Lakeview Public School Code of Conduct

Lakeview Public School Code of Conduct


Westdale Public School

130 Rykert Street

St. Catharines, ON

Telephone: 905-682-9284

Be The Best You Can Be!

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Westdale Public School is a place that promotes responsibility, respect, civility and academic excellence in a safe learning and teaching environment for students, parents, teachers, staff, volunteers and visitors. At Westdale we believe that every child can achieve success by providing a positive, safe and caring environment. We work collaboratively to enable students to reach their potential through meaningful and diverse learning experiences. Our school community is committed to engage and inspire Westdale students to be confident, critical thinkers for the 21st century.

Be the Best you can be!



All school members must:

 respect and comply with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws

 demonstrate honesty and integrity

 respect differences in people, their ideas and opinions

 treat one another with dignity and respect at all times, especially when there is a disagreement

 respect and treat others fairly regardless of race, ancestry, origin, colour, ethnicity, citizenship, religion, gender or ability

 respect the rights of others

 show proper care and regard for school property and the property of others

 take appropriate measures to help those in need

 respect persons who are in a position of authority

 respect the need of others to work in an environment of learning and teaching


All rights of the students are theirs in their entirety, provided that they do not interfere with the rights of others.

Every student has the right to:

 an equal learning opportunity

 personal, ethical or religious beliefs and freedom from verbal or physical abuse or harassment

 be treated fairly, with dignity, respect and kindness regardless of race, religion, culture, ability or class distinction

 learn and play in a safe, undisturbed and positive environment which also encourages self-esteem, personal motivation and social awareness

 have a clean, safe and pleasant learning environment

 be supported in reaching their academic and personal potential

 receive assistance and/or counselling for social, emotional and academic concerns to meet individual needs


Every student is responsible for:

 behaving in a responsible manner so that staff and other students will not be compromised or interrupted in the learning process, including moving quickly or quietly between classes

 respecting and being courteous to all staff, students, volunteers and visitors

 respecting the feelings of other students and appreciating themselves and others

 respecting school property and carefully using and returning all materials, equipment and school books

 following school rules and regulations both in and out of the classroom and during any school activity

 exercising self-discipline and being accountable and responsible for their own behaviour

 accepting discipline as would be exercised by a kind, firm and judicious parent (Ed. Act Reg 298 Sec. 23(1)c) and volunteering information and cooperating with school staff in discipline cases

 seeking assistance, if necessary, to resolve conflicts peacefully

 always using acceptable language, avoiding racist, profane or obscene comments

 participating in learning activities to the best of their ability and meeting deadlines for in-class and homework assignments by following directions and listening attentively

 being punctual and attending school daily unless ill or legally excused

 being ready to learn and prepared for class with all books, supplies, agenda and assignments completed

 proudly representing Westdale School while in the community, and on school trips and sporting events

 taking school correspondence home to parents and guardians


Every parent/guardian has the right to:

 Expect teachers to act as a “kind, but firm, judicious parent” (Ed Act Reg 298 Sec. 23(1)c)

 Receive on-going communication from the school, including any academic or social concerns about their child

 Expect that his/her child receives an education in a warm, pleasant, orderly and secure learning atmosphere

 Attend Westdale School Council meetings


Every parent/guardian is responsible for:

 Building a foundation of values related to personal conduct and citizenship

 cooperating with staff for the development of the students to further their academic and personal growth

 sending their children to school regularly, on time, well-rested, in good health, clean and appropriately dressed to take part in the school program

 providing their children with healthy foods for nutrition breaks

 being actively involved in supporting and assisting the education of their children both at home and in school

 encouraging their children to become involved in the total school program - sports, music, drama, clubs

 communicating with the classroom teacher regarding the progress of their child - attend parent/teacher/student interviews

 offering assistance and support for homework assignments

 observing school protocol regarding policies and procedures i.e.; absenteeism, early dismissal, visitor check-in procedure

 encouraging and assisting their child in following the School Code of Conduct and assist school staff in dealing with disciplinary issues

 supporting school procedures put in place for the safety of each child i.e. fire drills, lockdown drills

 reviewing the Westdale Code of Conduct with your child each term


Every staff member has the right to:

 have all students behave in a cooperative and attentive manner, without interference in the learning of others

 receive support from colleagues, parents, administration and officials in fulfilling their duties

 expect children to be prepared in class with agenda, homework, assignments and necessary materials

 be treated with respect and dignity by students, parents, staff, volunteers and visitors

 participate in professional learning opportunities


Every staff member is responsible for:

 Demonstrating respect for all students, staff, parents, volunteers and visitors

 Providing an atmosphere conducive to academic growth

 supporting all students in reaching their academic and personal potential and in developing student self-worth

 empowering students to be positive leaders in their classroom, school and community

 encouraging students to appreciate themselves and others regardless of race, religion, culture, ability or class distinction

 preparing students for the full responsibilities of citizenship

 maintaining consistent standards of behaviour for all students

 using the agenda and verbal communication to maintain regular and meaningful contact with parents

 reviewing the Westdale Code of Conduct with students each term

 maintaining the Standards and Ethics of the profession as outlined by the Ontario College of Teachers


We believe that clothing should be appropriate to an academic setting and contribute to the overall positive image of our school and to student self-image. To create a consistent approach to school dress and to enhance the educational environment and tone conducive to the achievement of excellence, the following expectations concerning dress will apply on school property or during school outings:

 Hats or hoods are to be removed before entering a building. Head coverings worn for religious or medical purposes are exempt.

 Halter tops, tube tops and muscle shirts are not to be worn at school. Tank top straps must be at least three (3) of your fingers in width.

 Blouses, shirts or tops that reveal bare backs, midriffs, undergarments or revealing necklines are not permitted.

DRESS CODE (continued)

 Any clothing that could reasonably be deemed to be sleepwear is not allowed to be worn at school.

 Low-riding pants, shorts or skirts are to be worn at or above the hip points and in such a fashion that undergarments are not visible.

 Clothing which advertises or promotes alcoholic beverages, drugs, violence, weapons, racism or displays obscene, distasteful or hurtful messages is not permitted.

 No gang associated clothing, symbols or paraphernalia is to be worn or displayed on school property or in school related activities.

 Footwear appropriate to the subject area or activity must be worn at all times. Outdoor footwear, i.e.: boots or wet/dirty shoes, should not be worn indoors. Students should have a set of indoor shoes.

 For safety, please have children wear proper footwear for outside play equipment (e.g., running shoes, sandals should have a back on them, no flip flops).

 Proper clothing for physical education is necessary for both health and safety. Students in grades 4-8 are expected to wear an appropriate physical education attire. Indoor, non-marking soled running shoes are required.

 Shorts and skirts are to be of an appropriate length (when standing and a student’s arms are held straight at his/her side, the shorts/skirt should not be shorter than the fingertips.)

 Clothing should be worn properly so that at no time a student’s undergarments are shown (i.e., bra straps and underwear/boxers).

The final decision about the appropriateness of dress will be decided by the principal or designate. Students will be asked to change if necessary.


All people, including parents and other visitors to our school, are expected to demonstrate courtesy and self-discipline by using proper and appropriate language. Students are expected to refrain from name-calling, swearing, using foul, offensive, threatening or bullying language or racial slurs.


It is recommended for privacy reasons and the potential of theft that electronic devices not be brought to school. Any device brought needs to be locked in lockers and remain there for the day unless used for an academic purpose as outlined below. Students who choose to bring an electronic device, do at their own risk. Students should not be using their personal phones to call home. Students are allowed to use the phone at the office, but are highly encouraged to make plans prior to coming to school, as opposed to calling parents at night asking if they can go and play with a friend. The office phone usage should be used for priorities and emergencies. Please read phone/tech rules below:

 Students who choose to bring such a device to school do so at their own risk and must accept responsibility for its care. Westdale Public School and staff will not be held responsible for loss or theft. Any device brought to school should remain locked in their locker until the end of the day, unless otherwise being used for an academic purpose as instructed by their teacher.

 The device may be used for an academic purpose in the classroom at the discretion of and in the presence of the teacher.

 Non-academic purposes such as email, texting, phone calls and social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) will not be permitted on school grounds, unless under direct supervision of a staff member (e.g., call/text home after a practice for a ride).

 The use of this device must not interfere with anyone’s learning.

 To protect the privacy and safety of staff and students, personal electronics CANNOT be used to take photographs or videotape, unless under the direct supervision of a teacher for academic purposes.

 Students who do not follow the above guidelines will be subject to the following consequences:

  1. First time - Device will be stored in the principal/vice-principal’s office for the day. The student must speak with the principal or vice-principal to retrieve their device after school.
  1. Second time - Device will be stored in the principal/vice-principal’s office for the day. Parents will need to make arrangements to come to the school to pick up the device. The students will not be permitted to bring the device back to school until he/she can demonstrate respect for the expectations. Each subsequent time parents will be required to come into the school to pick up the device and other sanctions may become necessary (i.e., student required to turn device into the office at the beginning of the day and pick it up at the end of the day.)


All students must:

 avoid rough play, fighting and physically or verbally harmful behaviour

 not inflict or encourage others to inflict bodily or emotional harm on another person

 refrain from throwing snow, rocks or sand on school property or within the proximity of the school

 refrain from the use or possession of any contraband or illegal substances or anything that may compromise the safety or comfort of others or cause fear for one’s safety, to include such items as firecrackers, matches, lighters, weapons, drugs, alcohol and cigarettes and weapon-like devices, including toys

 avoid inappropriate public displays of affection

 refrain from verbally or physically abusing or intimidating other students, staff, volunteers, visitors or parents OR encouraging others to do so.

Everyone at Westdale has the right to a safe and supportive learning environment. Staff at our school will record all incidents, watch for bullying signs, respond quickly and sensitively, respond to parents concerns and will refuse to tolerate bullying in any form.

Bullying is defined by the Ministry of Education as:

“a form of repeated, persistent, aggressive behaviour that is directed at an individual or individuals that is intended to cause (should be known to cause) fear, distress and/or harm to another persons’ body, feelings, self-esteem or reputation. Bullying occurs where there is a real or perceived power imbalance”.

Bullying can take many forms:

 Physical Bullying - hitting, kicking, shoving, spitting, beating up, stealing or damaging property

 Social Bullying - excluding others from groups, gossiping, spreading rumours, damaging friendships

 Cyber Bullying - use of email, cell phones, text messages, instant messaging to physically threaten, verbally harass or socially exclude others

Students will prevent bullying by treating each other with respect, refusing to bully others, refusing to be bullied, refusing to be a bystander when others are being bullied and are encouraged to “Stand Up and Speak Out” to reduce incidents of bullying at our school.


Responses to inappropriate behaviour, that takes place on school property or that does not take place at school and has a negative impact on school climate, will be determined by the nature and frequency of the behaviour (Safe Schools Act, 2008). We will use a progressive discipline approach that makes use of many strategies to promote positive student behaviours including a range of interventions, supports and consequences. Responses may include:

 Warning/Verbal reminders/discussion

 Assigning an appropriate detention at recess or withdrawal from the classroom setting

 Discussions or conferences with parents/guardians and teachers and/or principal

 Restitution will be expected if there is destruction of school or personal properties; could be in the form of volunteer service to the school community

 Loss of privileges or restrictions (i.e., school sponsored activities, sports teams, computer access, bus privilege etc.)+

 Formal suspension from school

 Police involvement

 Expulsion from DSBN schools

Studies show that student achievement increases and student self-discipline improves in relation to positive home/school relationships. Should parents/guardians have any questions or concerns, please begin by contacting the teacher. If still not satisfied, contact the principal. We welcome parental involvement, cooperation and support.


Playing on a school team is a privilege. This privilege will be removed if homework is incomplete or there is a noted problem(s) at school with student behaviour. Communication between staff and home is vital. Parents/Guardians will be contacted if such a consequence is necessary, or if a student athlete is in jeopardy of losing his/her privilege. Academic achievement and promoting good citizenship and sportsmanship are the primary focus of Westdale Public School.


If staying at school for lunch, students must remain on school property and maintain acceptable behaviour - sitting and eating in a mannerly fashion, clearing their desks and depositing garbage and recycling into the appropriate containers, eating only in designated areas.

Remember, that our school is a nut-safe school. Refrain from sending any food containing any nut products. Unless a parent has given permission for the student to walk home for lunch on a regular basis (permission letter sent home in start up package), a note must be sent each time the student leaves the property. If a child is leaving for lunch, they are expected to do so at the beginning of lunch break and return prior to the end of lunch.


The school assumes responsibility for students on school premises, school buses and educational field trips. Supervision is provided during school hours and 15 minutes before classes, as well as for bus students at the end of the day. (Class begins at 8:40am and dismissal is at 3:00pm).

Parents are asked not to send their child to school prior to the period of supervision in the morning, nor to have them remain after supervision ends for the day.

During periods of inclement weather, students should time their arrival just before classes begin. Your cooperation with these issues is greatly appreciated.


Students are expected to follow the Westdale Code of Conduct expectations while riding the bus. Students must remain seated and follow the directions of the driver at all times. Failure to follow the safety rules on the bus could result in a loss of transportation privileges.


It is important that all students observe the basic bicycle safety rules. Niagara Regional Police recommend that students do not ride their bikes to school unsupervised until they are in Grade 4. We strongly recommend that any bicycles brought to school be securely attached to the bicycle racks with a lock. The school cannot be responsible for bicycles that are brought to school. STUDENTS MUST WEAR HELMETS FOR BICYCLING, SKATEBOARDS, SCOOTERS, ETC.

Students who do not choose to observe this provincial law will be asked to leave their bikes at home. We very strongly encourage students who are using any wheeled equipment observe this important safety policy. Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters and wheelies are not permitted to be used on school property. When students leave the city sidewalk, they are expected to walk onto school property carrying their skateboard/rollerblade/scooter/wheelies, etc, which may be kept in their lockers. For safety reasons, all hover boards are not permitted on DSBN property.