Long-Lasting Even with High Loads: Plastic Bar Stock for Extreme Applications

Long-Lasting Even with High Loads: Plastic Bar Stock for Extreme Applications


Long-lasting even with high loads: Plastic bar stock for extreme applications

Lubrication-free and maintenance-free Tribo material iglidur Q2 expands the igus bar stock range

Dust, dirt and heavy loads are commonplace in agriculture and construction machinery. igus has now developed a bar stock for the production of special Tribo parts for such application scenarios. iglidur Q2 has high wear resistance and compressive strength with extreme loads. It is particularly suitable for heavy-duty pivoting movements and is extremely resistant to impact loads. The material ensures long term lubrication-free and maintenance-free operation of the machine.

Be it wind and weather, dirt and dust or high loads. Machines and vehicles operating in the construction and agricultural sectors often have to withstand extreme loads. The igus iglidur Q2 has been developed specifically for these applications. The material shows its special strengths in the extreme load range, especially with high edge loads and heavy impacts. The use of iglidur Q2 is always appropriate when, besides dynamic loads, high impact and dirt come together. Examples of this are bale-cutting machines, wheel loaders or ploughs. The material is not only insensitive to dirt but also resistant to chemicals such as those used in fertilizers. After igus iglidur Q2 has already been successfully introduced in its plain bearing range, the material is now offered as bar stock. The igus bar stock enables the customer to manufacture special parts cost-effectively and efficiently. This allows the user to test prototypes with the iglidur materials, manufacture small series or implement geometries that cannot be produced by injection moulding or 3D printing.

The igus wear resistant parts are particularly beneficial in construction machinery and agricultural engineering because they are made of lubrication-free and maintenance-free Tribo-polymer materials. The absence of lubrication allows maintenance-free operation of the bearing points and prevents machine failures due to lack of lubrication. Furthermore, dirt and impurities can no longer adhere to the bearing points, and this minimises wear. In addition, less lubricants are discharged into the environment.

Bar stock diversity for different application scenarios

The igus bar stock offers the user freedom in design to make his custom wear resistant part easily and cost-effectively. In addition to selling bar stock, igus offers its customers the machining of special parts. With the speedicut service, simple plain bearings and thrust washers in the desired dimensions as well as complex custom-made solutions according to drawing can be ordered and manufactured within a few days. The iglidur bar stock is available as round bars, tubes and plates as standard. The company igus also offers the extrusion of special profiles. The motion plastics specialist has a total of 27 materials in its selection Among the materials, in addition to iglidur Q2, there are other specialists such as iglidur A180 approved for contact with foodstuffs or iglidur X, which withstands high temperatures.

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The new bar stock from the material iglidur Q2 has a high wear-resistance and compressive strength with extreme loads and is ideally suited for use in agricultural engineering. (Source: igus GmbH)