Joey Scout Program by Leonie Plummer (1St Carlingford)

Joey Scout Program – by Leonie Plummer (1st Carlingford)

Date: / Leader:
Theme: Orange / Sub Theme: Juice and Breakfast
Time /

Activity Description

/ Leader / Equipment
CIA: Colour Fruit Bowl / Sheet and pencils.
0.00 / Opening Ceremony / Flag.
0.05 / Game: Orange Relay / Oranges.
0.10 / Game: Fruit Salad / Nil.
0.15 / Game: Boules with Oranges / Oranges, foil (optional).
0.20 / Game: Orange Hockey / Newspaper rolls, orange, chairs.
0.25 / Activity: Orange Juice / Juicers, oranges, cornflakes, milk, bowls, small cups.
0.40 / Story: Petie’s Peanut Butter Pizza / Storybook.
0.50 / Singing:
A Pizza Hut
Vegemite Song
If I had an Apple
A Camping We Will Go / Nil.
0.55 / Closing Ceremony / Flag.
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Coming In Activity:
Colour fruit bowl.

Game: Orange Relay

Joeys in relay formation. Oranges set out in rows, 6/ team. First Joey runs up and gets 1st orange, then returns to his team, 2nd orange, returns, etc (only one orange at a time.) Next Joey puts the oranges back out, one at a time. Continue.

Game: Fruit Salad

Joeys in two lines seated with legs outstretched and touching feet. Each pair is named a fruit. Leader tells story about making fruit salad. As their name is called, those 2 Joeys run up, stepping between the legs of each pair, and back to their place. If fruit salad is called, they all run up and back to their place. Award point to the winning side. HOP HOP HOP the winning team.

Game: Boules with Oranges

Joeys each with an orange (cover in foil if time permits) roll their orange to another ball. Who is closest?
Game: Orange Hockey
Joeys in 2 teams use newspaper rolls to hit orange between the legs of chairs placed at each end of the hall.
Activity: Orange Juice

Joeys use squeezes to make juice. Breakfast of cornflakes, milk in bowls. Juice in small cups.

Extra Game: Orange Passing Tag
One Joey has an orange and chases the other Joeys. When another Joey is tagged they GIVE the orange to that Joey who then becomes the chaser.