LOCATION: Maplewood Place, 295 Broadway, Rt. 99, Malden

LOCATION: Maplewood Place, 295 Broadway, Rt. 99, Malden

General Order #953 February 2009

February 2009 Meeting

DATE: Friday, February 20th, 2009

LOCATION: Maplewood Place, 295 Broadway, Rt. 99, Malden

Between Plainfield Ave & Fulton St. Meeting will

be held in the Hamilton Room on the first floor.

Enter from the # 3 side. Parking in the rear or on


TIME: 2000 Hrs.

PROGRAM: Presentation on changes to local fire department radio

Systems changes by member Paul Boudreau. This is

Re-scheduled from the cancelled December 21,2008



With the distribution of the January 2009 newsletter, several members reported computer errors when trying to open the word document. After checking the last several newsletters, it was discovered that the error was a corrupt data table. This was traced back to the change in the letterhead with the new officers. Until the letterhead is re-printed, the newsletter will use this format.


Thanks to the efforts of member John Galla, Box 52 has a presence on the net. Please point your browser to or just click the link. This is still a work in progress and we are looking for photos or stories to add to the site. Each issue of the Line Box and the monthly General Order will be on line.


Our guest speaker for the evening will be member Paul Boudreau. Paul will be presenting his presentation on the numerous radio system changes in the Metro district over the last few years, along with new technologies being added. Paul is a long time North Shore buff having grown up in Chelsea. He is the owner of Allcomm Technologies, a full service radio shop.


Over 40 members and guests attended the meeting. The presentation by Newton Fire Lt. Jay Bourgeois presented an interesting program on the MBTA Riverside Line trolley accident.


Condolences are extended to member Frank Barry on the passing of his father Roger Barry. May his soul rest in peace.


With two months left in this snowy winter, I have to remind members of the meeting cancellation procedure. E-mail will be sent out, followed by an announcement over Citywide Fire Radio at 1800 Hours. Every effort will be made by the Board to make timely decisions to cancel.


It takes many people to make an organization. Box 52 is like any other and has people who always go above and beyond for the good of the membership. One such member is Bill Wilderman. In addition to his many official duties as Treasurer, there are many things that the membership does not see, but we could not function with out. From a grateful membership, we thank you!


1974, thirty-five years ago, the question…how many total TDA (tractor-drawn aerials aka “tillers”) were in-active front line service with-in Metro? E-mail your answers to

Answers will be published in the next issue of the Line Box. In case you have forgotten what tillers look like here are a few!

A Seagrave delivery photo of Arlington’s 1937 85 ft tiller (photo firenews.org)

Somerville Ladder 3 (photo by firenews.org)

Photo by firenews.org


Updated information for your box books. The first three are new box installations; the remainders are changes in location or address.

17-1654 Boston University Medical Center BSL-4 Lab 620 Albany Street

33-3594 MBTA Mattapan Station 500 River Street

12-5293 WGBH-TV Headquarters 1 Guest Street

2318 Bay State Road and Silber Way

2439 Lamarting Street and Cerina Road

13-3148 Smith Charter School 23 Leonard Street

12-4216 Boston Naval Shipyard 33 3rd Avenue (47 Residential units)


Meeting Friday February 20th at 2000 hours. Maplewood Place, Malden.

By Order of the President Editor

Owen Carrigan Frank San Severino