International Economics, ECO 3703 (016)

International Economics, ECO 3703 (016)


BCN 4753: Construction Administration and Economics

Fall (2007) 8/27 – 12/14Updated 8/20/07

Instructor:James J. Sorce, MBATelephone: (904) 6202759

Office:Building 50, Room 2304Fax: (904) 620-2573

Class Hours:8:00am – 9:15am MWCell: (904) 703-5189

Office Hours:7:30am – 8:00am & 9:15am – 10:00am MWF Email:

I. Textbooks and Other Readings

Required: Florida Contractor’s Manual 2004 edition

The textbook should be available at the UNF bookstore, College Book Rack or the other one.

Recommended background readings:

The Wall Street Journal

ENR the Construction Weekly

Useful and highly recommended websites:

II. Course Objectives:

  • Provide an understanding of the Business Plan preparation.
  • Provide an introduction to the current economic context of the construction industry.
  • Provide practice in written and oral communications, and a group project administration.
  • Provide an opportunity for participation in the design/delivery of a community service project.
  • Enhance Internet literacy.
  • Provide an understanding of the importance of effective resource allocation.

III. Expected Outcomes: The student will gain:

  • An understanding of how to prepare a Business Plan for a construction enterprise.
  • Knowledge of the relevant terminology and the resources available to aid in an effective preparation of a business plan for a construction enterprise.
  • An understanding of the current economic context of the construction industry.
  • An understanding of the allocation of resources in the context of a construction enterprise.
  • An understanding of the environment and conditions that construction companies operate under.
  • The ability to locate market opportunity and an understanding of competitive advantage.
  • Experience in working with others through team projects and presentations.
  • An awareness of the role and importance of community service.
  • Enhanced skills related to using the Internet as a reliable reference source.
  • Enhance personal communication skills, both written and oral.

IV. Course Requirements

Prerequisites: Principles of Macroeconomics and, Principles of Microeconomics, or Equivalent.

Marketing (not required but recommended).

V. Evaluation and Grading

Learning Methods:

This course will include instructor-led discussions, guest industry lectures, oral presentations and written reports of research by both individual and group efforts.

Students will earn grades according to the following scheme:


Company Overview10


Business Plan/Scenario

Idea/Feasibility Research10

Strategic Plan10

Nature of Business10

Financials and Sources of Money10

Marketing Strategy10

Location and Other Issues10

Peer Evaluation10

Individual Presentation10

Final Group Business Plan 20

Final Exam20

Total Points 150

Note: Student’s final grades will be assigned based on the plus/minus system. Also, all grades given pertaining to the Business Plan/Scenario will be multiplied by the peer evaluation percentage to determine final grades.

Attendance policy:

BCM Departmental Class Attendance policy (effective date January 9, 2006): “Attendance of classes is mandatory. Students must attend 86% of all classes in order to receive a passing grade.” BCM classes meeting once a week cannot be missed more than two times in order to receive a passing grade. If you are going to miss class you must notify me in advance of the class by telephone or email to receive an “excused absence.” An “excused absence” will only be given for an illness or family emergency, which is supported by written documentation. Attendance will be noted at the beginning of the class period. Two late arrivals will be recorded as an unexcused absence. Continued tardiness will result in a reduction of final grade.


Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the day that they are due. Late assignments will not be accepted and the student/s will receive no points for that assignment.

Construction Company Profile and Industry Environment Overview

This is an individual assignment. Each student will choose a construction company listed on the ENR top 400. This list can be found on the Internet. I have provided the link above. Each student will be required to submit an 8-10 pages (double spaced) overview. You will need to Include financial data and ratios, history, industry overview, market potential, leadership information, and economic environment. This will also include a detailed recommendation as to where company efforts should be focused and where resources should be cut. You will need to include a complete evaluation of the environment that your company operates in. This will also include, but not be limited to, looking at the company’s competition, the nature of the resources utilized by your company, and how governmental regulations affect the industry. Special attention should be focused on what drives the cost in the industry that your company operates in. You must include references at least 8-10.

Business Plan Development & Presentation

This will be a group assignment.

Your management team has been given the task to develop a subsidiary of your company to capture a new opportunity in the construction industry. The opportunity will be your choice. The opportunity will need to be outside of the realm of the main company’s current operations. You will need to develop this company in a location outside the current service area of your company. Each student team will develop a complete company plan including all aspects of setting up a business and make a 30-minute oral presentation to a panel of industry professionals. Treat this as a development of an entirely new company. The teams will need to develop a Mission, Vision, and Goals, identify and research the opportunity, select a business strategy and develop a complete business plan. This company will be separate from the main company. However, all funding for the venture can come from the main company. All numbers in financials must include references. Your team will be required to handout a summary of the plan to your classmates on the day of your presentation. You will choose a company that someone in your group did a profile on for the last assignment. Please contain all information in an orderly fashion in some kind of folder to turn in on your team’s presentation date.

Documents due:Idea/Feasibility Research

Strategic Plan

Nature of Business, Market and Competition

Financials, Projections, Employment and Sources of Money

Marketing Strategy

Location/Legal Issues, Insurance

Final Business Plan

Due dates for each document are located in the Fall 2007 Tentative Schedule below.

There will be a sign-up sheet passed around in class to establish groups.

VII.Academic Integrity:
UNF places high priority on, and strives to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity while protecting the rights of students and faculty. Should any instructor find evidence of cheating, plagiarism, or other inappropriate assistance in work presented by a student, the instructor should inform the student of the action to be taken" (UNF current Catalog). At minimum, the action I will take for any incidence of violation of academic integrity will be an F (failing grade) in the course and dismissal of the student committing the violation from the class.
IX. Students With Disabilities

If you have a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which mayrequire any accommodations or auxiliary aid(s), please contact and register with the UNF Disability Resource Center (located in Honors Hall 10/1201; phone: 620-2769).Please refer to UNF'sDisabled Services Program Student Handbook for more details about the DisabilityResourceCenter.

X. Classroom Etiquette

Students are expected to remain polite during classroom discussions. Even during heated debates, you must treat your instructor and classmates with respect. Violation of this policy will result in a reduction of your class participation grade that, if the violation is significant enough, could result in a failing grade for the class. For example, you should not make derogatory remarks about your classmates’ ideas. Instead, explain why you think they are wrong, backing up your viewpoint with sound analysis and refraining from personal attacks. Another example is being quiet while someone else (including your instructor) has the floor.

BCN 4753 Fall 2007 Tentative Schedule

8-27-07Monday Syllabus, projects, papers, goals, and expectations


9-3-07MondayHollidayNo Formal Class Meeting

9-5-07WednesdayChapter 1

9-10-07Monday Chapter 1

9-12-07WednesdayChapter 3 Financial Management

9-17-07Monday Chapter 3 Financial Management

9-19-07WednesdayChapter 3 Financial Management, Individual Company Overview Due

9-24-07Monday Stock Market and general investing

9-26-07WednesdayIdea/Feasibility Research Due

10-1-07Monday Construction Environment / Construction Company Price index

10-3-07Wednesday Mid-term review

10-8-07Monday Mid-term Exam

10-9-07WednesdayGuest Speaker

10-15-07 Monday Chapter 4 Risk Management, Strategic Plan Due

10-17-07 WednesdayChapter 4 Risk Management

10-22-07 Monday Chapter 5 Labor and Employment

10-24-07 WednesdayGuest Speaker, Nature of Business Due

10-29-07 Monday Chapter 5 Labor and Employment

10-31-07 WednesdayGlobal Construction Issues

11-5-07Monday Chapter 2 Licensing Financials, projections, Sources of Money Due

11-7-07WednesdayChapter 2 Licensing

11-12-07 Monday Holiday No Formal Class Meeting

11-14-07 WednesdayGuest Speaker,MarketingStrategy Due

11-19-07MondayChapter 6 Workman’s Compensation, Location /Legal issues Due

11-21-07 WednesdayNo Formal Class Meeting

11-26-07 Monday PresentationsFinal Business Plan Folder Due

11-28-07 WednesdayGuest Speaker

12-3-07Monday PresentationsFinal Business Plan Folder Due

12-5-07WednesdayPresentationsFinal Business Plan Folder Due

12-10-07 Monday No Formal Class Meeting

12-12-07 WednesdayFinal exam 7:00 – 8:50 Peer Evaluations Due