Indian Ridge Farm, Norwood, Colorado

Indian Ridge Farm, Norwood, Colorado



We are pleased to offer the highest quality, delicious tasting, locally raised pastured meats to discerning customers who expect only the best. Please use this form to reserve your order. We thank you in advance for your continued support.




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Pastured poultry: $5.50/pound*. Average weight is 3.5-4 lbs. Finest tasting grass-fed poultry available in the area; processed on-farm. Available at the farm, or weekly (Fridays) at the Telluride and Ridgway Farmer’s Markets. Available early June through September. Medication, antibiotic and certified GMO free. Grass-fed. Processed at our State-inspected processing plant. This is the best way to reserve your winter storage chickens, which are always a sellout! (min. of 6 (six); $25 deposit required for as many as you’d like.)

How many? ______Preferred size ______lbs.

Pastured Turkey: $5.50/pound. Weight varies from 12-23 lbs. Put in your reservation now. Turkeys raised on grass, in an outdoor pasture. These birds are true free-rangers. First-come, first-served. Always a sell-out. Turkeys will be available starting in late August. $25 deposit per bird. Processed at our State-inspected processing plant.

How many?______Preferred size______lbs.

Grass-fed lamb: Absolutely delicious! Grass fed. Approximately $6.00/lb. in your freezer, depending on final processing charge and weight. Order by the 1/2 or whole. Last year, one-half lamb was approx. 25-35 pounds of meat. Includes all cuts: legs, shoulder roast, ground lamb, chops, ribs. Available beginning in September. (Specify special cutting instructions on back, if need be.)

1/2______Whole______(Deposit per half is $25.)

Stock & Soup poultry: $10/bird. These are retired layer hens that have been raised on grass their entire lives. Nutrient-rich. Buy them specifically for stock and soups; these are not chickens for grilling or roasting! (For that, see Pastured Poultry above.) (Deposit per chicken is $2.50)



Pastured poultry ($25 wtr storage) ______

Turkey ($25/bird)______

Lamb ($25/half) ______

Stew chickens ($2.50/chicken) ______

Total enclosed: $______

Please make check out to Indian Ridge Farm. Thank you!!

Send to: Indian Ridge Farm, PO Box 963, Norwood, Co. 81423

Call us at (970) 327-0336 or email if you have any questions.

*Important note: Please be aware that items sold at Farmer’s Market are also subject to taxes and fees.