Job Purpose:Provide Advice and Support to Maintain Or Improve the Wellbeing of Clients

Job Purpose:Provide Advice and Support to Maintain Or Improve the Wellbeing of Clients

Job family / Care / Role profile number / CA14-0461 / Grade N

Job purpose:Provide advice and support to maintain or improve the wellbeing of clients, their carer’s and families. To oversee service delivery to meet a clients eligible needs as commissioned

Factor / Relevant Job Information
Supervision and/or Management of People / No full management of a team but will be required to monitor the quality and quantity of the work of others.
Will provide advice, guidance and support to colleagues to ensure whole team achievements are met.
May be required to project manage a team or specialist staff across service areas and external partners.
Indicative qualifications / Degree or equivalent experience/skills.
ITQ 2 or equivalent skill and ability demonstrating significant experience in IT systems.
Professional qualification in area of specialism.
Licence / certificate / qualification required for the role.
Knowledge and Skills / Significant relevant professional experience post qualification in a similar work environment.
Organisational expert in the area of specialism.
Expert knowledge of relevant policy, systems, work practices, professional guidelines, legislation and a good understanding of emerging developments in the area of specialism.
Excellent ICT skills including use of Microsoft applications and specialist systems.
Ability to contribute to and lead on the development of service policies and practices.
Excellent knowledge of service / profession and interrelations with other services.
Significant experience of multi-disciplinary and partnership working and awareness of the issues involved.
Advanced research, investigative and analysis skills demonstrating evidence of the ability to identify and diagnose complex problems/issues and develop innovative solutions.
Excellent planning and organisational skills, to manage a range of complex activities and to achieve given targets and objectives.
Proven assessment and investigation skills appropriate to the scope of the role.
Ability to carry out complex client assessments.
Experience of using professional knowledge to work within referral systems according to established criteria.
Proven ability to work with challenging client groups and situations.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
Proven ability to deliver training.
Accurate record keeping and report writing.
Good presentational skills.
Thorough knowledge of financial assessment processes.
Creativity and Innovation / Creative problem solving of issues, proactively anticipate problems and deliver solutions which enhance the quality and efficiency of services and the reputation of the council.
Think and act strategically in problem solving and decision making in a complex political and business environment.
A level of discretion is required in deciding what course of action to take and how to operate within the policy framework.
Job holders will be required to contribute to long term strategies.
Responsible for professional advice, assessments or referrals, ensuring interventions are timely and cost effective.
Lead a complex and varied caseload within a framework of policy and procedures –subject to managerial control and review of results.
Research information to support and develop services for the client group.
Prepare reports for court/tribunals , representing the service at court/tribunal attendance.
Assess and oversee adaptation work including advice and demonstration of specialist equipment to clients.
Ensure training activities which support knowledge sharing both internally and externally, where appropriate, are planned / commissioned and delivered.
Initiate and implement partnership agreements and develop partnership working.
Monitor and report on service standards / budgets within specialist area.
Commission, research and evaluate complex information /feedback. Identify and interpret issues, trends and problems which may have a broad impact both within the service area and wider organisation.
Support the development and implementation of the service / business plan and associated professional strategies for the specialist area.
Identify additional service requirements and opportunities to establish new ways of working. Recommend innovative solutions. Lead initiatives to design and deliver policies and procedures within area of expertise.
Contacts and Relationships / Provide advice and guidance to senior managers and the leadership team on a broad range of complex issues which could be contentious and challenging in nature.
Ability to build strong relationships and engage successfully with colleagues /partners /customers / contractors and suppliers.
Liaise with professional colleagues, providers and external agencies to co-ordinate actions and interventions where required.
Confident and expert at negotiation and advocacy, displaying tact and diplomacy to deal with complex situations. Ability to make difficult decisions to resolve issues and improve service delivery.
Coaching responsibility for colleagues and others.
Work directly with clients, the work has significant implications for the well being of individual clients.
Chair meetings of internal / external partners and other agencies.
Interaction with others and the ability to influence and motivate may be fundamental to the role.
Regular contacts will include: Senior managers, leadership team, councillors, external bodies and partners.
Decisions – Discretion & Consequences / Decisions lead to the setting of working standards and important procedures for the service area which have an impact across the organisation.
Use initiative to manage responses to complex business / technical issues within the service. Make business decisions based on up to date specialist knowledge and analysis.
Contribute to developing council strategy within the service area.
The consequences of the decisions will have an impact across the service.
Conduct statutory and / or complex / specialist assessments of clients’ circumstances and issues to determine intervention / referral to the appropriate service.
Work closely with others to clarify changing service requirements. Identify, recommend and support the development and delivery of improvements in processes and procedures.
Provide financial advice to support service provision and/or individual clients.
Resources / Little or no responsibility for physical or financial resources.
Work Demands / Work subject to interruptions and deadlines, involving changing problems, circumstances or demand.
Work Environment / Work may require some physical effort.
Work potentially involving some risks due to nature of activities being provided and / or environment or public / customers.
Behaviours framework / The job holder will be demonstrating all of the desirable behaviours at this level, and be working towards the aspirational behaviours in the framework. Please refer to Behaviours Framework for a full list of the desirable and aspirational behaviours required.
Skill Profile / To be demonstrating level 2 “advanced” across the skill area of communication & customer service.
Health & Safety / All employees are required to carry out all duties and responsibilities with reasonable care for the health and safety of self and others and report any potential hazards or unsafe practices to their line manager.
Equalities / Wiltshire council is committed to ensuring employees do not discriminate against colleagues, suppliers or third parties at work or harass or victimise others. Incidents of discrimination at work are taken seriously and employees are encouraged to report incidents via their manager or anonymously via the whistleblowing policy.
Authority to work in the UK / All employees must have the legal authority to work in the UK. Non-EU nationals must have the relevant approval to work in the UK from the UK Border Agency. Copies of all documents provided as proof of identity are retained for our records, by providing these proofs the council will treat this as consent.

The above profile is intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed by employees in this role and does not detail a list of all duties and responsibilities. The Council reserves the right to amend this role profile as necessary.

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Role description: / Mental Health Professional Lead
Role profile family: / Care
Role profile number and grade: / CA14-0461 / Grade N
Number of posts: / 1 of 2
Service/Team: / Adult Care Mental Health
Reports to: / Head of Service Adult care (Mental Health)
Job Family overview
Care job family overview:
Support and assist the well-being of individuals and groups to assure their protection, security and development
  • Safeguarding, protection and care
  • Community, residential, day or field settings
  • Ongoing risk/needs assessment of and advice for individuals/groups
  • Specification of any non-council provision
  • Individual or small group emphasis
  • May involve personal care activities
  • Likely to involve immediate response to client

Service / Function Context
The overall responsibilities of the service/function are:
The team works across all age groups for the statutory mental health work which includes children/adolescents, adults (including those with a learning disability), and older people.
The function of the team is to provide social care interventions to those people meeting the threshold for secondary mental health care. This includes assessment, care management, social work interventions, multi-disciplinary working, risk assessment and management. A particular challenge of the role is to attempt to ensure the service user’s experience of the service as a whole (health and social care) is as integrated and seamless as possible.
The team works closely with the secondary mental health providers in Wiltshire (AWP) and the other adult social care teams when they require access to specialist advice.
Job Purpose
Specific duties and responsibilities include:
  • Responsible for professional AMHP supervision and provision of expert advice. To undertake agreed clinical/case load supervision for a range of staff, demonstrating a leadership style that empowers staff to provide a seamless customer care pathway.
  • To develop and implement quality standards for the mental health social work service. This will be done by ensuring that any legislative changes, (including the code of practice) are embedded and rolled out and that appropriate policies and procedures are in place (local and national)
  • To support the Locality Team Manager in ensuring effective joint working with secondary mental health services (AWP)
  • To ensure on behalf of the LSSA the delivery of AMHP services to meet the needs of the local area and ensure that there are sufficient numbers of AMHPs in the County (Code of Practice 4.33)
  • To ensure that effective governance arrangements are in place to deliver a high quality and safe AMHP service. Oversee AMHP rota, staff training and to lead on the approval and re-approval of AMHP’s to undertake statutory functions. (Section 114)
  • To take responsibility when allocated the role of Investigating Manager within the Vulnerable Adults Procedure which involves leading an immediate response together with short and longer term interventions and co-ordination in crisis situations
  • To ensure continuous service development and quality assurance and feedback, and adjust services accordingly. They will respond to customer feedback in a timely manner and ensure that lessons are learnt
  • To work closely with other professional (AMHP) leads across the whole of the AWP area (Wiltshire, Swindon, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire, B&NES, and Bristol) as well as the South West Region

Person Specification
Specific qualifications, knowledge, and skills required for this role:
  • A recognised and relevant professional qualification (Diploma in Social Work or equivalent) and be registered with their professional body
  • A recognised qualification (e.g. Post Graduate Certificate in Managing Health & Social Care; NVQ Level 4/5
  • Approved Mental Health Professional /Best Interest Assessor qualification
  • Expert knowledge of the Care Act, Mental Health Act, Mental Capacity Act and other relevant legislation
  • Significant understanding and awareness of the field of mental health and emerging developments
  • Extensive relevant or transferable previous experience in a Mental Health or Adult Care setting
  • Expert understanding of mental health issues and possible impact on others
  • Proven experience in developing mental health policies and practices and implementing service developments/improvements.
  • Proven experience of leading and managing change.
  • Significant experience of using relevant legislation and guidance in relation to working with, and the safeguarding of vulnerable adults
  • Experience of working across agency boundaries and partnership working in relation to mental health
  • Experience of staff professional supervision
  • Understanding of the Care Programme Approach (CPA) and risk assessment
  • Proven ability to write reports and papers for presentation to senior colleagues and wider service area management teams
  • Need to be able to credibly represent the department with other agencies and communicate with users of the service
  • Grade ‘C’ GCSE or equivalent in Maths and English. Fluency in both written and spoken English

  • To have completed Investigating Manager training
  • Experience of recruiting appropriate staff
  • Change Management or Project Management qualification
  • Experience of managing and leading a staff team
  • Evidence of post qualification training and skills development

Career graded posts (where applicable)
Please list the posts that form part of this career grade structure:

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Supporting information

Driving classification
Occasional driver
A valid UK driving licence is not required. Occasionally may need to travel to different locations in order to undertake the duties of the role.
Regular Driver
Must hold a valid UK driving licence (with no more than 6 penalty points) and have access to their own car in order to undertake the duties of the role.
Required Driver
Must hold a valid UK driving licence (with no more than 3 penalty points) and will drive a vehicle supplied by the Council in order to undertake the duties of the role.
Employees should refer to the Corporate Driving at Work policy for further information.
Political restriction
This role is politically restricted. The job holder is not permitted to undertake political activity involving standing for election as a member of parliament, as an MEP, as a member of the Scottish or Welsh Parliaments, or a local councillor. The job holder is furthermore not permitted to canvass on behalf of a political party or a person who is already, or who seeks to be, a candidate. In addition, they may not speak to the public or publish any written or artistic work that could give the impression they are advocating support for a political party
This role is not politically restricted
Professional fees and related occupational costs
As part of this role, or to support professional development, the job holder is required to be a member of a professional body or association. The job holder is responsible for payment of all professional fees, memberships, registrations or subscriptions and no reimbursement or contribution towards these will be provided by the council
This role does not have any professional or occupational membership requirements
Clearances – Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS)
This role will be engaged in ‘regulated activity’ providing specific services relating to children or vulnerable adults and is subject to a Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service.
This role is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and will require an Enhanced DBS check before appointment can be confirmed.
This role is not subject to a Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service in order to undertake the duties of the role.
Clearances – Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS)
This role requires access to the GCSX network and is subject to a BPSS check
This role is not subject to a BPSS check
Clearances – Non-Police Personnel Vetting (NPPV)
This role requires working in partnership with the police, and/or having access to Police related systems and is subject to a NPPV check
This role is not subject to a NPPV check
For all roles within Children’s Services. Wiltshire Council is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults and all staff are expected to share this commitment. You will be expected to report any concerns relating to the safeguarding of children, young people or vulnerable adults in accordance with agreed procedures. If your own conduct in relation to the safeguarding of children, young people or vulnerable adults gives cause for concern, the council’s agreed child protection/vulnerable adults protection procedures will be followed.
For all roles within Adult Social Services. Wiltshire Council is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of vulnerable adults and all staff working for the council are expected to share a commitment to this. You will be expected to report any concerns relating to the possible abuse of a vulnerable adult in accordance with the agreed interagency safeguarding adults’ procedures. If your own conduct in relation to the safeguarding of vulnerable adults gives cause for concern, the council’s agreed interagency safeguarding adults’ procedures will be followed, alongside implementation of the council’s disciplinary procedure. The job holder is accountable for their safeguarding of vulnerable adult responsibilities to their line manager.
For all other roles within the council. Wiltshire Council is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults and all staff are expected to share this commitment. You will be expected to report any concerns relating to the safeguarding of children, young people or vulnerable adults in accordance with agreed procedures. If your own conduct in relation to the safeguarding of children, young people or vulnerable adults gives cause for concern, the council’s agreed child protection/vulnerable adults protection procedures will be followed.

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