July 2017 Australia - Viet Nam

July 2017 Australia - Viet Nam

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July 2017--Australia - Viet Nam

The Great Commission: Matthew 28: 18 - 20 is a commission for all Christians to go, make Disciples, and teach them to OBEY all that I have commanded you. LSM is dedicated to evangelizing the lost and making Disciples of Christ that make Disciples of Christ according to II Timothy 2:2.

C Personal Stuff Church Discipleship Lost Sheep Ministries Countries Folder LSM Australia Viet Nam Photos 2017 Jon in Sydney jpgNotes from Pastor Bob: Jon Friesen and I are teaming again to take the Gospel of Jesus to other lands in obedience to Acts 1:8 and Matthew 28. This time we are joining Pastor David Mai and our Vietnamese brothers and sisters from Kirkwood Church in Houston to travel to Australia and then on to Viet Nam.

We made the trip with Kirkwood church but I became ill with a case of acute bronchitis and had to return home early.

This is a photo of Pastor Mai emphasizing the Great Commission.

C Personal Stuff Church Discipleship Lost Sheep Ministries Countries Folder LSM Australia Viet Nam Photos 2017 Morning Bible Study Praise and Prayers jpgOur group enjoyed daily Bible study and fellowship before going out into the mission field.

Image may contain 3 people people smiling people standing and indoorThough I became very sick, the trip was not without many spiritual victories.

Jon and I led this young couple from Perth, Australia in Burger King in Ho Chi Minh City. I'm at the airport feeling really blessed but very ill. Please pray for healing.

I had the honor to share the glorious Gospel message with Ashley D. She really was excited to experience being "born again ". Wanted Patsy at FBC Dickinson, TX to see how happy Ashley was to receive a cross! I'm experiencing a bout with a bad cold so I'm leaving early to visit my doctor as soon as I get home.

Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore to Hong Kong to Guam to Tokyo to Houston. Now that's a ride. Thanks for all your prayers. New saints from Australia and Vietnam will join us in Heaven one day.

C Personal Stuff Church Discipleship Lost Sheep Ministries Countries Folder LSM Australia Viet Nam Photos 2017 New Believers jpg

PTL! I'm home and have checked into St. John Methodist hospital.

The following notes were made from memory while spending several days of recovering from illness encountered on the trip:

C Personal Stuff Church Discipleship Lost Sheep Ministries Countries Folder LSM Australia Viet Nam Photos 2017 Prayed Prayer of Salvation in Sydney Australia jpgI left Houston on Thursday, July 6, 2017, flying from Houston, TX to Sydney through Los Angeles. I arrived at 8 am and waited till about 10:30 for team to arrive from Vietnam. I was so happy to see them come through the doors at arrivals. I had the honor to lead a young lady to Christ who was pushing me on a wheel chair through immigration and then to baggage and then through customs. She is 18 and was very happy to give me her email address so I can send her a Spiritual Birth Certificate.

This group with Jon all prayed to receive Jesus in Sydney.

Monday, July 10, 2017: We just left Sydney for a 510 mile road trip to Melbourne. I will try to share to the best of my memory my journey till this time.

On Saturday we met Pastor Ai from Bankstown Baptist Church. We went to a shopping area to witness. We were in a restaurant and sitting at the table next to us was a young lady. I said hello and we began to visit and I moved over to her table to share the gospel. She was Catholic but not attending church for many years. She didn’t pray to receive Christ but promised me she would attend church tomorrow. I told her I don’t believe you. If I had a dollar for everyone who told me they would come to church and then didn’t come I would be a rich man.

On Sunday she DID come and after the service I lead her to Christ. She even came to a meeting in the home that evening. Gina shared her testimony. She said she had been considering coming back to church and couldn’t believe it when I sat down at her table even though I did ask for her permission. I stopped eating my soup and started sharing the gospel. When I told her God loved her and wanted to bless her life here on earth and take her to heaven one day she began listening.

Wednesday 7/12/17 Starting our work in Melbourne today.

Friday 7/15/17 A big gap in time and I’m not sure I can do a very good job of sharing what happened in Melbourne. The days run together as they are long.

Our time in Melbourne was spent during the day time witnessing in the shopping areas. In the evening, we met at the Local Vietnamese Evangelical Church. I was really blessed by the Pastor and the members. Pastor Mai conducted a class on soul winning. Several of us shared our testimonies.

The sharing after our meeting was exuding LOVE! It was really beautiful to see our team members separated and sharing with the church members. God is love. Love never fails.

I know that our team won some to the Lord while witnessing. I only led six but PTL two of them were Australians and four were Vietnamese. I am looking forward to our next adventure in Vietnam. But why not along the way mate?

Sunday 7:30 a.m. in Singapore Airport waiting lounge, he adventure began several days ago

The team will arrive tonight at 8:40 P.M. I am looking forward to reuniting with them and discovering what the Lord has for us here in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

Friday 7/20/2017 It’s 3 a.m. and I just arrived from Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore. I left Vietnam as I am really sick with a cold and can’t stop coughing. While I was booking my flight from SGN to SIN I led the young lady to Christ. Ashley Dao is 23 years old and she was raised in Catholic faith but left church at age 18. The Holy Spirit really grabbed her heart and it was exciting to see her bloom before my eyes. Then Jon and I went to Burger King and led two young (19) Australians from Perth to Christ. Then at the airport God gave me another Australian lady but she lives in Singapore and was on my flight. I pray I will never lose the joy of sharing Jesus Christ with the lost. “JUST ONE MORE SOUL TODAY LORD” is my daily prayer.

Jon and I led two Australians from Perth at the Burger King. They are 19 years old. They are of Anglican background.

C Personal Stuff Church Discipleship Lost Sheep Ministries Countries Folder LSM Australia Viet Nam Photos 2017 20229325 2025581450800591 2833152888678659432 n 1 jpgAt the airport in Singapore I won another soul. Starting to like fishing in airports. Oh, but in Hong Kong I had an amazing experience leading two young ladies to the Lord. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to send someone and he sent these two ladies to join me at my table. I spent almost 3 hours with them sharing the gospel. I was using the Hong Kong airport free wifi. Googled and found a Chinese Bible and they were so hungry to read the Holy Scriptures in their language. Rainbow and Angela prayed to receive Christ and they prepared their own Spiritual Birth Certificate on my computer. They emailed it to their email addresses along with some discipleship materials. I have won a number of Chinese to the Lord in Beijing but never in Hong Kong. I was really excited.

I flew from Vietnam to Singapore to Hong Kong to Guam to Hawaii to Houston. Arrived home on Saturday and went into hospital Sunday night. They released me early Monday morning sent me home with Acute Bronchitis.

The last two months has been really packed with major God events. I need a rest. Thanks for your prayers and financial support.

In Summary: -I believe I led 19 to Christ. Vietnamese in Australia, Australians in Australia, Vietnamese in Vietnam, Australians in Vietnam, Singaporean in Singapore, and Chinese in Hong Kong -- Wow! That's fishing with Jesus. I also understand that over one hundred souls have been won to Jesus by the Team from Kirkwood church.

Personal Note from John Overton: Pastor Bob is being treated for acute bronchitis during a return trip to the hospital. Your prayers and encouraging notes to him at or on Face Book will be very helpful for his healing and certainly an encouragement to him.

Just because a Christian is in the hospital is no excuse for not sharing the Gospel. This is a photo of my super nurse Jennifer who received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior this morning. 6 a.m. 28 July 2017. PTL! — Feeling blessed at Houston Methodist St. John Hospital.

Recommended Reading: The Legend of Morris Cerullo: an autobiography by Dr. Cerullo. This book is an amazing story of how God chose an orphaned Jewish boy from New Jersey, and raised him up to reach around the world ministering to and training untold millions of followers of Jesus Christ. He grew up a tough, troubled, rebellious bully. Before he was 13, life had broken him inside so badly that he devised a plan to kill himself. He might have done it but as he lingered on the window ledge outside his bedroom, he was divinely, supernaturally rescued. Many would have thought he was the most unlikely choice for such an assignment, but for God's sovereign purposes, he was perfect.

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