JKA-BC Grading Regulations

JKA-BC Grading Regulations


JKA-BC Grading regulations

*JKA-BC members planning to grade at their own Dojo, JKA-BC Technical gradings or guest examiners gradings must read through, understand, and adhere to the regulations of JKA-BC.

Kyu gradings

  1. Examinee must have attended at least 2 JKA-BC sanctioned events in between each kyu rank after 7th kyu. Acceptable events include, but not limited to- B&B clinics, Black belt only clinics, JKA-BC all levels sessions, guest instructors seminars. JKA-BC sanctioned Tournaments may also qualify. (Dojos over 150km from Chilliwack will have a reduced requirement). (Junior members under 16, after 5th kyu)
  1. Examinee is responsible for the following; A) Have permission from instructor 2 weeks prior to exam. B) Ensure your Sensei signs the grading form prior to exam date. C) handing in complete clear duotang with all past exams and applicable material such as JKA passport, or attendance card. D) For kyus that require Passport, MUST hand in passport on day of exam. E) fees must be paid on exam day, prior to exam

3. Please be aware that following, adhering and understanding these regulations is examinees responsibility first and foremost. The Sensei of examinee may assist you in preparing exam forms and following regulations, but they are not responsible. Furthermore, there is NO responsibility from examiners if examinee is not prepared for documentation for an examinee having not completed the grading parameters on the examiners.

4. Not adhering to these regulations may result in exam being disallowed. And examinee required to re-apply at next available exam date.

5. Kyu Examiners regulations- All JKA BC exams must only be offered by JKA accredited examiners

a) Dojo level exams may be given to students testing for 4th kyu or lower, provided that at least 2 JKA accredited examiners are present. (Dojos over 150 kms from Chilliwack may grade up to 6th kyu with only 1 accredited examiner. Then up to 2nd kyu with technical chairman.)

b) Accredited examiners are those with JKA examiner rank of D level or higher

c) All first kyu exams of all Dojos must be done as a “technical committee examination”.

d) For an exam to be considered a “Technical committee exam” the following criteria must exist

- Minimum of 3 technical directors present.

- At least two of the examiners present must be JKA examiner licensed

- The technical committee must have agreed that the exam is a “technical committee exam”.

e) Technical exams will be offered no less than 4 times per year.

f) Fees are as follows- (For 2015)

All examinations Dojo or technical -Adult- $45.00

All examinations Dojo or technical -Junior- $30.00

$12.00 per examinee is submitted to JKA-BC treasurer (see “g” below)

g) A list of examinees with JKA BC portion of exam fees will be submitted to the grading director, treasurer and technical chairman for all exams. (This includes Dojo and technical level exams)

h) Certificates for qualified exams will be completed and distributed within two months of exam date. Or two months from date received if Dojo exam

Dan exams

1. All Dan examinees are required to have done a substantial amount of physical and technical development over a substantial period of time.

2. Minimum requirements- The minimum required timeline between exams at Dan level is the absolute minimum. To grade at the exact minimum timeline a student MUST have done exceptional amount of training and research. The minimum is NOT to be used as an automatic personal timeline

How would grading in minimum timeline look like? A candidate requesting to grade in the minimum timeline would be ALL or MOST of the following:

a) Training vigorously in Karate minimum 3 times per week, totaling 5-6 hours p/w

b) Has made substantial headway in the research requirements above and beyond the norm (ie. Have better than average grasp of katas required for perspective Dan level)

c) Has done extra research through competition, reading, study, qualifications exams, etc

d) Attendance to JKA-BC sessions and seminars exceptionally high

e) Actual skill has improved at above average pace.

f) Taking or have taken JKA-BC instructors program

Shodan- Minimum 4 years of study and 1st kyu certificate minimum 4 months prior to intended Shodan exam date.

Nidan- 1.5 years minimum after attaining Shodan

Sandan- 2.5 years minimum after attaining Nidan

Yondan- 4 years minimum after attaining Sandan

Godan- 5 years minimum after attaining Yondan- Recommended by technical advisor and/or technical chairman, and agreed upon by JKA BC Technical committee

RokuDan- 6 years minimum after attaining Godan- Recommended by technical advisor and/or technical chairman, and agreed upon by JKA BC Technical committee

Nanadan- 7 years minimum after attaining Rokudan- Recommended by technical advisor and/or technical chairman, and agreed upon by JKA-BC Technical committee

Hatchidan- must be recommended by HQ technical committee

3.Dan candidates must have all pertinent documents, required photocopies, photos, research papers (where required) application forms in by due dates specified by grading co-ordinator (Sensei Sal Sharp, and or Brock Smith for 2015). Usually set at least 2 months prior to exam date

4. Dan candidates must have permission directly from their Sensei and signature of Sensei on application form before application due date

5. Dan candidate must then wait until approval from technical committee has been solidified.

6. Attendance of minimum of 20 B&B classes required before Shodan. 10 additional Black belt or B&B classes, minimum, between higher Dan exams

7. Full attendance of seminar occurring during exam date mandatory

8. Attendance to 75% of all sessions and events in the 6 months prior to exam date required

9. If grading for Shodan or Nidan under Sensei Don Sharp, your reference on JKA Dan application and exam form, should be your direct Sensei. If grading for Shodan, Nidan, Sandan under other JKA Sensei, including Sakurai Sensei, then Sensei Don Sharp must be your reference. For Dan exams of Yondan or higher please discuss with your Sensei, and technical committee

Qualifications exams

The above requirements for Dan exam apply for qualifications as well

  1. Must have required Dan rank
  2. Must have attended exceptional number of sessions seminars, especially Black belt and qualifications trainings.
  3. Must meet all JKA-WF criteria, as well as JKA-BC policies procedures and requirements

Exam fees

Kyu exam fee- Juniors- $30.00Adults $45.00

If unsuccessful- $10.00 fee for re-test

Technical committee Kyu exam includes- Examination, follow-up discussion with a technical member or senior Black belt, JKA-BC Kyu certificate for juniors up to 4th Kyu, and adults up to 6th kyu exam. JKA WF Certificate for adults above 5th kyu exam, and juniors 3rd kyu and up. Belt NOT included

Dan exam fees

Shodan- $250.00

Nidan- $275.00

Sandan- $350.00

Yondan up- Please request information from technical members

Fee includes- Examination. JKA WF HQ certificate. Review of exam and info on exam form. Also includes documentation of new rank with JKA-BC, JKA-SKD Canada, and JKA-WF HQ Japan. Belt NOT included

Qualifications exam

D level exams- $150.00 per qualification. Each exam separate fee