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Issued by:


(Tourism Facilitation Centre of Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd)

4th Floor, KSE Board Ltd, Vydhuthi Bhavanam, Pattom,

Thiruvananthapuram-695004, Kerala






Name of work: Supply and complete installation of high density poly-ethylene embarkation platform (Cover Cubes Floating Jetty) at various boating centres across the State of Kerala for Kerala Hydel Tourism Centre (KHTC)

Tender No: T-19/ KHTC/2016 Date: 22.09.2016

Last date and time of submission of TENDER to / Up to 4.00 P.M. on or before 13.10.2016 at
The office of the Director, KHTC, 4th Floor, Vydhuthi Bhavanam, KSE Board Ltd Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram-695004
Opening of TECHNICAL
BID OF TENDER / On 13.10.2016 at 4.30 P.M. in the office of the Director, KHTC, 4th Floor, Vydhuthi Bhavanam, KSE Board Ltd, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram-695004
Opening of Financial Bid / 19.10.2016 at 2:30 PM in the office of the Director, KHTC, 4th Floor, Vydhuthi Bhavanam, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram- 695004
Time of Completion / 2 months from issue of work order.





The Director,

Kerala Hydel Tourism Centre, 4th Floor, Vydhuthi Bhavanam, KSE Board Ltd, Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram-695004.


Subject: Supply and complete installation of high density poly-ethylene embarkation platform (Cover Cubes Floating Jetty) at various boating centres across the State of Kerala for Kerala Hydel Tourism Centre (KHTC): reg

Ref:Tender No: T – 19/KHTC/2016 dated 22.09.2016


Having examined the details given in Press Notice & bid document for the above work, I/we hereby submit the relevant information.

  1. I / We hereby certify that all the statements made and information supplied and accompanying statements are true and correct.
  1. I / We have furnished all information and details necessary for Qualification and have no further pertinent information to supply.
  2. I / We submit the following certificates in support of our suitability, technical knowledge and capability for having successfully completed the following works:


Seal of applicant

Date of submission Signature(s) of applicant


Contact No.


Scope of Work

The scope of the tender is to supply and install high density poly- ethylene embarkation platform (floating jetty) with defect liability period of 15 years from the date of handing over. The defects if any noticed during the period shall immediately be rectified failing which the firm shall be liable for action by the Kerala Hydel Tourism Centre(KHTC). The tenderer has to supply the required essential spares free of cost for trouble free operation of the floating jetty during defect liability period. The spares needed for repairing the jetty during defect liability period shall be provided by the tenderer only. The KHTC shall not bear any cost whatsoever.

The embarkation platform (floating jetty) shall be of following specifications as appended in Annexure-A.

The bill of quantity shall be as given below in table for each of the centres as detailed below

  1. Idamalayar Dam
  2. Kulamavu Dam
  3. Banasurasagar Dam

No. / Description / Quantity
1 / Embarkation floating platform with special cover cube, standard accessories like connecting pins, side nuts, distance discs, fenders, boat cleats, tyre fenders, anchoring equipment approximately 25 sq.m per location as per specifications detailed in Annexure-A / per square meter
2 / Baluster for Human Safety / Per No
3 / SS Human safety railing / Per metre.



The tender shall be submitted in two parts in two separate sealed envelopes / packets and put together in one single sealed outer envelope / packet (Master Envelope) super scribed with “Tender for supply and installation of floating jetty”.

The two parts of the proposal are:-

Part / Cover – 1: Super scribed with “Tender for supply and installation of floating jetty” the Work and “Technical Bid”.

To include the following documents for technical eligibility;

(i) Profile/credentials of the Agency / Company / Individual including relevant literature / brochure of equipment and warranty terms. The tenderer shall be original manufacturer or authorized dealer of high density poly-ethylene materials.

(ii) Track record - details of involvement in similar supplies information together with supply order copies regarding order receipt/completeness of such furnished information. The Agency/ Company/Individual shall have an experience of at least three years in the field of supply and installation of high density poly-ethylene floating jetty. (Work order shall be enclosed as proof).

(iii) Specific experience relating to the particular work together with work order copies and other supportive documents. The agency/ Company/ Individual should have completed at least 3 similar projects in Govt. Department. The Agency/Company /Individual should have executed at least one similar project of cost not less than rupees 8 lacs or at least two similar projects of cost of each not less than rupees 5 lacs or three similar projects of cost of each not less than rupees 3 lacs in Govt. department.

(iv) Proof of purchase of HDPE material, test certificate of melt flow index value etc as detailed in Annexure-A shall be attached.

(v) The sample of the module shall accompany the technical bid.

(vi) Statement signed by a statutory auditor, indicating turnover of the company of last three years (2013-14; 2014-15 & 2015- 16). The turnover shall not be less than 20 lacs.

(vii) TIN and PAN.

(viii) Demand draft for Rupees 5000/- + 5 % VAT (Rupees Five thousand only

plus 5 % VAT) towards application fee drawn in favour of “Director, Kerala Hydel Tourism Centre” payable at Thiruvananthapuram. (Non- refundable)

(ix) D.D./ F.D.R. of Rupees 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lac only) towards Earnest Money Deposit in favour of “Director, Kerala Hydel Tourism Centre”, payable at Thiruvananthapuram (refundable). Equivalent Bank Guarantee from any Nationalised Bank will be also accepted

(x) The details like address, telephone no. and name of the contact person of organizations where the bidder has executed similar projects be attached along with the satisfactory performance report of the equipments from the user organization.

All annexures as detailed in the document (excluding details/annexures comprising the financial bid) are to be enclosed in the technical bid. Tenders containing submission of the financial bid/details in the technical bid shall be rendered disqualified.

Part / Cover – 2: Super scribed with “Tender for supply and installation of floating jetty” the Work and “Financial Bid”.

Price Bid

No. / Activity / Amount (rupees) (Figure and in words)
A / Supply and installation of cover cubes floating docks including
S.S Railings as per the specifications detailed in Annexure-A
of the tender document Including 5-years defect lia Period inclusive of all taxes, transportation cost and F.O.R. Ernakulam/ Idukki / Wayanad as the case may be per sq .m
  • Idamalayar Dam
  • Kulamavu Dam
  • Banasurasagar Dam

Baluster for Human Safetyper No If required & as per site conditions
SS Human safety railing as per site conditionsper metre
See Annexure-A

Schedule of Payment

a) For supply, installation and commissioning.

S.N. / Stage / % of Contract Price / Conditions to be fulfilled
1 / Supply of the material at site as verified by the officer authorized by the Director, KHTC / 50%
2 / After installation and commissioning of the floating jetty and issuance of handover certificate by the Director, KHTC
after 15 days of functioning / 40%
3 / After completion of defect liability period (Performance guarantee) / 10% / This amount shall kept as fixed deposit pledged in favour of Director, KHTC

The payment shall be made after deducting the TDS.


  1. All information called for in the enclosed forms should be furnished against the relevant columns in the forms. If for any reason, information is furnished on a separate sheet, this fact should be mentioned against the relevant columns. Even if no information is to be provided in a column, a "NIL" or “no such case" entry should be made in that column. If any particulars/query is not applicable in case of the applicant, it should be stated as "not applicable".
  2. The tender should be type-written. The application shall be signed by the person himself in case of an individual, by the proprietor in case of a proprietary firm; by the duly authorized person holding the power of attorney for signing the application accompanied by a copy of the power of attorney.
  3. Overwriting should be avoided. Correction, if any, should be made by neatly crossing out, initialling, dating and rewriting. Pages of the eligibility criteria document are numbered. Additional sheets, if any added by the contractor, should also be numbered by him. They should be submitted as a package with signed letter of transmittal.
  4. References, information and certificates from the respective clients certifying suitability, technical knowledge or capability of the applicant should be signed by Project Authority.
  5. The Director, KHTC reserves the right, without being liable for any damages or obligation to inform the applicant to reject any or all of the applications without assigning any reason.
  6. After evaluation of technical bid, a list of short listed bidders will be prepared. Thereafter, the price bid of only qualified and technically acceptable bidders shall be opened at the notified time, date and place in presence of qualified bidders or their representatives.
  7. The department shall not be liable to pay any interest on the money deposited by the applicants.
  8. The tenderer shall be bound to complete the work within stipulated time. There shall not be any extension thereof.
  1. The applicants shall be bound to present the original documents of all the annexures on demand at the time of opening of the technical bid.
  2. In case of holiday on relevant dates of the tender, the fixed date shall be replaced by the next working day. There shall not be separate information given in this regard.
  1. The bidders shall have to submit their bids either physically in the tender deposition box or through registered post on/or before the due date. For bids being deposited through registered post, KHTC will not be responsible for any late receipt of the bid documents.
  1. If the tenderer fails to finish the work as per specification mentioned in the order within the due date, the tenderer is liable to pay liquidator damages of 1% value of the tender value, per week delay subject to maximum of 10% beyond the due date and such money will be deducted from any money due or which may become due to the tenderer. In case the contractor fails to complete the work even after lapse of 3 months beyond due date then the supply order shall be cancelled and the earnest money deposit shall be forfeited and the firm shall be blacklisted.
  2. It is the duty of the tenderer to ascertain that the system supplied by them has to fit to the existing area and function effectively and efficiently as per the specification. See Annexure-A
  3. The terms and conditions of the tender shall be part of the agreement.
  4. Tender submitted by a person who has dues to the KHTC or who is a minor or who is insolvent, or who has been convicted in a court of law for offences involving moral turpitude or who has been black listed shall be treated as invalid and EMD along with such tender shall be forfeited to the government.
  5. The tender shall be finalized by the tender committee in the following procedure:

(i) First only the form “A” – Technical bid will be opened and evaluated as per the tender conditions & specifications mentioned.

(ii) The financial bid in form “B’ of only such of the tenderers who qualify in the technical bid will be opened.

(iii) The Director , KHTC or committee if any constituted for finalization of tender will consider the rates offered in sealed tender and will take a decision to accept the tender or otherwise.

  1. If minimum tender rates are offered by more than one tenderer then the matter will be decided by the Director, KHTC /committee keeping in view previous experience and credibility in similar field.
  2. The tenderer on being so appointed shall execute an agreement after completing the formalities specified hereunder within seven days from the date of dispatch of the order of appointment by the registered post acknowledgement due. Format of agreement appended

  1. The Director, KHTC may terminate the contract at any time after issuing a notice of (15) fifteen days in advance of the proposed date of termination of contract without assigning any reasons there of.
  2. The Director, KHTC shall have the right to annul, add, modify any of the conditions above without any notice and they shall be binding on the contractor.
  3. The Director, KHTC/ tender committee shall have the right to negotiate with the successful bidder.
  4. The tenderer shall provide original equipment manufactures and components in the system. See Annexure-A
  5. All disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of law at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala only.

Signature of the TendererName & Full address

Format of Agreement

Articles of agreement executed on this the ...... day of...... Two Thousand and Fifteen BETWEEN the Director, Kerala Hydel Tourism Centre (hereinafter referred to as “the KHTC”) of the one part and Shri.


(H.E. name and address of the tenderer) hereinafter referred to as “the bounden” of the other part.

WHEREAS in response to the Tender Notice No......

dated...... bounden has submitted to the KHTC a tender for the ...... specified therein subject to the terms and conditions contained in the said tender; WHEREAS the bounden has also deposited with the KHTC a sum of Rs

...... as earnest money for the execution of an agreement undertaking the due fulfilment of the contract in case his tender is accepted by the KHTC.

NOW THESE PRESENTS WITNESS and it is hereby mutually agreed as follows:

  1. In case the tender submitted by the bounden is accepted by the KHTC and the Contract for

...... is awarded to the bounden, the bounder shall within ...... days of acceptance of his tender, execute an agreement with the KHTC incorporating all the terms and conditions under which the KHTC accepts his tender.

  1. In case the bounden fails to execute the agreement as aforesaid incorporating the terms and conditions governing the contract the KHTC shall have power and authority to recover from the bounden any loss or damage caused to the KHTC by such breach as may be determined by the KHTC by appropriating the earnest money deposited by the bounden and if the earnest money is found to be inadequate the deficit amount may be recovered from the bounden and his properties movable and immovable in the manner hereinafter contained.
  1. All sums found due to the KHTC under by virtue of this agreement shall be recoverable from the bounden and his properties movable and immovable under the provisions of the Revenue Recovery Act for the time being in force as though such sums are arrears of land revenue and in such other manner the KHTC may deem fit.

In witness where of Shri...... (H.E. name and

designation) for andon behalf of the KHTC and Shri...... the bounden have here unto set their hands the day and year shown against their respective signatures.

Signed by Shri...... (date) ......

In the presence of witnesses:



Signed by Shri...... (date) ......

In the presence of witnesses:





Sl.No / Items / Minimum Technical Specifications Required / Unit / Rate (In words & Figures)
Inclusive of all taxes, duties, transportation , erection, testing and commissioning
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5(words) / 6(Figures)
1 / Cover / a) Size of each module - 0.5m x 0.5mx / Per Sq.m
Cube / 0.40m / .
b) Shape of each module - Modules side
surface should be held together 3
dimensionally due to their male-female
interlocking shape such that they offer
much higher pressure resistance and
strength in water
c) Weight of each module - Not less than
8 kg (±5%) including top Cover
d) Weight Carrying capacity of each
module - 350 kg per sq.m.or more
e) Raw Material of module - High Density
Polyethylene (HDPE) 5261Z
f) Separate Top cover (Thickness) - 15mm
(±5%) thickness of top cover of same
material to assure sufficient protection and
g) Lug thickness - 22mm (±5%) to ensure
sufficient strength
h) Accessories and connectors - Made of
same material to avoid frictional damage
i) Anchoring system with concrete,
counter blocks, anchor balance unit, etc -
As per requirement of system at site
j) Complete accessories, fenders, cleats
assembly equipment including railing and
their ropes - As per requirement of system
at site
k) Warranty of products - 25 years
l) Test Certificates (issued by CIPET or
Any Govt. Registered body) - Density :
0.954gm/cc (±5%) Melt Flow rate :≤ 2
gm/10min @ 21.6kg 190°c Tensile stress
at Yield: ≥ 27MPa at 23°c (±5%) Tensile
modulus: 1200Mpa at 23°c (±5%)
Tensile Strength at Yield: 279 kgf/cm2
Tensile Strength at Break: 367 kgf/cm2
Tensile Strength at Yield: ≥8% Melting
Point: 134 (±5%)
S.No / Items / Technical Specifications / Unit / Rate (In words & Figures)
Inclusive of all taxes, duties, transportation , erection, testing and commissioning
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5(words) / 6(Figures)
2 / S.S.RAI / Size of Railing - / Lenth-1.2 / mtr, / per
LING / Thickness- 1.5 mm O.D. - 50mm / m.