Ladder Community Safety Partnership


Next meeting will be held on Thursday 11 September 2008

St Paul=s Church Hall, 7.00pm


1.  Introductions and apologies

2.  Minutes of July meeting (attached)

3.  Crime Information: update from SNT

4.  LCSP Priorities for the next 12 months (2008/09)

5.  Local Charter 2009-2013

6.  AOB

NB: Item 5

The Council have agreed to implement in our area a new government initiative for local communities: a Green Lanes Local Charter, 2009-13. Basically it’s a chance for all of us, as local residents, traders etc, to work in close partnership with Haringey Council and other key agencies. The aim is to build on existing achievements and create the optimum framework which will make the Green Lanes area even better in 5 years time.

It’s unlikely that the Charter will come with any new funding, though it may be possible to bid for funding from a variety of external sources. Any ideas for the content of our Local Charter should therefore be grounded in financial reality.

Precisely what this means is up to all of us in the local community. What do you want to see changed, improved, done away with, started from scratch? Should the Charter focus on ‘crime and grime’ (basic quality of life issues) or be more ‘visionary’? Or both? If so what should the ‘vision’ be?

As you can see, there are a lot of questions and, above all, opportunities, to make this a key turning point for the future of our area.

If you can, please have a think and talk to friends and neighbours about this before coming to the meeting. If you can’t make it, please send any ideas/suggestions to the LCSP via the usual channels.





Ian Sygrave, chair Burgoyne Rd NHW

Glyn Kelly PC Harringay Ward SNT

Pauline Syddell Borough NHW coordinator

Gill Pengelly Chair governors S Harringay School

Denise Woodhall Ladder Play Centre Falkland Rd

Bryan Williamson Allison Rd NHW

Hugh Flouch Hewitt Rd/coordinator Harringay Online

Paul Jenkins Chair, Wightman Rd N4 Residents Assoc

Eddie Finnegan Wightman rd N4 Residents Assoc

Liz Edwards, Warham Rd

David Bartlett, Endymion Rd

Maria Longo Wightman Rd N8

Anette Collins Seymour Rd

Brian Donnelly Allison Rd

1. Apologies

Gina Adamou, Karen Alexander; Carolyn Baker, Nilgun Canver, Councillors; Joanne McCartney, GLA; Dasos Maliotis, Neighbourhood Manager; Neil Harlan, Umfreville Rd NHW/Secretary; Eileen O’Dwyer, Falkland Rd NHW/Vice chair; Helen Wang, Sydney Rd; Paul McKay, Hewitt Rd/Living Streets: Frank and Sean, Cousins/Treasurers; Peter Lorimer, Burgoyne Rd NHW; Geoffrey Winston, Beresford Rd; Roger Topping, Wollaston Rd NHW; David Schmitz, Falkland Rd NHW; Adam Coffman Fairfax Rd.

2. Minutes of the last meeting: agreed.

Matters Arising

- removal of parking bays around S Harringay School

still awaiting a decision regarding dual use of some bays; however LBH has agreed that teachers may have parking tickets for term-time only

- meeting with local MP

still no contact from David Lammy’s office

- metal fencing and unauthorised parking at 646 Green Lanes and unauthorised use of 653 Green Lanes

Chair had contacted LBH enforcement team as requested at last meeting, suggesting need for a strategic overview given the number and complexity of issues involved.

- Wood Green SPD: Transport Implications

since the last meeting LCSP/Wightman Rd N4 Residents Assoc/ Harringay Online had all worked together to highlight the likely displacement of traffic onto the Ladder area if Wood green High Rd were to be designated for public transport use only. A petition with some 625 signatures has been collected and was delivered with a covering letter signed by all the local chairs/coordinators. It was noted that 28 Sept would be a trial ‘car-free’ day in Wood Green – further evidence that LBH are pursuing the idea rather more vigorously that they are prepared to admit.

- Fairs on Duckett’s Common

as requested by residents at the last meeting, the chair had contacted the Friends’ Gp; they believed that Fairs were only held at the same frequency as in past years, but there was an issue about where the money, for use of the common, actually went. No money had been spent on the area for some time, but at least a new childrens’ play area has now been installed.

3. Crime Information:Update from SNT

PC Kelly reported that during the previous 2 weeks there had been:

- 7 burglaries: unfortunately 5 of these had been through open windows – please pass on the message to all friends and neighbours.

-3 robberies: 2 in Finsbury Park; but some concern that many not being reported (especially by teenagers, thefts of mobile phones etc)

4 thefts from motor vehicles (Pemberton/Seymour/Allison area) do not leave tempting items on display, especially SATNAV

In addition:

- ongoing work dealing with group of youths still gathering in Cavendish Rd and Sydney Rd. Former group seemed to be drifting back after warning letter/visits to parents (youths live very locally). Latter group a more serious concern, some of whom have previous records.

- ongoing work with EDF (elec supply) and LBH enforcement regarding HMOs. Investigations in the ward had found numerous examples of stolen meters and by-passing national grid – the latter has already caused at least one serious fire in an HMO in Green Lanes. Many of the properties visited were unauthorised HMO conversions (ie not known by LBH planning/enforcement to exist) yet some had LBH tenant placements within them!

- many of the HMOs also found to be easy burglary targets and police/LBH have now fitted some 20 new locks on the front doors of the most vulnerable properties.

Residents noted:

- their thanks to SNT for their work on HMOs and hoped it will continue.

- need for an adult/police presence in the Passage area at school leaving times (eg 4-6pm) given the presence of gangs or groups of older youths.

- good idea for local police to liaise with year 6 in local junior schools as a confidence building exercise before transfer to secondary schools.

-concern about difficulty for pedestrians (especially with push chairs etc) being able to pass along sections of Wightman Rd which have cars and wheelie bins on the pavement.

- concern at number of heavy vehicles using Ladder Rds; chair reminded residents that they should report suspect HGV registration details by phone/email to local SNT for investigation

4. AOB

- Summer fete at Fairfax/Falkland Open Space would take place on Sun 13 July midday – 4pm. All welcome.

- St Ann’s Police Station Open Day would take place on Sat 19 July 11am-3 pm All welcome.

- Bail Hostels

Cllr Alexander had received a reply from LBH confirming that there are no bail hostels in the area and that they would expect full consultation before any were opened.

- Metrobet

corner of Green Lanes/Warham Rd: residents expressed their concerns about the new operator eg,

large sign in all windows offering free bets

entrance door always wide open with full view inside for passers-by esp children.

Rubbish put out at incorrect times

Front not kept clean

Smokers blocking pavement outside

Problems will only get worse in warm weather

It was agreed that these issues would be taken up both by individual local residents and LCSP as a whole.

5. AGM

Chair’s Report: presented and noted. Agreed that members should have some time to study the Report at greater length and then decide key priorities for the next year. Report to be sent to all members individually.

Officers 2008-9: nominated and appointed

Chair: Ian Sygrave

Vice Chair: Eileen O’Dwyer

Secretary: Neil Harlan

Treasurers: Cousins

Members unanimously thanked the chair for his work during the previous year.