Learningmap Chemical and Physical Changes (2)

Learningmap Chemical and Physical Changes (2)

LearningMap– Chemical and Physical Changes (2)

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Standard/s: / S5P2. Students will explain the difference between a physical change and a chemical change. a. Investigate physical changes by separating mixtures and manipulating (cutting, tearing, folding) paper to demonstrate examples of physical change.b. Recognize that the changes in state of water (water vapor/steam, liquid, ice) are due to temperature differences and are examples of physical change. c. Investigate the properties of a substance before, during, and after a chemical reaction to find evidence of change.
Curriculum Layers / Student Unit Learning Activities /

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Read and Comprehend
All students must complete this layer. / Read p.160-163 in the science text book OR listen to it online. Answer the comprehension questions on the back. Answer the questions in complete sentences independently. Use the book to answer the questions.
CHOOSE 1 assignment from this layer and complete to grade level expectations. / Vocabulary: changes of state, physical change, mixture, physical properties, chemical properties, chemical change, chemical reaction, compound, law of conservation of mass (p.141, p.155) You MUST choose a different activity than last week.
  • Answer questions 1-10 on p.170.
  • Make a cross word puzzle with the definitions as clues.
  • Create a memory device for each word.
  • Draw a picture to illustrate the meaning of each word.
  • Make a vocabulary quiz using all of the words.
  • Write a good 5th grade sentence with each word.

Research It!
CHOOSE 1 assignment from this layer and complete to grade level expectations. /
  • Explore the links in the Matter folder on my website. Write down at least 5 games you played and/or facts you learned.
  • Check out a book from the library about anything you’ve learned about in this unit and take an AR test. This assignment can be done in any class when you have time to read your AR books. Just show me the AR test.

Organize It!
CHOOSE 1 assignment from this layer and complete to grade level expectations. /
  • Create a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting chemical changes with physical changes.
  • Create a table listing the clues for chemical changes

Lab /
  • Fizz Quiz

Lab /
  • Pancake Lab

Write About It!
CHOOSE 1 assignment from this layer and complete to grade level expectations. /
  • Write an informative paragraph to explain the law of conservation of mass. Include examples and vocabulary.
  • Choose an example of a change. Write a persuasive paragraph to convince your reader that the change is physical or chemical.
  • Write a paragraph explaining if our pancake lab was a physical or chemical change. Support your conclusions with quotes the text.
  • Read Fighting Fires with Diapers on p.166-167 and answer the Think and Write questions with RACE.
  • Design an experiment to observe a chemical change. Be sure to include step by step procedures.

Directions: You must complete one activity in each layer. All assignments are done in your science journal unless it says otherwise in the directions above.

I understand that I will need to show mastery of content by completing the assignments listed above at grade level expectations by the due date.

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