? What types of test markets are there?

Secondary Data

What data and sources should be used first?

What is the procedure used in searching for relevant secondary data using the computer?

How do we judge the usefulness of secondary data?

How can we tell if there is bias in secondary data?

How is the U.S. Census conducted?

What statistical units are used by the government in doing the census?

What is the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)?

What is the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS)?

What is an MSA, PMSA, and a CMSA?

What are standardized marketing information services? Give some examples? How do marketers use this information?


What is a research proposal? What should be included in it?

Decision Analysis (Bonus)

What are the major elements in any problem situation (problem paradigm)?

In doing decision analysis what is meant by expected value, expected value of certainty, and the expected value of perfect information?

What is a decision tree? How is it used in arriving at a decision on whether to do research or not and what alternative is optimal?

Exam Details

The exam has 22 T/F questions and 29 Multple/Choice questions. There are no essay questions.

There are five bonus questions relate to the Bayesian Decision Analysis class and material.

There are four bonus questions based upon the three articles found in your notes:

“China Emerges as Latest Battleground for Marketing Researchers”

“The Census: 200 Years and Counting”

“Watch What You Say”