JIRA Project Request Form

JIRA Project Request Form

Please fill in the fields below and attach the document to a new issue in the Help Desk project located within JIRA.

Project Type:

Traditional projects are used for waterfall-based development and do not have concepts such as “sprints”.

Agile projects make use of the JIRA Agile plug-in and can be set up as Kanban or Scrum. Kanban is used for constraint-based task management (i.e., a helpdesk project), and Scrum for iteration planning (i.e., a development project).

*Required: Are you and/or your team new to JIRA?

Project Category:

The Project Category can be used to group projects that belong to the same business unit, customer, etc.

*Required: Is this a BPS project? If so, Life or P&C? (Life BPS - Approval is needed by David Carr and/or Tammy A Johnson)

Project Name:

The Project Name must be meaningful and should include both the main CSC product being supported and in the case of a services project, the client’s name.

Should this project be based on the setup of an existing project? If so, which project?

Project Description:

The Project Description should provide information on the purpose of this project

Project Issue Key:

The Project Issue Key is used as a prefix in all of your project issue identifiers. Issue identifiers are created at the time the issue is created and are used to quickly and uniquely identify an issue.

The Project Issue Key should be simple 3-4 character alphanumeric without spaces. Typical Project Issue Keys contain the abbreviation for the CSC product being supported and in the case of a services project, the abbreviation of the client’s name.

Project Roles:

Everyone associated to a project and accessing JIRA will be added to one of more of the following roles. Adding Customers to a project is optional. Note, customers will have limited access to the system.

·  The User role is assigned to CSC employees only. They will have the ability to create and edit issue, add comments, log time and perform various other functions. All employees associated to the project will appear in the User role.

·  The Customer role is assigned to external CSC customers only. They will have the ability to create and view issues and add comments. However they will not have the ability to edit issues or perform other functions in JIRA. They will only see projects they are associated too.

·  The Developer role is for a user who needs additional access to view source related elements through JIRA.

·  The Project Lead is the default assignee for all issues created in the project. They are also typically the backup Project Administrator and will automatically be added to this role. (Note: If a Component Lead is identified, the component lead will be the default assignee when that component is selected.)

·  The Project Administrator is responsible for administering the project. Their duties include assigning users to the project, editing project role membership, adding components and versions to the project and editing project details. They also have the authority to create issue collectors. (See JIRA documentation for more details on issue collectors.)

User’s Name
(First and Last) / Email Address / User (Internal) / Customer (External) / Developer / Project Lead / Project Administrator