Important Spring Auditions and Performances

Important Spring Auditions and Performances

C’est la Vie & Vocal/ease Audition Packet Information:

  1. This packet contains audition instructions.
  • Sign up for the audition.
  • Fill out the audition form.
  • Fill out the contract.
  • Auditions are on Thursday, May 11th:

Vocal/ease audition is 5-7 pm

C’est la Vie audition is 7-10 pm

2. Music can be found at in the “Auditions” folder. Or, send an e-mail to , and music will be sent to you.

3. Your audition will consist of the following:

Step 1 – Video record yourself singing two 45-second segments of two different styles of music (any style: pop, country, jazz, broadway, etc; an art song is not an acceptable style). Please sing a cappella. Submit this recording to the Google Classroom, “C’est la Vie and Vocal/ease Auditions”, before your May 11th audition. The password to the Classroom is “a4j7qx”.

Step 1A–Submit a video of you attempting 15 seconds or more of vocal percussion. This will have no impact upon ensemble placement whatsoever! We just want to see what you can do, so we know how to help you later on.

Step 1B -- Submit a video of you attempting vocal improvisation; a track of the 12-bar blues in F can be found in the Audition folder in Charms Office. This also will have no impact upon ensemble placement whatsoever! Again, we just want to see what you can do, so we know how to help you later on.

Step 2 – Learn two different voice parts to the audition music, one of which must be memorized. Come to the choir room during your time block (listed above). You will sing a voice part of the judges’ choosing with other singers who will sing the other voice parts. You must be available for the entire audition block, although you may be dismissed early.

Step 3 – You will be shown (very!) rudimentary movement that you will then demonstrate for the judges. We just want to see you move a little bit; in every style of music we perform-contemporary a cappella, jazz, other styles-there is an undeniable visual component. A video link with the movement will be posted in the Google Classroom on Monday, May 1st.

4. There is no sight-reading.

Students selected for Shades of Blue/Azure will be expected

to be present at the following:

TBA – Vocal Percussion “How To” workshop

May 30 –Organizational Meeting (7 a.m.)

July 11-13 – C’est la Vie Boot Camp (6:30-9:30 pm)

July 17-18 – Vocal/ease Boot Camp (8 am–12 noon)

August 8 – Summer Rehearsal (9-11 am)



April 3Packets will be available for download at under the “auditions” link. Sign-ups for Concert Group and Pop/Jazz Choir auditions begin online.

May 11Auditions for the FMHS A Cappella groups, C’est la Vie and Vocal/ease.

C’est la Vie and Vocal/ease membership requires a year-long commitment to singing in choir. Students who cannot be in choir for the entire 2017-18 school year should not audition!

All results will be posted on the choir web site, sometime after 5 p.m. on Friday, May 19th.

A Cappella Group Audition Information

Anmp3 of youraudition piece is available at If you are not currently in choir at FMHS, please contact Dr. Rohwer at o make arrangements to have the file sent to you.

Men – “The Bigger Picture”, from measure 40, beat 2 until the end of the piece.

Women – “I Wanna Dance With Somebody/Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, from measure 1 through the word “woah” in measure 73.

Show up for your audition at FMHS on Thursday, at your assigned time.

Your audition will proceed as follows:

  • Everyone will be present for the entire audition block. Do not be late!
  • Each of the auditionees will be “pre-screened” to make sure that your solo recordings have been e-mailed and that you completed all forms.
  • Each of the auditionees will sing by themselves with the other auditionees, on a part of the judges’ choosing (from the two parts that you have learned). The auditionee will be the only person singing his/her part.
  • You will all be taught some simple movement, which you will then perform in groups for the judges.

There…you’re done!

Results will be posted at , under the “Auditions” link, sometime after 5 p.m. on Monday, May 23rd.