Job Description - Tutor

Job Description - Tutor

JOB DESCRIPTION – Administrative Support Manager

JOB PURPOSE:- To manage all aspects of the Larkmead School Administrative Offices in support of the school’s core functions of teaching and learning, and within an agreed budget whilst supporting the culture and ethos of the school and its stated aims.

  • To administer, organise and plan activity in the school’s administrative offices to meet the needs of students, staff and visitors.
  • To ensure that the administration service provided meets current legislation.
  • To support and develop administrative staff to best utilise their personal skills.
  • To constantly seek, consult and implement improvements to the school’s administration.
  • To co-ordinate all administrative support resources to ensure the needs of all school departments are met.

  1. Awareness of, and adherence to, current legislation in respect of the role.
  2. Planning, coordination and communication of administrative support staff activity to meet the current and predicted needs of the school, and to assist in the coordinated removal of non-teaching administrative tasks from teaching staff in line with the Government’s “Workforce Reform”.
  3. Manage the career development and performance management of administrative staff, including challenging underperformance where appropriate.
  4. Manage agreed budget allocations to minimise waste and provide a cost effective administrative service.

A1.Arrange training and development of administrative staff to ensure currency of their fitness for role.
A2.Follow up on guidance provided as a result of audits and/or inspections.
A3.Communicate matters relating to health, safety or welfare of administrative staff to the Business Manager.
A4.Be familiar with the school’s health & safety and data protection policies.
B1.Regular (weekly) reviews of school calendar(s) to provide planned responses to scheduled activities.
B2.Annual (or as new commitments are added) reviews of administrative staff roles and responsibilities to ensure all commitments are covered.
B3.Chair regular (weekly) meetings with administrative staff to share information/ideas.
B4.Meet regularly (weekly) with Business Manager to discuss administrative activity/processes.
B5.Manage and allocate duties to administrative staff to ensure efficient service delivery.
B6.Maintain electronic reference records of administrative processes and procedures.
B7.Continual improvement to existing administrative procedures.
C1.Maintain records of administrative staff (completed and planned) training and development.
C2.Meet with staff to carry out annual performance management.
C3.Contribute to the appointment of new administrative staff as appropriate.
C4.Respond to individual requests for specific training and/or recommend training as appropriate to individuals’ roles.
D1.Meet regularly with school Business Manager to determine ongoingbudget situation in respect of allocated funds.
D2.Analyse monthly budget reports received from Finance Manager to ensure efficient use of resources.
D3.Consider requirement or requests for office equipment or consumables and match the cost to the availability of funds.
The Administrative Support Managerpost is accountable to the school Business Managerand is the line manager for the Attendance Officer, Student Welfare Officer, Reprographics Manager, Events Co-ordinator, Receptionistand Administrative Assistants.

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