Informational Meeting of Rindge Conservation Commission Page 2

Informational Meeting of Rindge Conservation Commission Page 2

Informational Meeting of Rindge Conservation Commission Page 2





Attendance: David Drouin; Fred Rogers and Richard Mellor. Phil Simeone and Bill Preston excused.

Call to Order: 7:08 p.m. No Quorum, informational only.

Richard spoke about the completion of the Contoocook Marsh Bridge.. Swift Corwin came by and looked over the workmanship and liked the design of it.

Kiosks: Richard said the Kiosks are ready for installation and had a demo of one in his truck. Two of them are two-sided. One is for the Pollinator Habitat location, one is for the new approach to the bridge to the West and one is to be off-side of the trail at the snowmobile entrance.

The post holes need to be dug. Richard would like to see a Sub-committee formed to be in charge of the display composition. Perhaps a banner at the top, where to find other pollinator sites and who to contact on the conservation commission. Jeff Littleton is contracted to do a baseline environmental survey to entail a digital product. The two parcels will be added and shown on the same map. He will add identifying species of different habitat. The new inventory will cost less than $500.

The Pearly Pond invoice will be reviewed at the next meeting on Thursday, September 25th.

County Road update: Richard had planned to meet with Mr. Van Dyke on Saturday morning, but they had to reschedule and so that work is pending.

Dave directed Fred and Bill to get the turtle sign information to Mike Cloutier to nail down.

Correspondence/ Files reviewed:

Map 7, Lot 53-7 is a returned application by NH DES to applicant for the missing fee.

Map 46, Lot 11 - Woodmeree Assoc. - Florence Ave., A letter of deficiency was issued May 21st and the owners were to complete an application by June 30th for work that would be allowed.

Kelen Geiger addressed the conservation commission regarding her concerns. Dave explained that the investigation was at the state level and the commission would not interfere with that investigation. He also said that unless a town ordinance was violated that Dave Duvernay would not get involved.

Map 45, Lot 24 - 92 Loop Rd. - NHDES issued a letter of compliance dated 9/3/14 and has closed their file.

Map 7, Lot 64 at 32 Cutter Hill Rd. - NHDES returned the Subsurface Systems Bureau application and materials they received on 8/29/14 as incomplete.

Tax Map/Lots: 36-1-1/11 at 10 Amalia Way - NH DES returned the Subsurface Systems Bureau application they received on 9/2/14 as incomplete.

Tax Map 7, Lot 53-7 at 98 Old New Ipswich Rd. - NH DES returned the Subsurface Systems Bureau application as incomplete.

The commission reviewed and discussed the Conservation Fund balances and what is left in the checking account.

Federal Grant Money for Recreational projects was discussed briefly and deferred.

Dave discussed his email from Bruce Donati regarding the Economic Development Sub-Committee on Town-owned properties that requested the input from the Rindge Conservation Commission regarding the value of some properties to determine if they should be put on the market.

Two properties were reviewed on Tax Map 2, Lots 14 and 15 (Rand Rd.) Richard said about 20 acres was logged about 20 years ago. Basically they are dry lots except for the wet area near the Rail Trail. Richard asked how this would be discussed and Dave responded by letter. They also looked at Tax Map 5, Lot 44 - Able Road. The lot is on both sides of Tarbell Brook. Dave said the committee is looking for one member from the Rindge Conservation Commission to sit on the committee, however, they meet on Mondays at 9:30.

The minutes were not approved, due to lack of a quorum. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 25th.

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Perry, Clerk