I Am a Twenty Year Old Purpose Driven and Enthusiastic Lady That Goes by the Name of Sangrena

I Am a Twenty Year Old Purpose Driven and Enthusiastic Lady That Goes by the Name of Sangrena

Sangrena Harris
Miss Anguilla 2010

I am a twenty year old purpose driven and enthusiastic lady named Sangrena Harris. I am currently employed by the Government, of my small island state Anguilla, as the executive secretary at the Department of Probation. Attaining this job was one of the many steps I took toward finding myself and helping to determine my purpose in life.

In my teenage years I faced many obstacles, but so do most people. Nonetheless in the presence of these obstacles I sought to be the best I could be. During my tenure at the only comprehensive institute on Anguilla, I made an indelible mark on both teachers and pupils through my involvement with debating, pageantry, public speaking and academics.

At the age of fifteen I began engaging in a number of extra-curricular activities which eventually proved to be a turning point in my life. Through much hard work I became the youngest student in Anguilla to ever make the regional debating team. This marked the beginning of my journey towards finding ME.

I thereafter ventured into the pageantry arena where I competed successfully in two pageants in my teenage years. I was an active member of a number of youth groups which included, but not limited to, The Interact Club, Literary and Debating Society, Junior Red Cross, Modern Languages Club and The All-ah-Wee Young Theatre Players. My involvement in this wide range of groups has molded me into the focused, determined and multi-faceted individual that I am today.

Over the years I have developed a passion for youth empowerment which has led me to become the CARICOM Youth Ambassador for Anguilla. Such a title allows me to be the voice for youth in my country, with an emphasis on the decision making process locally and regionally. I am also the reigning Miss Anguilla 2009/2010. Such titles are very fitting for me as it requires that the individual must be one that is intelligent yet humble, purpose driven and perseverant, open minded but also strong willed.

When I entered the Miss Anguilla Queens Pageant I did so on the platform of “Youth Empowerment”. After being crowned, Miss Anguilla, I have taken many opportunities to find different ways in which to empower youth. During our electoral process I gave many speeches and wrote various articles on Why Youth Should Vote! I also spearheaded a “HELP HAITI” campaign with Digicel which aimed at raising funds for Haiti after the catastrophic earthquake.

Currently myself and the Caricom Youth Ambassador Program is undertaking a survey on “Youth in Anguilla” which will help us to find ways in which to help youth feel less disenfranchised.

Looking towards to the future I hope to start a local TV series which I will continue addressing the issues that young people have socially, educationally, and financially and the ways in which the society can help to address them.