Importance of 8Th House in the Vedic Astrology:

Importance of 8Th House in the Vedic Astrology:

Importance of 8th house in the Vedic Astrology:

8th house from the Lagna (Ascendant) is considered as natural malefic; and considered to be highly malefic house among all malefic houses in the Vedic Astrology, But before that we shall understand the nitty-gritty of the 8th house and its importance,

As per the Hindu Religion, every soul must stay in this world till it delete the bad karma that it has brought from its previous birth. The 8th house indicates the quantum of bad Karma that it has carried forward from its previous birth. Thus the Soul need to live in this World and suffer the consquences of its bad Karma before it leaves the World through the death of its Wordly body. Meganathan Gnanamani (மேகநாதன் ஞானமணி)'s answer to Does poorva janma papam (dosha) exist?

Thus, the 8th house indicates the quantum of Bad Karma. That is, 8th house indicates the length of the time that it has to suffer. In other words, the 8th house indicates the quantum of time that a Soul will spend its time in this World, which we call it as “Life Longevity”. The Life Longevity of the native would be longer (or Stronger), if the 8th house is stronger = more the bad Karma is to be deleted. The Life Longevity would be shorter, if the 8th house remains weaker = if the bad Karma is fewer. Thus the stronger 8th house indicates good life longevity but indicates more problems to be faced and to be suffered by staying alive in this World for a lengthier periods.

8th house indicates the following troubles in the Life:

  1. Secrecy/Hiding/Seclusion
  2. Isolation
  3. Mortal Fear
  4. Trauma
  5. Losses & Damages
  6. Pain & Agony
  7. Unexpected/Sudden/Untimely

*Important: 8th house does not denote the Death.

Death: Lagna indicates the inward life journey (or) start of the life journey; and 12th house indicates the outward journey towards (or) end of the life journey. Thus, the 12th house is the indicator of the losses/damages/expenses (outflow) of money/time/energy/efforts from the native and the last thing that a native would posses is his/her life to be spent (to be given) is their own life. Thus the untimely death could be possible only if the following parameters exist in the Horoscope.

  1. The Placement of 8th house lord in the 12th house (or) 12th house lord in the 8th house.
  2. The “Parivartana Yoga” between the 8th & the 12th house lords.
  3. The mutual aspection (or) conjunctions of 8th & 12th house lords
  4. The 8th house lord traversing in the Nakshtra of the 12th house lord (or) vice versa (or) both.
  5. The “Parivartana Yoga” (interchange of houses) between the Star Lord of 8th and the 12th houses.

Results: The above parameters could create an untimely death. But the Readers should not jump into any conclusion about the predictions based on this parameter alone. The above astrological combination does not describe anything about the following issues.

  1. Type of Death
  2. Time of Death
  3. Issues for Death.

Note: The following Astrological parameters should be calculated to arrive about the actual functioning of 8th house.

  1. The Placement of 8th house lord.
  2. The presence of other Planets in the 8th house.
  3. The aspections of 8th house lord on other houses and other Planets.
  4. The aspection of other Planets on 8th house and 8th house lord
  5. The Position of 8th house lord from Lagna/Lagna Lord/Moon.
  6. The Position of 8th house lord from 8th house.
  7. The Asthagavargha strength of 8th house lord
  8. The retrograde/debilitation/combustion effects on 8th house (if any).
  9. The 8th house from Moon Sign and Sun Sign (as per Vedic Astrology).
  10. The position of 8th house lord in the Divisional charts.