Make Your Own Sailor Hats

Make Your Own Paper Sailor Hats

You will need one large 27-by-22-inch broadsheet from a standard newspaper for each sailor hat.

1.  Fold the large sheet in half (as if you were reading the newspaper).

2.  Fold in half again (your paper will now be 13½ by 11 inches).

3.  Make a crease in the center of the paper it by folding in half and then unfolding again.

4.  Fold the upper-right and upper-left corners toward the center crease so that they meet in the middle. You now should have a triangle on top of a rectangle.

5.  Fold the rectangle up to meet the bottom of the triangle, then fold it up again to overlap the triangles. Repeat this on the other side of the hat.

6.  Gently pull the hat apart to open and wear.

Step 1: Fold a newspaper sheet in half. (they usually come that way!)
Step 2: Fold both top corners in towards the middle evenly.
Step 3: Fold the bottom up on both sides, each to their own side.
I find a little piece of tape where the arrows are keeps the hat together for hours of paper hat fun!