Inquiry Expenditure

Inquiry Expenditure

Inquiry expenditure

As part of our commitment to full transparency of the work of the Inquiry, we have agreed to publish details of our expenditure on a quarterly basis. We will do so cumulatively, so the table below shows the overall costs from the establishment of the Inquiry (mid-July 2011) until 30 June 2012, a total of £3 903 000

Description / Costs
Inquiry Secretariat staff costs
Backfill costs for Court of Appeal / £1 214 700
Counsel to the Inquiry[2]
Barristers providing assistance to Counsel to the Inquiry / £1 015 700
£222 400
Assessors’ remuneration / £126 700[3]
Accommodation costs (incl. hearing room, annex & office accommodation) / £200 600
IT & telecommunications (website, broadcasting and audio-visual links) / £464 600
Office Running Costs / £15 600
Seminars / £73,400[4]
Public Hearing Costs (incl. records management & transcription costs) / £262 400
Core Participant and witness costs / £183 900
Total / £3 903 000

Public hearings commenced on 14 November 2011 and the Inquiry sat for 88 days up to, and including, 30 June 2012. The average monthly costs will be affected by a number of different factors, including the number of days sat and the amount of paper evidence received by the Inquiry.

Only expenditure authorised through or on behalf of the Inquiry Secretariat is included in the figures. The Inquiry is directly funding its own legal team. Any applications for funding from the core participants or witnesses to the Inquiry are considered in accordance with the protocol on the Inquiry website. Lord Justice Leveson has approved an application for funding from two core participants: the National Union of Journalists and the Core Participant Victims (CPVs). The payments to the NUJ and Collyer Bristow LLP, in respect of their representation of the CPVs in Module 1 and as set out in the ruling of 11 July 2012, are included in this table. The payment to Bindmans LLP in relation to their representation of the CPVs for Module 2 of the Inquiry will be included in the next set of published figures.

These figures include estimates for some expenditure where invoices have not yet been received or processed and may therefore be subject to minor adjustment. All figures have been rounded up to the nearest hundred.

[1] The Inquiry is meeting the costs of Deputy Judges brought in to cover the absence of Lord Justice Leveson from the Court of Appeal

[2] The full list of Counsel and Barristers is available here:

[3] Assessors costs – Shami Chakrabarti and Lord (David) Currie have waived their right to claim fees or expenses for the duration of the Inquiry

[4] The cost of the seminars is lower than the figure previously published following receipt of final invoice