Jennings Dual Language Meeting

Jennings Dual Language Meeting

Jennings dual language meeting

October 18,2014

Maribel Olivero, Haydee Ayala, Margaret Lewis, Luz Rivera, Carol wheeler-Flood, Melisa Rodriguez, Alice Robbins, May Reitz, Daisy Torres

We looked at our Adelante handbook for the Mission Statement.

We discussed magnet status of our district. Maribel shared the pathways project that will be presented to all the schools.

We need to be more consistent with teaching in one language. Concern was brought up that Spanish is sometimes not always taught consistenly.

Maybe we don’t have all the resources in Spanish and it makes it more challenging to have to translate everything from English.

We will be keeping our Mission Statement as is.

State Personnel Development Grant . (SPDG)

We looked at how our program looked like.

We switched daily because of the literacy. It changed when we had to add writing in our schedule.

Discussed the switching of languages daily and the benefits to that.

Daisy enquired about what Spanish assessments were used.

We’re not assessing them in the content in Spanish, only in literacy.

Committee should look at what we want to assess. Report card is in English and so are the benchmarks.

We need to stick to one language in the classroom because outside of the classroom they only hear English.

Next time we should look at what will be taught in Spanish.

We have a wide range of students with different abilities.

Where are they? Take small steps and look at what we want to teach in one language.

Gather data to see where we are to make decisions.

Luz made up a guide with all the assessments and resources and progress monitoring for all the grades.

Maybe teach only in Spanish?

Windham schools- has strict guidelines for entering and exiting in their dual language program.

Pre-k and K have no entering criteria. From first grade they have to pass the LAS in their native language with a 2 or higher.

It will be challenging for the next few years due to the magnet status of the other schools for us to be able to not have students who shouldn’t be in the program.

We need to reword the ELL form for the parents for them to choose a program.

There is confusion with what our D.L. program is for parents.

How to stream line all the information at C.O. (opt in forms, LAS, etc.)

Next agenda:

December 6, 2014

  • Opt in form
  • D.L. schedule
  • Handbook and coming with questions
  • the La Cosecha conference.